A complete aircraft maintenance management solution

About Flightdocs

Flightdocs provides maintenance tracking, inventory management, and flight operations to give your aviation business a fully integrated flight department management solution.

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The core modules of Flightdocs include:

Maintenance Tracking

  • Maintenance Dashboard
  • Work Orders
  • Electronic Logbooks
  • Non-Routine Maintenance
  • Electronic Signature
  • Pilot Dashboard

Inventory Management

  • Inventory Dashboard
  • Item Catalog
  • Inventory Requests
  • Purchase Orders
  • Inventory Reports
  • Vendor Management

Flight Operations

  • Scheduling
  • Flightlogs
  • Passengers
  • Personnel
  • Accounts
  • Pilot App

Product Overview

User Reviews of Flightdocs

Submitted on April 26th, 2019 by Chris Burns from Class Aviation

We were looking for a turnkey single solution for our entire fleet. We had a number of competitive electronic maintenance companies that we were working with and they all had different solutions for the same problem.

We found in interviewing and working with Flightdoc, the process worked best for us. It was developed to be turnkey and mobile friendly. The in-house API product that has been created by the software team and the research and development that they do with each customer was wonderful. They even sent the President of the company down to us to show us the effectiveness and the usability for the end-users.

Submitted on April 26th, 2019 by Eric Bratton from Hospital Wing

Safety is all about quality in efficiency, reporting, and transparency. What I’ve seen is that pilots are more apt instead of going and grabbing a maintainer to look at an issue. We’ve always wanted them to write it up, put it down on paper so it can be inspected and ensure compliance.

Flightdoc is so easy because we go in and we make an MEL or a write-up, it’s instantaneous and it gives live access to it. They can go back and they can check and make sure the work was signed, who signed off on it, and then they can go back and look at trend analysis.

Submitted on November 26th, 2018 by a Flightdocs user from Reva Inc.

Dispatch reliability is very important. We’re not like an airline with scheduled flights. For us, we have to be ready to go when a customer calls. Our aircraft has to be ready 24/7.

Process before was fly, and what came in on the fight log we would fly there, and we have an Excel-based system.

With our growing fleet, we needed something that can withhold as much information into the system. Also with the modifications we do to these airplanes, it is nice to have a system that works with us

Flightdocs was one of our biggest options out of the competitors due to customer service. They have 24/7 support and we couldn’t find that from many competitors. The maintenance tracking feature has worked very well.

We can track time and cycles to where we can get in front of issues before they happen.

Now that we have data going into Flightdocs, we can look up old and historical records which helps us perform maintenance.

We have an aging fleet, which makes it harder to get parts because the cost of parts has gone up. Having an inventory and understanding the inventory is very important to get the airplanes back to a dispatching status. Knowing how many widgets we have on the shelf helps us succeed in our inventory. We leverage technology to leverage our usage data and ensure we have the best items in stock.