Epicor Eclipse

6 Reviews 3.2/5

An ERP system designed by Epicor Software for distribution/wholesale trade companies.

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About Epicor Eclipse

Epicor Eclipse has been developed to fit electric, plumbing/PVF, and HVAC businesses and is continually improved with a focus on making it easier for customers to grow their distributorships. Epicor enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions provide tier-one functionality with a low total cost of ownership.

Epicor Eclipse is a leading distribution ERP software solution which offers powerful capabilities for wholesalers in the electric, plumbing/PVF, and HVAC industries. Epicor Eclipse is a distribution-focused system that scales from tens to thousands of users on a single installation. It serves as a fine example of the Epicor commitment to distributors.

Video Overview

Epicor has 50 years of distribution experience and hundreds of committed employees with deep domain expertise. With more than 750 wholesale distribution customers using the Eclipse system, Epicor is one of the leading technology partners for the distribution industry. Epicor is uniquely positioned to help you achieve the business results you need to sustain a long-term competitive advantage.

Technology That Enables Transformation and Growth

You need a software solution that is based on a platform that you can implement quickly without substantial cost to your business. The Epicor Eclipse system is designed so that your distribution business can scale, adapt, and grow without costly system modifications.

Only Epicor can provide complete business digitization along with the refined distribution expertise that comes from 50 years of deep experience. From open e-Commerce platforms, to mobile sales and services, to wireless sales counters and warehouses, to advanced inventory management, customer optimization tools and direct 24x7 support.

Epicor Eclipse offers extended capabilities such as Customer Profitability Analyzer, Strategic Pricing, Proof of Delivery, Task Automation and others that allow your business to maximize sales and profits, improve customer relationships, drive greater staff productivity, and differentiate itself from the competition.

A Comprehensive Application for Distributors

Epicor Eclipse is a complete business management solution, with extensive functionality for key business processes such as:

  • Mobility
  • e-Commerce
  • Advanced Cycle Counting
  • Freight Audit Queue
  • Easy scheduling with new Shipment Creation
  • Order Management for Counter, Inside, Outside and Showroom Sales
  • Commercial Job Management
  • CRM
  • Comprehensive Price Matrix
  • Integrated Credit Card Processing
  • Advanced Demand Forecasting
  • Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Product Costing Management that supports multiple costs for an item based on geography and storage of historical costing
  • Financial Management
  • Deep Analytics and Reporting
  • Procurement and Purchasing Management for single and multi-branch environments

A New Level of Productivity and Process Refinements

Epicor Eclipse provides tools to dramatically enhance productivity, while delivering process refinements to improve the business effectiveness of distributors.

The visually appealing, task-focused graphic interface that was introduced in version 9.0 has been extended across all the Eclipse screens. These changes allow employees to focus more time on the customer, get more done within the software and help increase customer satisfaction.

The freight audit queue can increase your bottom line with clear visibility of how well you pass along inbound freight costs. Advanced cycle counting helps you achieve improved inventory accuracy, reduce stock-outs, and increase your turns. Seeing your information faster is now possible with the new display of SQL charts and tables in the main Eclipse screen.

Epicor Commerce Connect, a state-of-the-art Magento-based eCommerce platform, for Eclipse changes the game for B2B eCommerce in the distribution world, allowing distributors to deliver a world class user experience with a total eCommerce solution that is delivered with total back-office integration. Eclipse Mobile Showroom application empowers a distributor’s showroom salesperson to “work the floor” with a tablet device that enables easy capture and maintenance of carts for customers. Freeing up time for sales to focus on customer relationships  mobile showroom is an unprecedented application that improves both employee and customer satisfaction while helping you grow sales.

And, the many other job management features will give you more power than ever to manage your complex jobs.

Designed for your industry

The Epicor Eclipse system is designed to streamline the various distribution processes in today’s dynamic supply chain. Epicor provides industry-leading solutions for emerging distributors, midsized companies, and subsidiaries of large multinationals. Epicor Eclipse builds in the things that only a distributor could love  job management, PO variance queue, work queues, wire cut, close counter entry, and much more  all in an integrated end-to-end solution for distributors.

A feature-rich application with specific depth in a number of industries, the Eclipse system has been developed to manage the requirements of distribution verticals including:

  • Electrical
  • Plumbing & PVF
  • HVAC


  • Purchased and subscription options available
  • Contact an Epicor vendor for more details

Product Overview

Industry Focus

Epicor Eclipse is designed primarily for use in the distribution industry.

User Reviews of Epicor Eclipse

Submitted on May 16th, 2019 by Mike Johnson

Software is ok, support is never a help.

The Good…

Inventory management was decent

The Bad…


Submitted on September 17th, 2018 by Mike

Expensive Software Lousy Support Team, Too Much Software Glitches, Delay In Updates

The Good…

Good to manage your inventory, products, sales etc… However not worth of the top dollar you pay

The Bad…

Customer support is lousy, they get back to you with delays, Account managers are only available when you need an extra patch, or something to purchase for the software. Excessive charges for each user and No clarity!

Submitted on January 24th, 2018 by Joel

Expensive software with absolutely no support for customers, they promise the world, and as soon as you have paid, offer no service or support. Been running their new system for nearly 2 years, have problems that have still not been resolved from the initial implementation. I have been using a “temporary” patch with limited function since initial installation, and not a single person from Epicor will return my phone calls or e-mails about a permanent solution. Extremely disappointed with this product.

The Good…

user interface

The Bad…

cumbersome to use, not always intuitive, no support from company

Submitted on October 17th, 2017 by Cindy

I love the report writer I use many reports and customize what I need . There is a huge work load lifted with the random cycle counts . No more doing full inventory’s ! Over all I really enjoy the processes that are more user friendly for the staff . Over all this is a huge time safer and great way to maintain all aspects of your company .

The Good…

User friendly software was a huge help ! specially with new staff coming on as we grow !

The Bad…

The biggest thing would be when I do have to call for help I am sent to over seas and even though the people are pleasant I feel I waste a lot of time talking to them to find out I have a tier 2 issue which they are not able to help me on and I am sent to another person ,which the problem is resolved but it is a timely process . Hoping in time that will get better as I saw many others have raised concern on this issue as well . Other than that I have other complaints on software and greatly enjoy the features !

Submitted on September 28th, 2017 by Jonathan

Epicor Eclipse is a great tool for our business. We are a Plumbing, Heating and A/C wholesaler with 12 locations in 4 states. This software makes managing inventory and accounting easier than it should be.

The Good…

I like the Solar version the most currently as it makes putting orders into excel a snap

The Bad…

My least liked part about Eclipse is that almost all tier 1 support went to India a little over a year ago. They are getting good at support but US based support was a lot nicer.

Submitted on September 28th, 2017 by Bruce

We have used Epicor Eclipse for over ten years, and are very pleased with the features and power. The ERP suite has helped us to be competitive and definitely increased our profitability. The availability of inquiries, drill-downs, and interoperability throughout the various modules allow us to support our customers’ needs and respond quickly and efficiently. If you are interested in this ERP package, I suggest you review the many features available and get a clear understanding of what they can do. Note that some important modules, such as EDI and document imaging, are not part of the core package and must be added to your package quote from Epicor.

The Good…

Eclipse’s live updating of all information, strong interconnection between the modules, and powerful pricing and purchasing tools help us to buy what we need on time, and sell it competitively and profitably. Epicor also provides regular feature addons and updates in releases to existing users.

The Bad…

There are many important modules, such as EDI and document imaging, that are not part of the core package and must be purchased separately. Also, some new features added to Eclipse must be purchased by current Eclipse customers, with added maintenance fees as well.