T4 TimeSaver

A software system designed by ELM Computer Systems for accounting/legal/professional companies.

About T4 TimeSaver

The indispensable software tool for preparing tax slips and summaries

T4 TimeSaver provides you with the tax forms you need, the management systems to make your processing efficient, and the filing options you require - all ready at your fingertips! T4 T4A NR4, T4PS, T4F, T5, T4A-NR, RL-1, RL-3, T5013, T5014, T5015, T5016, T5017, RL-15, TP-600

Main Features

T4 TimeSaver is an outstanding Canadian program designed in conjunction with professional accountants to save you time producing federal T4s, T4Fs T4PSs, T4As, T5s, T4A-NRs, NR4s, T5018 and, for Quebec, Relevé 1’s, Relevé 3’s and Relevé 17’s!

The Plus version of the T4 TimeSaver includes all of the forms in the basic package as well as Magnetic Media Filing, Network Support, Data Import, and Partnership forms.

You may view a list of the many tax forms which can be printed with the T4 TimeSaver.

Here are some of its features of T4 TimeSaver for Windows:

Easy to Use and Learn

  • Simple, menu-driven approach
  • Complete on-line help
  • Automatic entry of default information
  • Comprehensive user manual (in English)
  • Technical support available in both French and English

File Returns on Diskette (Plus Version)

  • Revenue Canada approved
  • Save time by eliminating paper handling and printing
  • Fully automatic creation of diskette and transmittal form
  • Submit multiple returns on each diskette

Internet Filing (Plus Version)

  • Allows you to submit the government copies of the T4 slips, as well as the corresponding summary, for up to 70 employees per company, directly to the CCRA via the internet

Printing Features

  • Forms printed in single or batch format Complete flexibility in sequence of reports, thus minimizing paper changes
  • Simple paper alignment procedures
  • Print most reports using a wide variety of filtering and sorting options.

Data Importing

  • Import data from another program. If you can get it into a spreadsheet, one line per slip, then you can import it into T4 TimeSaver
  • Still have last years magnetic media submission available. You can import last year’s magnetic media submission file directly into T4 TimeSaver

Technical Support

  • Free unlimited technical support by phone or E-mail for one year.

Powerful Editing, Reporting and Adjustment Features

  • S.I.N. validity check
  • Net pay displayed on T4/R1 input screen EI insurable earnings can be calculated based on EI deducted
  • Identification of CPP/QPP and EI overpayments
  • Details of CPP/QPP and EI over/underpayments reported
  • Automatic adjustments (controlled by the user) to correct CPP/QPP and EI through tax; Company over-remittances can be credited to a specific T4/R1
  • Complete audit trail for all adjustments
  • Adjustments generated by the system can be easily reversed

Other Features

  • No limit to the number of employers or employees
  • No need to assign or remember employer or employee codes
  • Instant access to any desired employer/employee
  • Names, addresses and S.I.N.'s automatically carried forward to the next year
  • Ability to purge names inactive for one complete year

Product Overview

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