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About OptiPro ERP

OptiPro ERP has three core components: SAP Business One, OptiPro Manufacturing and OptiPro Distribution.

OptiPro Manufacturing

Optimized Production and Quality

Bring advanced agility and efficiency into your production. The OptiPro manufacturing extension automates and accelerates your manufacturing business from production scheduling through quality assurance. Learn more how OptiPro helps you better manage supply chain, quality, routing, subcontractors, reporting and more.

  • BOM & Routing: Production orders call up information from current BOMs, assembly instructions and drawings. Revision control and effectivity date ranges ensure the most updated details. Job costing and cost accounting are real-time and roll through all BOM layers.
  • Quality Assurance: Comprehensive test and subtest plans capture attributes, characteristics and dimensions and automatically compare these to tolerance. Plans support statistical process control (SPC), 100 percent inspection, acceptable quality level (AQL), and user-specified and random inspections. Lot, batch and serial number tracking are also supported.
  • Planning & MRP: Comprehensive MRP enables granular planning of inventory, purchasing and production schedules. Materials route to the right place at the right time for effective, efficient execution.
  • Production Scheduling: Work center management identifies capabilities and capacities. Calendars support multiple shift plans. Sequencing and resource management, including subcontracted work, routes tooling and materials for optimal efficiency.
  • Advanced Inventory Management: Inventory tracking shows immediate and accurate stock levels on inbound, in-house, transfer and outbound items. Supported valuation methods include standard cost, moving average, FIFO, FEFO, LIFO and many more. Dashboards enable quick report generation. Safety stock, sealed stock, max-min and other supported strategies help manage inventory levels.

SAP Business One

Proven Enterprise Solution

With over 50,000 users worldwide, SAP Business One is one of the most proven business platforms available. SAP Business One empowers your entire organization to manage and optimize every aspect of business performance.

  • Accounting & Finance: A single, scalable solution captures all financial information. Cash flow management, asset tracking and budget control are supported. Accounting integrations include reconciliation, bank statements and payments. Multi-branch and multi-business-unit management enable simplicity. A full view of company assets allows for end-to-end control and insights.
  • Sales & CRM: Sales activities and opportunity management are built into your sales and CRM. Customer master data, reporting and analytics provide deep insights from sales orders to closed deals. Integrations with Microsoft Outlook and mobile technology enable relationship management from anywhere.
  • Purchasing: Automated procurement processes streamline purchasing. Returns and special charges are supported. Master data management centralizes information, and real-time reporting supports insights including finding the right supplier at the best price. Warehouse, production and accounting are integrated.
  • Inventory Tracking: Sophisticated inventory tracking and costing optimize inventory and production processes. E-client management enables efficient stock movements, BOMS and production orders. Advanced MRP enables better production and warehouse management and reporting. Available-to-promise functionality ensures raw material and resource availability prior to production release.
  • Reporting & Admin: Enterprise search and intuitive navigation enable swift reporting and interactive, ad hoc analysis. User-friendly dashboards and analytics empower any employee to generate powerful reports quickly. Crystal Reports provide insights into sales opportunities, stock analyses and KPIs.
  • HR & Payroll: Full HR functionality enables management of benefit programs, performance reviews, training and certification, skills tracking and vacation and sick time. Payroll supports flexible earnings, taxes, job costing and union-agreements management, with quick calculations and reporting. Time and attendance monitoring ensure timesheets, absences and expenses are tracked. A self-service portal lets employees track pay, time off, benefits and more.

OptiPro Distribution

Manage Your Supply Chain

Connect your network from customers and suppliers to services and logistics providers. Our synchronized OptiPro Distribution solution transforms complex operations into simple supply chain management.

  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI): Electronic data interchange sends and receives messages directly to business partners. Real-time communication tools automatically transfer and verify messages to reduce manual work and risk of errors and fines.
  • Warehouse Management System: In addition to SAP Business One’s advanced inventory management tools, OptiPro provides warehouse management. Wave picking accelerates order throughput. Automation tools including barcoding, RFID and license plating streamline accurate warehouse picking. Cross-docking and 3PL functions are integrated.
  • Ecommerce: An online store solution engages customers with secure, flexible payment options, supported on any internet-capable device. Advanced features include credit-card processing and real-time product availability, supporting both B2B and B2C.
  • Mobility: Sales order statuses and fulfillment rates are accessible on any device. Alerts instantly identify deviations in pricing and other significant events. Real-time information enables fast document approvals, detailed product information and urgent shipping requests.

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