A client write-up application designed by Accountants Templates for accounting/legal/professional companies.

About Jazzit

Use copy components to add Jazzit PEG Checklists into your existing CaseWare files. No need to start new CaseWare files to add your Jazzit Checklists.

Jazzit packages (Fundamentals, PEG Checklists, and SCORE) are now compatible with CaseWare Working Papers 2018.

Jazzit templates can be installed and updated centrally. There is no need to install on every workstation.

Jazzit PEG Checklists

Jazzit Checklists combine practical tools with licensed content from the CPA PEG (Practice Engagement Guide) to help practitioners complete efficient and cost-effective engagements.

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Primary Features

  • Easy to complete checklists with smart links between the documents.
  • Double click to quickly add initials to procedures which can automatically add the date as well.
  • Sections can be quickly set to N/A which will skip the area automatically.
  • Add in as much commentary as required for a particular procedure.
  • Double click on references to jump to the linked forms.
  • You can also use your own index numbers for the checklists and all reference numbers within forms are automatically updated.

Jazzit SCORE

Strategic Client Operation Results Evaluator (SCORE) helps your clients understand the performance of their business in an approachable format. SCORE draws on the data already in your CaseWare client file to build a comprehensive report quickly. Analyze your client’s business using key ratio and trend analysis as well as custom benchmarking information.

Primary Features

  • Value added service to your clients
  • Customized management report to share with clients
  • Comprehensive ratio results and charts
  • Automatically generated graphs showing historical trends
  • Enter your own custom-defined benchmarks
  • Optional area to create client specific recommendations

Jazzit Fundamentals

Jazzit Fundamentals, our principle product, is an integrated suite of templates including financial statements, working papers, and letters that assist public accountants in completing client engagements. The templates are centrally managed and can be quickly updated from our website.

Jazzit Fundmentals includes powerful working papers, letters, generic checklists in addition to the financials.

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Primary Features

  • Information is shared between working papers, letters, and the financial statements.
  • Balances roll forward in the Jazzit templates when year-end close is performed in CaseWare.
  • Diagnostics compare key amounts on the template to the CaseWare trial balance. They also indicate when an update is available in the Resource Centre.
  • All working papers, letters, notes, and statement pages automatically check themselves against the Resource Centre and notify when an update is available.

Target Market

  • Small to medium size public accounting firms across Canada.
  • Public accounts
  • Businesses requiring bank financing
  • Companies with 1-500 employees


  • Purchased upfront
  • Starts at $495
  • Annual purchase on a per firm basis
  • If total bundle support is purchased for Jazzit Fundamentals product, support is included
  • Support otherwise purchased separately

Product Overview

  • Developer Jazzit
  • Type CPA Software
  • Client OS
  • Deployment On-Premises
  • Starting Price $495/year

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User Reviews of Jazzit

Submitted on January 22nd, 2019 by Bill Minor, CPA CGA

Jazz-it is comprehensive template software working within the CaseWare/CaseView framework. I believe all of the Jazz-it documents are CaseView. My firm has used this software for about 18 years.

Fundamentals has the financial statement generator, the letters and the working papers.

SCORE is a side program that automatically generates the ratio analysis with up to five year of comparative data.

The CPA PEG subscription gets you checklists which are updated on a regular basis.

The Good…

I cannot overstate how important this software is to our firm - it has solved so many issues in the file preparation process that our work life has, and is, improved immensely!!

The Fundamentals templates are light years ahead of anything you would be able create in Excel or Word. From what I have seen it also outshines the competition.

The support is exceptional - very prompt and complete!

Financial Statement: the software provides a super amount of flexibility for all situations for the business client (we do not work in the not-for-profit sector so cannot speak to that). The software employs a lot of switches where you can make choices on the presentation of the financial statement. The majority of switches (choices) are made in the Home Menu, however, the Jazzit developers have cleverly embedded numerous switches throughout the financial statement.

The Note’s to the financial statements is very robust with an excellent library of standard notes plus various styles of blank notes that you can customize.

Letters: the template includes a number of documents pertaining to the year end such as the Engagement Letter, Representation letter, Client Enclosure Letter, etc which we use and very much appreciate.

Working Papers: the Fundamentals package includes some excellent working papers that cannot be emulated with Excel. Notable wp’s include Marketable Securities, PP&E Schedule, Prepaid Expenses, Long Term Debt, and there are more.

SCORE is a nice adjunct to the main template. The ratios/trends are automatically generated. We can customize the report for each year end by switching off any ratio that does not pertain to the situation.

CPA PEG is a package we have subscribed to for the last few years and find is saves time - we really like that the templates are always updated to the latest accounting standards!!

The Bad…

I am really trying to think of some deficiency but cannot - the templates are intelligently designed and the support is great!

Submitted on January 9th, 2019 by Jeremy Rogers

We use their fundamentals and checklist packages. Fundamentals is a package of templates designed to use Caseview, which is the report writer component of Caseware. These include financial statements, notes, schedules as well as working papers and letters. They use a knowledge library link methodology for updating the content and also have their own proprietary system that enables users to see if they have the most up to date version of the templates in their working paper files.

The Good…

Their product support is excellent. They always get back to me really quickly with intelligent answers to my questions (a trait that is sadly lacking in most other vendors).

We find it to be quite versatile and for the most part, we are able to use the stock templates without having to use design mode.

Being able to know at a glance that you have the most recent content is huge. It is also a matter of a one button click to update the content if needed. Also the fact that you can update specific components is good so that one does not lose any file specific items that might have been changed.

The Bad…

Well it could always be more flexible but this is more of a Caseview limitation than with Jazzit.

I would like it if they were to offer some customization services as the templates do not cover off all situations.