An auditing application designed by Pervasive Data Management.

About AuditMaster

AuditMaster Will provide you with many benefits in your companies efforts to produce audit trails. This product will provide you with extensive security measures to protect your data. Additionally, access to data is restricted and all changes are recorded providing accountability.

AuditMaster will log every database event to provide you with a detailed audit trail. Logging of information such as:User ID, Network Station ID, time and date of editing, application, database edited, and table type used are all recorded to provide accurate information. Furthermore, all information recorded on the preceding variables, will show data both before and after changes, giving you a complete picture of what your employees have edited. This, in turn, allows you to review database events to determine how applications fell into a ýproblem state.ý Since you can view data before your users have changed it, you can easily go back and undo changes to get your customers businesses back out of a problem state. This software will also give your authorized users the ability to search audit trail data. They can also set alerts (email, calls, executables) customized to business rules.

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