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A web-based CMMS/EAM system designed by MicroMain Corporation.

About MicroMain

MicroMain is a CMMS/EAM software that provides powerful, flexible, and easy to use maintenance management capabilities. The solution aims to increase your productivity, reduce downtime, and automate your maintenance operations.

MicroMain helps you reduce your maintenance costs up to 70% and track your maintenance in a user-friendly way.

Video Overview


  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Parts and INventory Management
  • QR COde and Barcode Enabled
  • Workforce Tracking and Management


  • Starts at $89/admin license
  • $39/technician license
  • Free trial available

Product Overview

User Reviews of MicroMain

Submitted on December 16th, 2022 by August Durr from EPP Service

Micromain just seemed to kind of fit what we were doing, and it was very customizable. One of our plants right now is working with them to get everything set up and try, and cookie cut the whole thing to each site and customize it. It just seems like it worked pretty well - a lot of the people liked when they set up the preliminary thing to look over the program.

Submitted on September 24th, 2019 by Jeff Nevenhoven from Mammoth

Facility maintenance costs decreased by 52%. Overtime is down by 48%, and more work is getting done with 42% less manpower. Overall our emergency responses have decreased greatly. This is a direct result of an increased focus on corrective and preventive maintenance work.

We lacked a lot of the information necessary to make informed decisions. Now we input the data, develop reports and track our trends so that we can make better decisions.

When we began looking at CMMS vendors, we saw that many of the systems available were very expensive. With MicroMain, we are getting everything that the competition offers and more, for a fraction of the cost.

If an industrial manufacturer wants to improve its maintenance function, MicroMain’s CMMS is a great tool to help evaluate current practice and chart a scheduled course for improvement. Mammoth’s maintenance department wouldn’t be where it is today without MicroMain’s software. The investment was reasonable and payback has been unbelievable.

Submitted on September 24th, 2019 by Jim Colston from Goodwin House West

When we decided to update our CMMS with barcode capability, we found out that it was going to cost us practically as much to upgrade as to purchase the MicroMain system. Our old CMMS was not flexible and it didn’t give us a lot of what we needed. It was also virtually impossible to get the reports we required.

With MicroMain Maintenance we’re getting exactly what we want, quicker and much easier compared to our old system. I needed the ability to show administration and our CFO what we are actually doing, including our productivity. Now with reports from MicroMain Maintenance, I can show work accomplished including inspections, which is especially important for health care facilities.