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Product Overview

Servant Keeper is a church management software designed for customizable and efficient management of church activities. The software is able to handle unlimited data and people, track and increase giving, and secure children’s ministry operations. It also supports the creation and maintenance of sacramental records, enhances ministry event participation, and helps to build communicative and trackable groups.

Servant Keeper is currently assisting over 30,000 churches in managing membership, finances, and various ministry activities. The addition of Servant Keeper Dashboards in the cloud version allows leaders to monitor and analyze trends in contributions, pledges, and memberships, making it a comprehensive tool for church administration.


  • Includes financial reporting tools
  • Customizable management features
  • Comprehensive member tracking
  • Responsive customer service team
  • Keeps member and giving records well organized


  • Extra Charges for Technical Support
  • Potential learning curve, espeically for users with limited digital proficiency

Target Market

Churches of various sizes that seek a comprehensive tool to manage membership, finances, events, and other church-related activities digitally. It’s particularly beneficial for churches looking to enhance member engagement and streamline administrative tasks.

About Servant Keeper

Video Overview


  • Managing members and volunteers
  • Managing donors and contributions
  • Running child check-in & security
  • Maintaining sacrament tracking
  • Managing events and tracking attendance
  • Assisting staff with counseling and pastoral care
  • Handling both personal and mass communications
  • Maintaining accurate reporting
Starting Price
$64.99 /month
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Pricing Details
One time $550 site license

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Servant Keeper

Submitted on January 21st, 2022 by Ed Washington

Servant Keeper is an absolute diamond amongst the other church management software tools on the market. Whether it’s church management or church finances, this is a great tool for member care, financial reporting, and any ministry looking to serve God’s people with excellence.

Submitted on January 21st, 2022 by Al Ellard

As a small church, our needs are fairly simple—membership management and giving records. We are really pleased that the software has been very intuitive to learn. I was also very happy with the white-glove help in migrating our data from our old system to SK.

Submitted on January 21st, 2022 by Sarah Black

In less than six months, we are already amazed at the ease of use that it offers. Being able to customize the reports and fields and find information so quickly and easily is what has drawn us to Servant Keeper. The customer service before our purchase, during our purchase, and after is nothing short of amazing.