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About Compas

See Your Whole Business

Get a full picture of your operations faster and more efficiently with Compas. Developed to streamline and automate your operations assessment process, Compas helps you effortlessly gather compliance and operational data.

Compas gives you a comprehensive view of your business operations by fostering a collaborative operational audit environment.

Automate your Audit Process: Get a real-time outlook on business operations with Compas. Improve productivity and accuracy by entering your audit results into your smartphone, handheld, laptop, Tablet PC, or any computer with an internet connection. Upload your audit results to the Compas web-based reporting system to run customizable reports for instant data analysis and distribution throughout your enterprise.

The Compas automated audit process allows you to identify issues as they are happening, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in the action you take to resolve them.

Get Instant Visibility: With the intuitive and easy-to-read reports, view fully customizable reports with the Compas web reporting function, allowing multiple levels of management to get a complete picture of your business operations.

This feature includes extensive drill-down capabilities, letting you look at locations, divisions, and departments across the organization.

Break Down Barriers: Remove geographical and organizational obstacles with Compas. Compare audits and measurements across your organization, getting a complete perspective on operations instead of bits and pieces.

Take this information to identify areas in need of performance improvement, and to facilitate collaboration on compliance issues affecting multiple locations, divisions, or departments.

Choose Your Audit Collection Tool

Paper-based auditing systems are time-consuming, labor-intensive, error-ridden, and outdated. Compas harnesses the power of mobile technology solutions and applies it to the operational assessment process. Compatible with a smartphone, handheld Windows Mobile devices, laptops, Tablet PCs, or any computer with an active internet connection, Compas facilitates on site data collection without the need for lengthy, inaccurate transcription.

Collect Your Audit Data

Compas ensures efficient and effective data collection. Our easy-to-use interface allows auditors to rapidly answer questions and collect supporting detail quickly and easily, and gives auditors the choice of working online or offline. Developed to support over a dozen question types, Compas removes any limitation on the set of audit information to be collected. And because you can add locations, auditors and users, and audit templates at no extra cost, each audit can be your most accurate and timely data capture.

Standardize Your Audit Data

To facilitate the auditing process, you can add comments and corrective items for each question, ensuring each answer will provide thorough and complete data, while reviewing past results via the help feature. Additionally, you can also use the help feature to ensure that data from every audit across every location is comparable with recommendations on procedural approaches, suggestions on what is usually implemented in a particular setting, information about best practices, and hints and tips to clarify question interpretation being provided on the spot.

Submit Your Audit

Audit results are instantly processed with a touch of a button using the synchronization engine, which transfers the information to the central audit reporting website. This process reduces and eliminates errors, delays, and paperwork. It also facilitates the implementation of changes to any audit questions that are replicated throughout the system, seamlessly updating each question to ensure consistency and maintaining the integrity and relevance of each audit within your firm’s operations.

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