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Engagement CS

A multi-module management system designed by Thomson Reuters for accounting/legal/professional companies.
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Engagement CS is a complete paperless workflow management solution. From start to finish Engagement CS will help you compile, review, and archive your engagements. This product fully integrates with all other CS Professional Suite software applications to provide seamless integration and reduced data entry. However, like other CS Professional Suite solutions, this application is fully capable of operating as a stand alone solution. In addition to integration with other CS Professional Suite Products, Engagement CS has capability to integrate with Microsoft Excel and Word. As is the case with all CS Professional Suite Applications; this product can operate as a stand-alone application or integrated as a suite of software applications.

Engagement Manager

The immense processing power of Engagement CS will allow you and your staff to more efficiently and effectively communicate and work on project. The Engagement CS software application will rapidly assemble work papers automatically, to organize projects for your firm. These materials are collected in seconds rather than hours, saving you immense time in your preparations for projects. After projects are implemented, Engagement CS allows an unlimited number of your employees to work on it’s completion simultaneously. Finally, Engagement CS will provide an interactive section for notes and correspondence amongst your employees; providing a fluid communication environment.

Report Writer

Engagement CS is a completely paperless report writer solution. After you set up engagements, Engagement CS will allow you to run trial balance at any point in time. With the advanced report writing capabilities of Engagement CS; you will be able to create an array of various reports useful to your clients(eg., revenue analysis, cost vs budgeted, etc.). These reports can then be transferred to Excel or Word for easy transferring to and viewing by your clients.

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