A budgeting, planning & forecasting application designed by Real Asset Management - Fixed Asset Management Sof.

About Forecast4000

How can the effect of future capital expenditure and disposals be predicted accurately? The answer is with RAM’s Forecast4000 module. This powerful management tool quickly and easily models and stores “what-if” scenarios for future capital asset decisions.

Forecast4000 removes the chance of error inherent in guesswork and complex spreadsheets by directly mirroring the asset register structure. Just state the date range, enter future predictions and let the asset budgeting module run the calculations. Forecast4000 allows the user to see the effect of depreciation charges or events entered against both individual assets and categories of assets in the register.

The budgeted depreciation forecast allows acquisitions, disposals and re-lifes to be stated against groups of assets without requiring the user to specify precisely which assets will be affected. An example might be a user budgeting for the acquisition of a new machine tool within a specified account period. The effect on depreciation charges will be associated with the appropriate asset type and a report produced based on that calculation.


  • Utilization of live asset information with user-selected expenditure models.
  • Acquisitions, disposals, revaluations and relifes by accounting period.
  • Calculates multiple budget options for optimizing expenditure decisions.
  • Stores budgets as models for creating new budgets.

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