A business intelligence application designed by ACL Services.

About Audit Analytics

ACL’s audit analytics suite of software products is the preferred solution for data extraction, analysis, and fraud detection year-over-year in The Institute of Internal Auditors software survey. Audit professionals in 94 of the Fortune 100 turn to ACL solutions to improve the productivity of their audit teams, to increase coverage for more comprehensive audits, and to identify fraud, errors, and anomalies in support of regulatory compliance and operational efficiencies.

For 20 years, ACL has created purpose-built solutions for audit professionals worldwide. With ACL solutions you can:

  • Improve your team’s productivity by analyzing data more quickly and efficiently with point and click pre-programmed audit commands, accessing any data type directly from one or multiple systems independent from your IT department, allowing multiple auditors to work on the same project, and automating frequently-used audit tests
  • Conduct more comprehensive audits by analyzing 100% of the transactional data regardless of size, volume, or type; comparing data across disparate systems; and providing audit effective oversight of the ýfull pictureý
  • Support regulatory compliance and improve operational efficiencies by detecting instances of fraud, errors, anomalies; identifying gaps in policies and procedures that may lead to control violations, and providing a ýbody evidenceý to support decision making. ACL solutions leverage your company’s IT-managed environment to ensure that your sensitive corporate data remains secure – not vulnerable to theft or intrusion – and in accordance to IT controls and governance requirements.

ACL audit analytic technology is available for multiple languages. Localized product versions–including English, French, German, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese and Spanish–provide assistance through dialog boxes, menus, and help files in the language selected.

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