A software system designed by IDU.

About idu-Concept

idu-Concept provides smart budgeting, forecasting and reporting tools with easy-to-use modules designed to meet all of your business needs. idu-Concept is available both on premise and as a cloud solution.

idu-Concept lets you streamline and simplify your corporate financial management process. The software lets your line managers to be more involved in the financial success of the business.

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idu-Concept Features

idu-Concept delivers accessible, user friendly budgeting, forecasting and reporting software solutions to users at all levels in the business.

idu-Concept Target Market

Our customers span across a broad range of industries such as manufacturing, retail, transport, financial services, education and others. IDU is used in mid-market and enterprise companies across all departments and job categories.

idu-Concept Pricing

  • Starts at $50/month/user
  • Purchased and subscription-based payment methods available
  • Priced per user
  • No free trial available

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User Reviews of idu-Concept

Submitted on February 8th, 2019 by James from IDU

An extremely valuable financial management tool.

The Good…

Information is easily accessible. Collaboration functionality make queries simple. Rapid forecasting features allow for better time management.

The Bad…

Nothing, its a pleasure to use internally compared to other finance solutions.