A full ERP system designed by Intuit for accounting/legal/professional companies.

About EasyACCT

Intuit EasyACCT Professional Series provides comprehensive functionality for accounting firms including:

  • Client Write-up
  • General Ledger
  • Payroll
  • Customized Financial statements
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable module allows you to enter and track invoices, write individual or batches of checks, manage discounts, and more.

  • Pay an unlimited number of invoices at one time.
  • Enter after-the-fact checks or quickly write checks directly from transaction entry.
  • Include itemized detail on check stubs.
  • Allocate invoices to an unlimited number of expense accounts.
  • Set up flexible payment terms for each vendor.
  • Print a variety of detailed reports including aged listings, cash requirements, open item listings, and more.

Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable module allows you to enter invoices, quotes, and payments to accurately track your client’s activity.

  • Make Automatic postings of A/R transactions or returns to the General Ledger.
  • Generate and print invoices and quotes for cash.
  • Open invoice or balance forward clients.
  • Receive and apply payments.
  • Generate recurring invoices automatically.
  • Apply service charges.
  • Print a variety of detailed reports, including Aged Listings, Customer Transactions History, statements, and more.

Asset Depreciation

Intuit EasyACCT manages depreciation for accounting and tax practitioners by reducing tedious calculations and multiple entries. This easy-to-use module helps save you time and increase your productivity.

  • Calculate depreciation using several different methods including MACRS, ACRS, Straight-line, and Double-declining balance.
  • Automatically enters default live and depreciation methods for specified asset types.
  • Enter asset information into just one screen.
  • Automatically calculate mid-quarter conventions.
  • Calculate depreciation with just one keystroke and more.
  • Immediate time-saver: transfer data to the Write-Up module with a click of a button. You’ll have the option to transfer monthly, quarterly, or annual depreciation entries. You can also transfer the asset information to Lacerte and ProSeries® tax products.

Bank Reconciliation

Transfer your entries from other Intuit EasyACCT modules to the Bank Accounts/Reconciliation module to reconcile monthly bank statements quickly, saving you the time and effort involved in re-typing data.

  • Maintain bank account information for processing checks and electronic payments.
  • Import book transactions such as cash disbursements, cash receipts, and deposits from the general ledger, payroll, accounts receivable, and accounts payable modules.
  • Download bank transactions that are compiled on disk from the bank by using the Intuit EasyACCT import/export utility.
  • Automatically match and clear entries.
  • Track outstanding checks and deposits in transit.
  • Produce detailed reports with the touch of a button-Bank Reconciliation, Proof of Cash, and various transaction listings.

Financial Amortization

If you lend and/or borrow money, or even sell products that are financed, the Financial/Loan Amortization module is at your service. It’s also helpful for computing investment options.

  • Easily record additional deposits, balloon payments, draws from loans, and withdrawals from annuities.
  • Calculate fixed or adjustable rates on mortgages.
  • Save and recall amortization schedules easily.
  • Perform calculations for annuity schedules and loan amortization immediately.
  • Create and calculate ýwhat-ifý scenarios on-screen or to a printed report.
  • Take advantage of options for payment scheduling.
  • Calculate actual and ordinary interest automatically.


Intuit EasyACCT allows you to automate your payroll services with automatic check-writing activities across batch, live, and after-the-fact payroll.

Process W-2s, W-3s, 940s, 941s

  • Calculates and prints fileable W-2, W-3, 940, and 941 forms.
  • Provides Form W-2 in several formats, including preprinted laser forms, laser-generated forms, and continuous feed forms.
  • Print forms and reports even after closing the year: Intuit EasyACCT maintains two years of payroll information.
  • View and edit 940 and 941 forms on-screen before printing.

Process W-2/1099 With Magnetic Media and Electronic Transmissions

  • Easily generates W-2s and 1099s using the Information Return System (IRS) based on data maintained in Intuit EasyACCT. The Information Return System also creates transmission files for both W-2 and 1099 forms that can be processed electronically via modem or on magnetic media.

21 Available SUTA States

  • The Special Reports modules are designed to calculate and print fileable unemployment tax returns for 21 different states. Intuit EasyACCT automatically calculates the state unemployment tax when you print payroll checks, or when you run a payroll journal. SUTA states available in Intuit EasyACCT: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.
  • In addition to the Special Reports modules, EasyACCT provides SUTA worksheets for all 50 states.

Electronic Payroll Tax Deposits

  • Print a tax deposit check for the company’s payroll taxes using the Batch Payroll module. You can also make a direct deposit from your client’s bank into their employees’ bank.

Direct Deposit

  • Allows you to electronically deposit payroll directly into the employee’s bank account. You can also make a direct deposit from your client’s bank account into their employee’s bank account. After you set up the company to use direct deposit and begin processing payroll, EasyACCT generates an advice that can be printed and given to the employee as a record of the deposit.

Automatic Accrual of Paid Time Off and 401(k) Employer Matching

  • Automatically calculates and accrues employee time-off benefits, based on specific dates or hours worked.
  • Set up as many as ten different accrual items for each company, such as vacation or sick time. Then, assign up to four accrual items to each employee. The accrued time-off benefits are posted to the general ledger when you run a payroll journal.
  • The Employer Matching feature automatically calculates and accrues employer contributions like 401(k) or similar matching benefits.
  • Assign up to three benefits per employee in the Batch Payroll module, and calculate the contribution as a flat amount or a percentage of the employee’s contribution.

Trial Balance

Intuit EasyACCT includes an adjusted trial balance report that details the account number and description, along with the account balances for the selected date, the adjusting debits and credits, and the adjusted balances.

Enter adjusting entries on the Transaction Data Entry screen in the Write-up module by using the transaction prefix AJ. You can also enter adjusting entries in Recurring Journal and General Ledger Transfer from Depreciation. These adjusting journal entries appear on several reports including the new Adjusted Trial Balance report.

Write-Up Processing

The Intuit EasyACCT write-up module helps you to tailor your services to meet specific clients’ needs, from compiling their financial statements to being their stand-in controller. No matter how complex a client’s monthly financials, you have the ability to process them quickly and easily.

  • Heads-down transaction data entry designed for accountants. No matter what type of service you provide to your clients, you can conveniently enter all of your transactions such as journal entries, cash receipts, cash disbursements, after-the-fact payroll, vendor payments, and adjusting entries using the Transaction Data Entry screen. This feature provides heads down transaction entry to help you maximize your efficiency and productivity.

  • Gain instant access to Asset Depreciation/Management and Financial/Loan Amortization while entering transactions-calculations are performed in the background so they don’t interrupt data entry.

  • Transfer your general ledger and payroll entries into the Bank Accounts/Reconciliation module to make reconciling monthly bank statements quick and easy.

  • Access employee data immediately in the Batch Payroll module, including entering after-the-fact payroll quickly.

  • Generate virtually any type of financial statement with the flexible report writer.

  • Laser-print checks with bank MICR-encoded information.

  • Produce graphics easily.

  • Immediate time-saver: if you decide to expand your services to include processing a company’s live payroll checks (especially if you’re already keeping track of their after-the-fact payroll), your employee data will immediately be accessible in the Batch Payroll module.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of EasyACCT

Submitted on January 7th, 2021 by Anonymous

The program is design for quick easy entry of lot different type of transaction. The problem is customer support and ordering. There is no formula training and rarely are the payroll tables updated in real time. Also if you have issue they disconnect you and or tell you someone will call you back. They won’t give number or even confirmation number to verify something is happening. Another words no accountiblity.

The Good…

The easy way to enter multiple entries

The Bad…

Customer service