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Centralize, Streamline, and Simplify All Your Finances.

Manage the financial information for your organization easily, quickly, and efficiently with the ACS Financial Suite. A true fund accounting system that is designed to handle the specific financial needs of faith-based nonprofits, the ACS Financial Suite can organize and manage just about anything and everything that has to do with your organization’s finances. A simple, intuitive interface puts you in complete control of multiple bank accounts, designated funds, cash flow planning, invoices, church or office equipment, direct deposits, and tuition or fee-based services. And that’s just the beginning.

Customization options abound for tailoring ACS Financial Suite to your particular needs. Extensive built-in reporting options, combined with tools to create just about any kind of report you need, mean you can be ready for committee meetings, audits, and financial reviews in minutes.

The ACS Financial Suite provides you with six integrated modules that have set the standard for church financial management software. Working together, they can save your organization money while making your job - and your life - a whole lot easier.

ACS Accounts Payable

As your complete check writing and vendor management program, ACS Accounts Payable saves you time and coordinates the way your employees pay bills and issue 1099s. You can centrally process your outgoing funds, print checks, store vendor information, and keep track of your invoices. View the online demo.

Benefit Highlights:

  • Raise the level of accounting accuracy.
  • Reduce payment processing time by interfacing with the ACS General Ledger Module so that entries are made automatically.
  • Ensure prompt bill payments. Memorized invoices can be scheduled to become due on specific dates.
  • The system can process regular, recurring or one-time invoices. The operator can set up the parameters (number of payments, etc.) and include one, some, or all recurring invoices in the current check printing.
  • Reports may be printed at any time, showing the status of payables and payable cash requirements. Checks may be printed at any time, and functions are included to handle the issuing or voiding of system-issued or manually-written checks. 1099 forms can be printed.
  • In addition to the automatic printing of checks by due date, the system also provides a method for suspending or forcing the payment of any invoice, regardless of due date.
  • Interchangeable checks are available from ACS.
  • And much more…

ACS Accounts Receivable

Effectively manage your outgoing bills and incoming payments. With ACS Accounts Receivable, you can create unlimited revenue centers and connect income to specific accounts. Unlimited charge items, with customized frequencies, means fast and accurate billing. Process automation enables you to produce batch invoices quickly.

Benefit Highlights:

  • Provide on-the-spot receipting. Issuing a Receipt on the spot is a real convenience for those ýwalk iný payments.
  • Create custom billing codes. Billing codes can be created to enable convenient, accurate billing for fees and services.
  • Invoices can be run in batches, rather than created record by record. Billing codes allow for multiple fees to be automatically applied, while still providing custom discounting where applicable (e.g. a family who receives a multiple child discount).
  • Link to ACS School Suite for tuition billing. Easily add ýcustomersý directly in the module or from People or HeadMaster.
  • Name and Create as many different ýRevenue Centersý as needed. You can tie these to the appropriate income accounts.
  • Billing frequency is also user defined, adding more flexibility to the system.
  • In addition, you can define your own aging periods…30 60 90, or some other range. Invoices can be quickly added, deleted, edited or set to as memorized.
  • Useful reports are available to print or view on screen. Some include: Aging Report; Customer Listing; Unapplied Payments, specific Billing Codes and Revenue Centers, and many more.
  • Statements can be printed using various options to determine which customers receive statements. Statements can be printed on plain paper or ACS forms.
  • Whether you’re running your Accounts Receivable on a Cash or on an Accrual basis, ACS Accounts Receivable is designed to meet your needs as an integrated complement to the ACS financial solution.
  • And much more…

ACS Fixed Assets

As a central inventory system for managing your organization’s equipment, ACS Fixed Assets tracks specific asset details from acquisition to depreciation to maintenance. Use it to plan, to document insurance claims, and to support good stewardship of plans and property.

Benefit Highlights:

  • Monitor asset values
  • Calculate depreciation
  • Interface with scanners & bar code labels
  • And much more…

Inventory equipment, supplies, furniture for your organization - record all equipment and other assets of the church. Detailed information may be kept on each item or piece of equipment, such as the following examples:

  • Item Number
  • Description
  • Location
  • Condition
  • Serial Number
  • Miscellaneous Notes
  • Tax District (user-defined description)
  • Acquisition & Retire Dates
  • Useful Life
  • Complete Maintenance History
  • Cost
  • Salvage Value
  • Accumulated Depreciation

After you have inventoried your items you can take the stored data and print lists of items that have information in common:

  • Additions Report
  • Retirement Report
  • Fixed Assets Listing
  • Depreciation Journal
  • Report by Tax District

The Fixed Assets Module provides a church or organization an excellent way to keep up with inventory and produce helpful reports that may be needed throughout the year.

ACS General Ledger

The core of the ACS Financial Suite, ACS General Ledger centers on flexibility in record keeping and recording with adherence to nonprofit accounting standards. Design a chart of accounts to suit your organization. Track spending by project and manage multiple checking accounts and funds. ACS General Ledger is the ultimate tool for creating budget reports, income and expense statements, and balance sheets. Cash or Accrual standard double-entry bookkeeping.

Benefit Highlights:

  • Built-in integration with Microsoft Excel for budget analysis and projection.
  • Check reconciliation option allows you to reconcile each bank account within the software and print a reconciliation report showing total outstanding checks and uncleared deposits.
  • Standard bookkeeping practices are maintained throughout this module. All regularly used accounting reports are supplied along with a variety of other informational reports. Posting and printing of transactions may be performed for any month in the current year or previous year.
  • Standard chart of accounts not required. You may use your existing accounts. Chart of Accounts is presented visually, to help you see the structure and optimize for your needs. Five sub-levels permitted for ease of reporting. Account codes may include up to 20 alpha or numeric characters (or some special symbols such as dashes).
  • Beginning balances may be entered for accounts at start-up.
  • Extensive budgeting capabilities, including built-in link to Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for ýwhat ifý analyses. The proposed budget can be changed as many times as necessary and moved to ýcurrentý budget when the new year begins.
  • Accounts may be cross-referenced for departments or projects, making customized reports easy to provide.
  • The design of the system monitors each transaction to insure it is completed in balance. This protects against searching for the ýneedle in a haystacký at the end of the month.
  • No codes to memorize. Account numbers and codes can be displayed in drop down lists for all entries.
  • An unlimited number of checking accounts are allowed. Also, multiple ýchecking accountsý can be created within General Ledger while maintaining only one bank account. For example, one account at First Bank may include three ýchecking accountsý for First Church (General Fund Account, Youth Account, Women’s Club Account) within General Ledger.
  • Transaction Entry screen can be displayed visually so it looks like a check, direct deposit receipt, etc. Drop down list for payees makes entry fast. Memorized transactions permitted for recurring payments.
  • Display transactions in ledger format if preferred. Keyboard navigation and entry fully supported for fast bookkeepers.
  • Check writer program included with General Ledger.
  • Reports and results can be viewed before posting, so you can see the effect of transactions before they are finalized. Reports can be customized and saved to meet your reporting needs.
  • Supports FASB 116 and 117 reporting requirements for nonprofit organizations.

ACS Payroll

Save valuable time and avoid confusion by handling all types of payroll procedures with one central solution. ACS Payroll handles the special needs of churches and pastors, from housing allowances to insurance. Accommodates multiple cost centers, so pay is charged to appropriate areas. Customize with additions & deductions to pay. You’ll have everything you need to pay your employees with consistency and accuracy.

Benefit Highlights:

  • Track all employee information including vacation and sick time. You can set up specific pay types that may be assigned to an employee. Each type is set up to be taxable, or not, for federal withholdings, state withholdings, FICA, etc. You may want to set up Regular Pay, Sick Pay, and Overtime.
  • Pay via printed checks or direct deposit. Use the Direct Deposit feature, ACH format, to provide the option of electronically depositing payroll checks for employees who choose to participate.
  • Print W-2s, 941s, and other payroll reports. ACS Payroll supports IRS requirements, including printing W-2’s and the Form 941 worksheet, which assists an employer in calculating taxes and tax liability for Form 941.
  • In addition to payroll tax adjustments, you can set up customized additions, deductions or contributions. Assign payroll expenses to a cost center, then disburse to General Ledger projects so you see what different ministries and projects are costing. Ideal for building projects!
  • Enter time sheets for each employee. Print various reports, such as the Time Sheet Journal (a listing of employee hours, their jobs, and date).
  • Print the Payroll Journal (a report which gives you total gross wages, a listing of deductions (FICA, State and Federal Income Tax, Medicare, etc.)…
  • Print the Check Register Journal (a detailed description of the payroll checks). Design your check layout by rearranging items and changing fonts to meet your specific needs.
  • Payroll is posted automatically to General Ledger in detail or summary.
  • Perform voiding functions for checks that have been written using ACS as well as void and issue manual checks.
  • ACS offers annual updates to keep your payroll tax schedules up to date with federal and state requirements.

ACS Purchase Orders

Need help managing spending? ACS Purchase Orders automates your organization’s cash-flow planning process to help prevent overspending. You can also easily cross-check and reference your purchasing.

Benefit Highlights:

  • Control all outgoing expenses by ensuring accurate and on-budget spending. ACS Purchase Orders is configurable to give warning messages or not allow the entry of a PO if an amount charged to an account will cause the account to go over budget.
  • Keep thorough records by tracking PO numbers and payee information.
  • Links with Accounts Payable and General Ledger so vendor names, addresses, and account numbers do not have to be reentered.
  • Posts an encumbered amount for each account that can be printed on General Ledger reports. This allows the total expense for each account to be included when planning cash flow.
  • Allows you to print the actual purchase order to give to church officers or volunteers. No need to buy forms.
  • Easily setup buyers and maximum approval amounts.

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