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A multi-module management system designed by AMSI for construction and professional services companies.

About AMSI - Construction Software

StarBuilder, AMSIýs completely integrated construction management and accounting system, gives you accurate information that you need to manage your business more efficiently and profitably. This powerful system of applications provides comprehensive solutions to the challenges faced by contractors daily, allowing you to measure performance, increase productivity of employees, conserve resources and reduce costs rapidly with a measurable return on your investment.


Seamlessly integrated with StarBuilder, Acowin establishes two-way communications with your field technicians via their mobile device, giving you total control of critical data between field, service department and accounting. Acowin reduces the time it takes to schedule and dispatch service calls, improves service to your customers, increases productivity of your technicians and even produces invoices and accepts payments from the field, improving the overall profitability of your service business.

Chameleon - Document Imaging

Chameleon electronically scans and stores documents as images and manages invoice approval. An estimated 40-60% of an office workers time is in handling paper, costing business hundreds of dollars per document to file, locate, copy or recreate documents if lost. Improving efficiency in document management could result in a recovery of thousands of dollars to be applied to other areas. Chameleon Document Imaging for StarBuilder provides secure, digital images of paper and electronic documents and serves as a central repository for all the documents you rely on to run your business. By removing paper from your daily operations, Chameleon prevents lost records, saves storage space, manages records easily and ultimately improves staff efficiency. Chameleon is designed specifically for construction and is integrated with StarBuilder for:

  • Routing and Archiving of A/P Invoices
  • H/R and Payroll Documents
  • Costplus/T&M/CAM Billing
  • Construction Document Management

Resource Commander - Remote Labor and Equipment Costing

As a cost type, labor is the single largest expenditure for most construction companies. Resource Commander allows costed labor time to be entered for resources, essentially creating a digital timesheet. The information entered includes the time spent, details such as job and cost code and any applicable notes. Resource Commander provides detailed views of total costs per job while analyzing costs over or under budget, allowing a superintendent or project manager to easily monitor job costs and budget status in real time. Resource Commander allows resource information to be entered, costed and approved directly from a PC, laptop, PDA or other device reducing costly errors and fraud.

StarBuilder - Job Cost Accounting

A complete job cost and financial control system designed for the construction industry. StarBuilder provides the information contractors need about each jobýs contracts, labor and material costs, subcontractorsý performance and cash position. Sound accounting controls and practices are built into the entire system to ensure accuracy and integrity of your accounting records. The system automatically calculates percentage complete, cost to complete and projected cost at completion for each cost breakdown. StarBuilder allows you to track actual job costs and performance against your estimates at a detailed level. The system keeps a complete history of every transaction for every job, for the life of the job, allowing you to track the data driving each decision or result. StarBuilder is used by thousands of contractors nationwide to profitably manage their business.

StarProject - Project Management

StarProject provides critical job cost data necessary for project managers to make profitable decisions. StarProject includes modules for job analysis, showing project managers which types of work are most profitable, or which superintendent works best with which type of work, and job performance, which allows the user to analyze and perform hypothetical scenarios and gauge revised profitability.

StarViewer - Financial Analysis for Executives

StarViewer provides critical accounting information that is easily accessible in a drill-down format, allowing executives to retrieve data and conduct virtually unlimited, detailed searches while maintaining data security. Executives can drill-down to the transaction level of detail to examine all aspects of any job. StarViewer features a full range of reports giving executives a powerful tool for job analysis. With StarViewerýs graphing capabilities, executives are given even greater flexibility in their reporting options.

TotalHR - Human Resource Management

TotalHR is a powerful human resources and benefits administration application which allows contractors to seamlessly manage enterprise data related to an employees entire career cycle. With TotalHR you can store, retrieve, query and analyze employee data, including personal, demographic and EEO data as well as capture compensation histories and comparison-ratios for evaluating pay grades. Additionally, Total HR maintains employee benefit data, including flexible spending accounts, COBRA and union data. Other features include:

  • Storage of health and attendance data, including FMLA absences
  • Tracking of company property issued to employees
  • Performs OSHA case tracking, reporting and history maintenance
  • Schedules and maintains performance review data with user-defined criteria, measures and notes

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