INTERAC Construction Accounting System

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About INTERAC Construction Accounting System

Are you looking for a comprehensive and integrated solution tailored specifically for the construction industry? Look no further than INTERAC! This suite of applications, including INTERAC Payroll, offers all the features necessary for efficient payroll management, from tracking and disbursing deductions and benefits to providing easy access to meaningful reports.

With tight integration to interfacing applications like General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Job Cost, and Equipment Cost, this system ensures seamless information flow, eliminating the need for double entry and reducing data entry errors. Save time and space with an integrated document management system, which automatically generates copies of checks and W2s and stores electronic employee files.

But that’s not all - INTERAC Payroll tightly integrates with the Job Cost system, allowing labor cost data to flow automatically to the appropriate jobs and phases. With the ability to assign employee hours to multiple jobs and phases each day, track and report certified hours, and automate overtime calculations, this solution simplifies the payroll process and provides accurate labor cost information for better job cost reporting.

INTERAC Job Manager offers a simple and intuitive dashboard view that provides inquiry access to all job data and historical transactions. This powerful tool allows construction companies to easily track and manage their jobs, providing valuable insights for better decision-making and improved project management.

With the ability to view job details such as estimated vs. actual costs, committed costs, change orders, and progress billing, INTERAC Job Manager empowers companies to stay on top of their projects and make informed decisions. The dashboard view provides an at-a-glance snapshot of all relevant job information, making it easy to identify areas that require attention and quickly take action.

In addition, INTERAC Job Manager offers a variety of reporting options, allowing companies to drill down into specific areas of interest and generate customized reports that meet their unique needs. With this comprehensive and easy-to-use tool, construction companies can take their project management to the next level, improving efficiency, reducing costs, and maximizing profitability.


  • Comprehensive suite of applications designed for contractors
  • Fully-featured Job Cost and Payroll modules
  • Tight integration with other accounting applications such as AP, AR, and GL
  • Applications to manage fixed assets, equipment, inventory, and purchase orders
  • “Manager” applications allow data to be readily available to other departments or decision-makers
  • Fully integrated Document Management system to reduce paper usage and provide instant access to documentation
  • Scanning and association of external documents like invoices, contracts, and change orders with appropriate records within the system
  • Direct sending of printed material from INTERAC applications into DMS
  • Flexible and customizable system tailored to specific needs
  • Job Manager application for project managers, general management, and accounting team
  • Powerful tool to track and manage jobs when implemented with Job Manager, Equipment Manager, Report Manager, and the Document Management System
  • INTERAC Payroll with extensive features for construction trades, including multi-state, multi-localities, certified, union, prevailing wage, and worker’s comp support
  • ODBC compliant and easy data import, export, and sharing with other applications

Payrolll and HR

INTERAC’s comprehensive payroll system feeds all pertinent employee data to a Human Resources dashboard, providing a simple and intuitive way to manage employee information. With effortless integration between the payroll and HR systems, employee data flows between the two applications, ensuring that your HR staff have real-time access to up-to-date information.

The HR dashboard provides easy point-and-click access to all employee information, allowing HR staff to quickly view and manage employee data. User-specific menus of selected payroll reports enable companies to generate customized reports that meet their specific needs. The INTERAC Security feature ensures that sensitive information is protected, and companies can select which employees are to be excluded from the HR dashboard.

The integrated Document Management System helps companies save time and money associated with maintaining paper archives. In Addition to paychecks, direct deposit statements, and W2s, and user-defined employee file categories allow for the storage of additional employee documentation such as applications, I9 and W4 forms, drug test results, and performance reviews.

With INTERAC, construction companies can improve their payroll and HR processes, reducing administrative burdens and freeing up valuable time for more strategic tasks.

Industries Served

  • General and Industrial contractors
  • Heavy Highway contractors
  • Professional CPA firms
  • Some general business

Product Overview

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User Reviews of INTERAC Construction Accounting System

Submitted on April 13th, 2023 by Anonymous

We have been satisfied clients of Intersoft Systems since 1999. We like the ease of use and flexibility of the software. It is advantageous that all of our accounting functions are processed under one platform but the data is easily imported/exported into other software. Intersoft continues to enhance and improve their products and listens to customer requests for changes. On the rare occasion that we need assistance, their customer support team always goes above and beyond to ensure a satisfactory resolution.

Submitted on April 13th, 2023 by Anonymous

We have been in a partnership with Interac for about ten years. The initial data gathering was very detailed and thoroughly planned out because we wanted very specific reporting capabilities to reproduce what our current systems were generating. Our Interac group worked with us one on one remotely to make sure the system was set up for our success and would give us everything that we needed through their custom reporting. The onsite go live was great and our staff used the few days of training to really get moving with the system and we have never looked back. Over the years, we have made requests that we felt would make the system better and the Interac team has implemented many of those requests without any additional costs. The software is very easy to use and supports file uploads from excel which saves a huge amount of time. Furthermore, the software is very inexpensive compared to other competitive software in the market and we have never incurred additional fees above their standard pricing for any support related help that we have needed. We have developed a great relationship with our support team over the years and would highly recommend their services and software.

Submitted on April 13th, 2023 by Anonymous

Since implementing INTERAC in 2003, our company has utilized many of the applications offered. We especially like the Job Cost and Job Manager functions to be able to keep up with the progress of our jobs. The best feature to date is having the capability of creating custom reports based on our company’s needs. We have been a leading electrical subcontractor for over 30 years and know we will keep leading with running our projects as efficiently as possible. We have worked closely with Bitsy and Paul for the past 20 years and with each interaction-they are reliable, smart, and very friendly! It’s nice knowing that when a problem arises, or a question comes up, we can send an email and it’s immediately responded to. Periodically throughout the year we are sent the latest release to make sure we have the most up to date software and any corrections that had been brought to their attention. If anyone is considering INTERAC for their software needs-we highly recommend INTERSOFT and their team.

Submitted on April 13th, 2023 by Jessica M. Thury

I have been using INTERAC software since 1999 as an employee of FPI Paving Contractors, Inc. As a new asphalt paving contractor, FPI needed a software that could accommodate a small start-up business with the intention of becoming a large corporation. Since then, FPI has grown into a large corporation, and INTERAC software has proven its worth without question. The ability to do payroll in house with the Payroll function has saved a substantial amount of money by not using a third party payroll service. The Equipment function allows control of shop costs as well as equipment maintenance, costs, etc. The Import/Export function enables FPI to upload data from a third-party time-card software into Payroll and several other applications, saving time and effort of duplicate entries. Intersoft has some of the same employees I have talked to since 1999, which to me, shows a great testament to their work environment, community, and ethics. Customer support at Intersoft has never had a question they couldn’t answer and will help in any way to create more efficient workflows for the ease of our team. As a long time INTERAC user, I would highly suggest INTERAC software.

Submitted on April 13th, 2023 by Anonymous

I have used Interac Software for over 30 years in a multi faceted construction firm (General Contractor, Heavy, Highway, and Utilities). Throughout that time I have looked at other accounting software to assess whether changing would be beneficial. What I found was that many other companies were very proprietary and inflexible. Intersoft software provides our staff with the ability to have more control over our system processes and workflows than what others can provide. The flexibility along with a more affordable pricing structure has kept us in the Intersoft family all these years.

Submitted on April 13th, 2023 by Anonymous

We have been a customer of Intersoft Systems Inc. since 1984. We use the Payroll, Accounts Receivable and Time & Charges software. We use the Payroll application on a wide variety of clients. The flexibility the software provides is crucial in providing accurate data to our clients. The ability to easily import and export data provides us with a dependable link between our accounting and other products.

We use the Accounts Receivable and Time & Charges applications for our own internal use. Time & Charges keeps track of our Work In Process plus our employee’s time for payroll purposes.

The cost of the software is very reasonable compared to other software companies.

The support from Intersoft Systems, Inc. is outstanding. They are always quick and professional to help with any problem that arises. After using a short time, your call for support is almost non-existent.

Submitted on December 16th, 2013 by Anonymous

Complete accounting package.

The Good…

Good product. Excellent support. Easy to work with support team. knowledgeable, courteous, and responsive.

The Bad…

Nothing really comes to mind.