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Epicor Eclipse

An ERP system designed by Epicor Software for distribution/wholesale trade companies.
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Epicor Eclipse is a leading Distribution ERP software solution that provides powerful technology for wholesalers in the plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and PVF industries.

Eclipse’s deep industry functionality impacts all areas of your business, such as when to buy and how much to buy, back office accounting functions, and sales order entry – the most used function for every distributor. Other highlights of the system include:

  • Powerful search features that allow you to locate any information you need from any screen
  • Multi-company, multi-branch, and multi-currency capabilities
  • Advanced purchasing and inventory management that helps decrease your inventory investment while increasing customer service levels
  • Secure, role-based permissions and complete audit trails (SOX compliant).
  • Real-time, time-lined, and transactional-based system (no batch accounting processes ever again!)
  • Warehouse management that improves accuracy and efficiency

Accounting and Financial Management

Integrated accounting controls help you manage your cash flow and limit your exposure to delinquent accounts across four key areas: General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Receivable, Credit Management and Invoicing.

General Ledger

A flexible approach lets you:

  • Eliminate mandatory end-of-day, end-of-month, and end-of-year accounting period closes, and - if you like - leave multiple accounting periods open
  • Gain unlimited access to historical data
  • Drill down from the general ledger, or any financial report, to view transaction detail
  • Generate accounting reports for any range of dates - with timeless, as-of dating
  • Track updates and their associated journal postings by source, branch and date
  • View account disbursement, by transaction
  • Manage at multi-branch, multi-company and multi-territory levels
  • Customize your balance sheet, trial balance and income statements however you like
  • Compare working budgets with historical budgets
  • Get a snapshot of the financial situation of your company as of any specified date
  • Manage foreign currency exchange:
  • Track multiple currencies
  • Issue purchase and/or sales orders in foreign currencies
  • Tie foreign currency transactions back to the appropriate accounts payable and accounts receivable functions

Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable

Instant updating and seamless integration across the system mean you can:

  • Be sure that your customers’ AR and credit status are always current
  • View a customer’s AR activity for any range of dates
  • Drill down from summary level data to see transaction level detail with a single keystroke
  • Prioritize collection efforts and minimize write-offs with aged receivables reporting and task automation work queues
  • Accurately project cash flow
  • Eliminate proof-of-delivery phone calls by digitally imprinting signatures on your customers’ invoices
  • Keep collection notes on file
  • Match open receiver transactions to vendor invoices
  • Scan and attach vendor invoices to their associated purchase orders
  • Streamline reconciliation with automatic EOM, PROX, DIST handling and other terms arrangements
  • Calculate due dates automatically, based on vendors’ terms
  • Split payments, recurring payments, PO overrides, and one-step reconciliation let you easily manage cash disbursements
  • Get an instant read on both approved and unapproved AP records
  • Simplify year-end filing with complete 1099 vendor processing
  • Keep everything running smoothly with complete EDI support

Credit Management

Extend the power of accounts receivable management by:

  • Monitoring your customers’ credit status at every step of every sales order
  • Invoking credit limits, past-due limits, and per-order limits as you see fit
  • Taking advantage of both passive and aggressive credit controls to manage your entire credit process — at the customer or job level

Invoicing and Lot Billing

Trigger invoice generation by:

  • Order segment status
  • Ship date
  • Print status

Other features allow you to:

  • Review invoices or orders before sending them to your customers
  • Effectively manage large jobs that require a bid for the customer and a quote from multiple vendors
  • Manage quoting, tracking, expediting, and billing for both the customer and vendor sides of the lot order
  • Track shipments of both inventory and non-inventory items needed to complete a project or job
  • Reconcile shipments as they come in whether you receive one shipment for all the materials on a lot or more than 20 different shipments for various quantities

Additional Tools and Technologies

By adhering to a unique set of business rules, Epicor Eclipse provides the essential functionality you need to run your business more efficiently and more profitably.

Tools and technologies include:

  • Real-time, Time-lined Accounting
  • Transaction-Based Architecture
  • Proactive Task Automation
  • A Powerful Search Engine
  • End-to-End Module Integration
  • Platform Interoperability
  • Intelligent User Interfaces
  • Flexible Data Management
  • Security and High Availability

Real-time, time-lined accounting means that every transaction enters the system intact, on-line, all the time. There’s no end-of-day, end-of-month, and end-of-year batch processing. From movement of material to back-office accounting functions including invoicing, cash receipts, and payable reconciliation every transaction that hits the system automatically posts to the general ledger in real time. What’s more, you can always position yourself anywhere in time. So you can instantly access data from a specific date or for a range of dates.

Transaction-based architecture offers real-time indexing, updating and cross-referencing for each and every transaction that enters the system. You get immediate access to any transaction at any time. Just a simple keystroke lets you drill down to examine the underlying transaction detail.

Proactive task automation lets you manage multiple complex and interrelated processes. That means, for example, that you can manage people-oriented tasks via job function Work Queues and rules-based Activity Triggers which the system uses to execute pre-defined procedures.

A powerful search engine allows you to look up customers, vendors, transactions and products by virtually any descriptive identifier. Search on virtually any identifying element thanks to sophisticated indexing, merging and phonetic matching that quickly displays exact search matches or convenient browse lists to choose from.

End-to-end module integration provides complete automation across your business because every module has been engineered to work together seamlessly. Epicor Eclipse consists of thousands of fully integrated applications, including Business Connect EDI, RF Warehouse, Credit Card Authorization and Document Imaging. So you’re always just one keystroke away from being able to access the information you need.

Platform interoperability lets the system interpret and translate any type of document format (XML, EDI, HTML, Flat File, or Plain Text) delivered over any connectivity protocol (HTTP, FTP, SMTP, or Fax). Support for secure socket layer (SSL) communication using CallHTTP and Socket interfaces allows the system to integrate with third-party applications. And because Activant Eclipse operates in the UNIX and Windows 2000/XP technology environments, it’s compatible with multiple hardware platforms including IBM, HP and Sun.

Intelligent user interface features Solar, a graphical user interface (GUI) program based on the Java programming language. Unlike traditional client-server environments, this interface can be used in parallel on the same terminal. In addition, an intelligent integration layer allows the system to interface with practically any type of device mobile phones, Palms, data collection devices (synchronization, radio-frequency or wireless), printers, scanners, etc.

Flexible data management means you can create your own reports, tailor views, define your own screens, customize documents, and manipulate your database. For example, you can easily update one or more fields of information for a large group of records in a file.

Security and high availability includes authorization keys that let you limit a user’s access to authorized areas only. Our audit control system keeps track of all user activity by documenting changes that are made to the system. It displays the user who made the change, along with the date and time of the change, as well as a description of the change. Plus, a real-time, point-to-point, data mirroring solution can be activated in the event of system failure to provide fault-tolerant, redundant, data duplication to a geographically remote stand-by server.

Business Intelligence

Epicor Eclipse gives you seamless access to key business performance metrics such as gross profit percentage, cash flow benchmarks, customer service levels, inventory turns, and more.

That means you always have the information you need to make better, more informed decisions, which translates to a substantial competitive edge.

Reporting and Analysis

Hundreds of canned reports and inquiries let you analyze virtually every aspect of your business. Plus:

  • Eclipse Report Writer lets you extract information from your database to create custom reports which can be scheduled to run at user-defined intervals.
  • Eclipse Activity Based Costing (ABC) lets you assign resource costs to activities so you can uncover the hidden costs of business processes.

Use what you learn to:

  • Accurately monitor the profitability of customers, products, product lines, and vendors.
  • Detect process and procedural problems occurring between your employees, your vendors, and your customers using Eclipse Unquality Event Tracking (UET).

Customer Relationship Management

Effectively manage your customer database by tracking activity through a single source, develop targeted marketing campaigns and create customer-specific pricing programs.

Personalize your customers’ buying experience with:

  • Customer-specific pricing
  • Customer-specific part numbers, points and rebate programs
  • Customer-specific print styles

User-defined personalization tools allow you to:

  • Create your own custom reports
  • Tailor your views
  • Define your own screens
  • Customize documents

Manipulate your database:

  • Answer customer questions on the spot - with instant access to complete order history records for each customer
  • Effectively manage your database of customers, prospects and contacts across your organization by tracking customer activity through a single source
  • Develop targeted marketing campaigns for both customers and prospects - segmented by classifications included in your database (e.g., SIC codes, sales source, etc)

Eclipse Business Connect

The Eclipse Business Connect suite is a solution designed to help improve your ROI by allowing Epicor Eclipse to interface seamlessly with the world that surrounds your business. The Eclipse Business Connect suite of products provides you seamless and direct access to:

  • Web sites
  • Trading partners
  • Content providers
  • Reporting tools
  • Warehouse logistics applications
  • Shipping automation solutions
  • CRM solutions
  • Billing solutions
  • Electronic funds transfer
  • Proprietary systems offered by other providers

Enabled by multi-tiered J2EE software development environment, Eclipse Business Connect takes advantage of the latest interactive technologies, including Web services, XML, and SOAP. It’s a vendor-neutral environment that allows you maximum flexibility designing and implementing the solutions you need on a daily basis.

In addition, the entire suite of Eclipse Business Connect products is being designed to allow you to easily get what you need on your own without requiring professional programming assistance, making the entire process both highly efficient and extremely cost-effective.

Inventory Management

Maintain all product information with built-in management tools that let you turn inventory counts quickly, calculate real-time inventory and more.

Built-in management tools let you:

  • Turn around physical inventory counts quickly with count sheets or cards
  • Capture average cost, last cost, landed average cost and multiple user-defined costs basis
  • Calculate real-time inventory value relative to any as-of date

Select products for cycle counting based on:

  • Rank
  • Hits
  • Location Type and priority

Monitor your inventory investment with rolling 365-day gross margin return on investment (GMROI) analysis and track details for:

  • Consignments
  • Rentals
  • Lot Items
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Serial Numbers

Manage work orders and value-added processes such as:

  • Finishing
  • Treating
  • Cutting
  • Welding
  • Assembly

Pricing Management

Incorporate multiple pricing schemes, including:

  • Customer Specific Pricing
  • Formula pricing
  • Break point pricing
  • Unit of measure (UOM) pricing
  • Rebate and promotional pricing
  • Pricing by list, cost and column
  • Contract Pricing
  • Split quantity pricing
  • Lot and subtotal pricing
  • Branch or territory pricing

Maintain past, present and future pricing simultaneously, while the system automatically lets you:

  • Calculate price points between linked channels, e.g., contractor (bid pricing) and homeowner (retail)
  • Get immediate access to current and reliable pricing information
  • Track price changes

Multiple cost and sell methods include:

  • Average cost
  • Standard cost
  • Replacement cost

Purchasing and Transfers

Maximize your inventory and purchasing control through automated purchasing functions supporting:

  • Line point/order points
  • EOQ
  • Min/max calculations

Automated Suggested Purchasing Queues:

  • Expand and subtract the order cycle to maximize purchasing dollars
  • Instantly identify service issues
  • Calculate carrying costs when vendor targets are not met

Prepare yourself for the expected and the unexpected:

  • Calculate product demand automatically based on sales hits for branch and network analysis
  • Exclude exceptional sales as needed, and compensate for lost sales or changing customer demand and vendor lead times
  • Create flexible procurement schemes for both distributive and centralized purchasing and warehousing so you can respond quickly to demand
  • Manage emergency service needs for a branch or network via the emergency procurement queue
  • Balance buying opportunities with carrying costs, using the suggested purchase order program to consider vendor targets, line buy discounts and promotions
  • View inventory commitments and replenishment schedules in a future ledger
  • Provide automatic stock/non-stock determination based on branch or network hits

Manage automatic transfers based on:

  • Committed sales
  • Day’s supply
  • Branch transfer schedules
  • Surplus inventory

Sales Order Management

With a single keystroke, counter and telephone sales personnel can instantly:

  • Look up product features
  • Check prices and discounts
  • Schedule blanket orders
  • Suggest complementary items
  • Check a customer’s available credit
  • Review order commitments
  • Check inventory availability in the central warehouse and at the branches

Sales staff can easily handle large jobs, with options for:

  • Split order processing
  • Direct shipments
  • Blanket orders
  • Lot billing

Customer service employees can look up customers, vendors, transactions, and products by virtually any descriptive identifier:

  • Any part of a customer’s or vendor’s name, phone number or keyword
  • Order number
  • Customer PO number
  • Shipping address
  • UPC number
  • Long description
  • Size, color, manufacturer and more

Remote sales teams can enter orders via system add-ons for:

  • EDI
  • RDC
  • Web
  • PDA
  • E-mail

You can monitor customer credit status at each step in the life of an order, with up-to-the-minute information on:

  • Credit limits
  • Past-due limits
  • Per-order limits

Plus, you can:

  • Allow for multiple forms of payment including credit cards
  • Automatically calculate sales tax and freight charges
  • Create and monitor rental contract agreements with your customers

Warehouse Logistics

Easy-to-use tools help you monitor anticipated and received goods, track multiple stocking locations, set order fulfillment priorities and more.


  • Get a more complete picture of anticipated and received goods and improve the receiving process
  • Advanced Ship Notices enable quick put-away of received items
  • Track items that have been returned by a customer or received from a vendor as defective, as an over-shipment or not as ordered
  • Establish and track multiple product stocking locations, including: stock, defective, over-shipment, tagged, review, display.
  • Improve customer service by setting order fulfillment priorities
  • Assign a location status of primary, secondary, floating, remnant, or in-process
  • Sequence your delivery orders and/or transfers by shipper
  • Download your shipping manifest to a PDA to electronically capture proof-of-delivery signatures
  • Review tickets or receipts that have been processed, but whose material has not yet been officially picked or put away
  • Check the status of all: open sales orders (normal or credit sales), purchase orders (normal or returns), transfers (inbound and returns)
  • Alert warehouse personnel whenever on-hand quantity might be inaccurate
  • Automatically route priority orders, such as will call orders, to the quickest fulfillment path available Integrated multi-carrier shipping management solution boosts productivity and controls shipping costs when you use: UPS, FedEx, USPS, Airborne, Spee-Dee, User-defined shippers

Reviews of Epicor Eclipse

Joel says...

Expensive software with absolutely no support for customers, they promise the world, and as soon as you have paid, offer no service or support. Been running their new system for nearly 2 years, have problems that have still not been resolved from the initial implementation. I have been using a “temporary” patch with limited function since initial installation, and not a single person from Epicor will return my phone calls or e-mails about a permanent solution. Extremely disappointed with this product.

The good: user interface

The bad: cumbersome to use, not always intuitive, no support from company

Cindy says...

I love the report writer I use many reports and customize what I need . There is a huge work load lifted with the random cycle counts . No more doing full inventory’s ! Over all I really enjoy the processes that are more user friendly for the staff . Over all this is a huge time safer and great way to maintain all aspects of your company .

The good: User friendly software was a huge help ! specially with new staff coming on as we grow !

The bad: The biggest thing would be when I do have to call for help I am sent to over seas and even though the people are pleasant I feel I waste a lot of time talking to them to find out I have a tier 2 issue which they are not able to help me on and I am sent to another person ,which the problem is resolved but it is a timely process . Hoping in time that will get better as I saw many others have raised concern on this issue as well . Other than that I have other complaints on software and greatly enjoy the features !

Jonathan says...

Epicor Eclipse is a great tool for our business. We are a Plumbing, Heating and A/C wholesaler with 12 locations in 4 states. This software makes managing inventory and accounting easier than it should be.

The good: I like the Solar version the most currently as it makes putting orders into excel a snap

The bad: My least liked part about Eclipse is that almost all tier 1 support went to India a little over a year ago. They are getting good at support but US based support was a lot nicer.

Bruce says...

We have used Epicor Eclipse for over ten years, and are very pleased with the features and power. The ERP suite has helped us to be competitive and definitely increased our profitability. The availability of inquiries, drill-downs, and interoperability throughout the various modules allow us to support our customers’ needs and respond quickly and efficiently. If you are interested in this ERP package, I suggest you review the many features available and get a clear understanding of what they can do. Note that some important modules, such as EDI and document imaging, are not part of the core package and must be added to your package quote from Epicor.

The good: Eclipse’s live updating of all information, strong interconnection between the modules, and powerful pricing and purchasing tools help us to buy what we need on time, and sell it competitively and profitably. Epicor also provides regular feature addons and updates in releases to existing users.

The bad: There are many important modules, such as EDI and document imaging, that are not part of the core package and must be purchased separately. Also, some new features added to Eclipse must be purchased by current Eclipse customers, with added maintenance fees as well.