An optimization software that provides analytics and reporting.

Product Overview

Domo is a business intelligence and data visualization platform that excels in aggregating data from multiple sources into cohesive, visually appealing dashboards. Domo is designed to make data analytics accessible to all members of an organization via ease of use and a mobile app, promoting data-driven decision-making across various levels.

Key features include extensive app connectivity, interactive and collaborative tools, and robust data manipulation capabilities.


  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Ease of access via mobile devices
  • Integrations with many sources


  • Can't build visuals or filters across tables
  • Less sophisticated visualizations
  • Poor version control

Target Market

Organizations requiring a user-friendly, versatile data analytics tool that caters to all levels of employees, from CEOs to frontline workers. Its emphasis on ease of use and mobile responsiveness makes it suitable for firms that need accessible, on-the-go data analysis capabilities​​​​.

Not Recommended For

Smaller organizations or individual users due to its high cost and complexity for beginners. Additionally, companies that require highly specialized or advanced data science tools might find Domo’s offerings too generalist, as it aims to serve a broad range of users rather than niche data science professionals​​​​.

About Domo

Video Overview


  • Around $83/user/month (5-user plan around $4,980/year or $996/user/year)
  • Standard plan can grow up to 20 users
  • Enterprise plan available for increased needs or users
Starting Price
$83 /month
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Product Overview

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