A demand forecasting and inventory planning software system designed by Halo Business Intelligence.

About SkuBrain

SkuBrain provides demand forecasting and inventory optimization for your company. The software is accessible from any device and lets you share needed reports with all of your stakeholders.

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SkuBrain Features

SkuBrain provides self-service capabilities, cloud accessibility, and honest pricing to all customers. The software is meant to let your employees share analysis reports with anyone they please, whether it’s to a stakeholder or to another employee to collaborate further with.

Demand Forecasting

  • 30 algorithms in a tournament to see which model predicts sales trends the most efficiently with your data
  • Trend detection to identify seasonal patterns
  • Hierarchical forecasting to let you forecast by region or country

Inventory Planning

  • Universal importing to let you use old data files from a CSV format
  • Manual adjustments for when you need to account for a discontinued product
  • Ecommerce integration to help sync data and see real time reports

SkuBrain Pricing

  • Free account available
  • Starts at $150/month
  • Price dependent on the number of SKUs
  • All plans include unlimited orders and free support
Starting Price
$150 /month
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