An ERP system designed by Shark InfoTech for manufacturing companies.

About Shark ERP

Shark ERP an Innovative & seamlessly integrated ERP solution for manufacturing companies. It is specially designed for chemical, paints & pharmaceuticals companies.

Shark Advantages:

  • Shark Infotech offers dual mode (online/offline) combo deployment which solves frequent connectivity and bandwidth issues so users can continue to work transparently as if in online mode.
  • Freedom to work online in low bandwidth situations such as dialup connection for remote or non-remote areas. Lower bandwidth requirement even in leased lines offers substantial savings.
  • You can choose annual/monthly application subscription or buy long term license based on your budgeting or business needs.
  • Comprehensive out of the box products with configurable user interfaces, reports, and even business processes, to run & manage your enterprise at much lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Why Shark ERP?

  • Fully functional, seamlessly integrated accounts with inventory, production, HR, sales order, purchase order & taxation
  • State of art -true Windows technology, industry specific & extremely user friendly solution
  • Secured and scalable for multi-company, multi-branches, and multi-warehouse usage
  • Unique reporting capabilities, customization utilities & graphical representation
  • Easy & fast implementation
  • Professionally managed onsite service with excellent after purchase technical support
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Facility to export all reports
  • Powerful security module
  • Excellent back up and restore module
  • Centralized documents management, facility to scan photographs and signatures
  • Alerts

Bank Management


  • Bank Maintenance


  • Advance Check Entry
  • Bank/Cash Receipt
  • Bank/Cash Payment
  • Edit Receipt/Payment
  • Reconcile Bank & Bank Transfer


  • Bank Check Deposit Report
  • Bank / Cash Voucher
  • Payment Summary by Voucher No/ Date wise / Party Wise
  • Receipt Voucher No/ Date wise / Party Wise


  • Annexure
  • RG1 Report
  • RG 23A-II
  • ER-Report
  • Excise Summary

General Ledger / Finance

  • Account Master
  • Account Group Master
  • Account Category & Account Type
  • Fiscal Year Master
  • Month End Close
  • GL entry/ Recurring Entries
  • Source General ledger Setup
  • GL post Grid & General Ledger Report.

Inventory Master

Master Entry

  • Unit Master Setup
  • Warehouse Master
  • Product Line Master
  • Main Category Master
  • Sub Category Master
  • Item Master including Conversion of Unit of Measurement

Transactions Entry

  • Inventory Adjustment Entry
  • Receipt/ Issue of the Stock
  • Cost Center concept
  • Physical Verification of the Stock
  • Quality Inspection


  • Stock Ledger Report
  • Inventory Adjustment/Receipt/Issue Report
  • Monitor Activity of Stock with Drill down facility to the Voucher Level and Inventory is managed through Excise code and Main / Sub Category.

M.I.S. Reports

  • Profit and Loss
  • Provision Appropriation
  • Balance Sheet
  • Expense Analysis
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Budget Analysis
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Cash Flow
  • Fund flow



  • Batch Wise

    • Bill of Material Master
    • Packing Master
    • Batch Entry and Batch Transfer Entry
    • Batch Issue- Multiple Batch issue under one number.
    • Batch Production – Multiple FG production under one number with different batch.
  • Production

    • Production Planning
    • Raw Material Requirement Planning against Pending Sales Orders.


  • Batch Wise Report:

    • Batch Register
    • Issue Register by Serial number – Multiple Batch issue under one number.
    • Issue Register Batch Raw Material
    • Issue Register Production
    • Batch Details
    • Batch Listing
    • Batch Register Production
    • Batch Analysis & Batch wise Production Report
  • Production Report

    • Production Register
    • Cost Calculation
    • Packing Cost calculation Report.

Purchase Order

Master Entry

  • Purchase Setup Options
  • Vendor/Supplier Master


  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Receipt/Inward
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Direct Purchase Invoice
  • Purchase Summary
  • Purchase Receipt/Inward Summary
  • Purchase Return
  • Miscellaneous Purchase/ Expense Entry
  • Opening Balance Entry of Supplier or Vendors.


  • Purchase Register
  • Purchase Bill Outstanding
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Purchase Slip
  • Outstanding-Purchase Letter
  • Raw Material Requirement Planning and Evaluation.

Sales & Dispatch

Master Entry

  • Sales Setup Options
  • Route Code Master
  • Vehicle Master
  • Sales Discount Code Master
  • Sales Price (Multiple) Master
  • Sales Rebate Master
  • Customer, Transporter Master

Transactions Entry

  • Sales Order
  • Sales Dispatch
  • Sales Invoice
  • Direct Sales Invoice
  • Sales Summary
  • Sales Dispatch Summary
  • Route Sales Order Summary
  • Sales Invoice Import
  • Sales Return & Opening Balance Entry for the Customers.


  • Invoice Report
  • Performance Invoice
  • Sales Bill Outstanding
  • Sales Invoice
  • Outstanding Letter
  • Form 402 Report
  • Sales Register
  • Vehicle Report
  • Packing Detail
  • Sales Dispatch
  • Delivery Report


  • 201A Report
  • 201B Report
  • 201A CTC Report
  • 201 CTC Report
  • 201 C Report
  • 202 Report

Product Overview

User Reviews of Shark ERP

Submitted on May 5th, 2017 by a Shark ERP user from Realtime

Very good software.

The Good…

All branches can be handled very well from centre location.

The Bad…

not web based.