S2K Enterprise Software

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A full ERP system designed by VAI for large enterprises.

About S2K Enterprise Software

VAI’s technology roadmap, [VAI’s] shared vision with IBM, provides companies with a business model based on best industry processes that leverages technology to create value and improve performance. The S2K family of products includes solutions for Distribution, Manufacturing, Retail, Service, and Rental companies; with industry specific features for Durable Goods, Apparel, and Pharmaceutical.

Regardless of industry, organizations that recognize and use information technology to help their businesses react to competition and quickly respond to change will be tomorrow’s industry leaders. S2K Enterprise Software harnesses the power of technology and enables businesses to better anticipate consumer needs and enhance productivity.

Product Overview

  • Improve alignment of strategies and operations
  • Improve productivity and insight
  • Reduce costs through increased flexibility
  • Support changing industry requirements
  • Reduce risk
  • Improve financial management
  • Optimize IT spending
  • Gain higher ROI faster
  • Retain top performers
  • Provide immediate access to enterprise information

Customer Orders

Servicing your customers in the 21st Century will not be ýbusiness as usual.ý S2K answers the call with the most exciting customer service application available today. The features of S2K’s customer service application combined with an attractive graphical design and very quick access make it an unbeatable solution for your customers.

Using the latest technology, you can select items from the customer’s shopping list for easy entry, e-mail an order confirmation or follow-up with S2K’s integrated contact management system.

For e-business transactions, your customers can enter orders directly from your web site and check stock availability, account status and order status. With complete integration to all other S2K applications, order entry gives the users unlimited access to the information needed to process orders more efficiently. During order entry, users can inquire into customer and item files at the touch of a key.

And because transactions are processed in a real-time environment, current information is immediately available.

Tracking orders through the warehouse is effortless using S2K’s RF bar-coding system. Using this technology, you can assure picking the right products and letting your customer know exactly what stage the order is in, so you can tell them when to expect it.

Order processing is extremely flexible with unlimited user-defined fields. In addition, multiple pricing methods, automatic backorder allocation, gross profit flags by line item and numerous costing alternatives are just some of the options that can be personalized, enabling you to utilize the features that work best for your business.

It can truly be said that the customer is the number one priority in any business. The time is now to take advantage of the latest technology to support your customers because it will definitely not be ýbusiness as usualý in the 21st Century.


VAI’s S2K Distribution Management Software has emerged as a leading cost-cutting measure for today’s most competitive businesses. VAI’s money saving technology gives companies the opportunity to integrate their distribution system and implement long term growth strategies that ensure future success.

VAI’s Distribution Software provides powerful information systems to enrich customer service, reduce costs, and deliver a significant return on investment. By putting VAI’s innovation to use, companies across the world can now create end-to-end integrated enterprise solutions. As part of the Distribution Software suite, VAI offers cutting edge inventory management and purchasing applications that equal superior efficiency for your business. VAI’s comprehensive business software delivers consistent returns on your technology investment.

Custom Orders

Increase sales and margins with dynamic order processing capabilities that ensure that customers get the right products at the right price.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Process high volumes of EDI data in minimal time, streamline inbound and outbound EDI processing and shorten order-to-payment cycles.

Inventory Management

Fully integrated inventory control system designed to maximize your ROI and provide exceptional customer service.


Tools that minimize the burdensome tasks associated with manual purchasing by automating your demand planning, purchasing, and ordering process.

Sales Analysis / Forecasting

Easy retrieval of invoice detail and summary sales statistics for a wide range of categories. Leverage advanced forecasting formulas to predict future activity based on past usage and trends.


VAI S2K e-Commerce is much more than a new, online sales channel. It’s about using technology to streamline your business model, creating savings, and increasing efficiency. It is an easily installed, affordable, complete solution designed to help growing mid-market companies conduct business on the Web.

At the core of this web-based application is a real-time “shopping cart” and an online product catalog that will reduce both lag time and paperwork for order processing. S2K Commerce Express enables you to set up an online catalog to display product specifications, extended descriptions, thumbnail and full-sized images, pricing, and availability. Dynamic searching features allow users to locate products by category, part number, and description. Web-based promotions and dynamic pricing can help improve product marketing and increase sales of slow-moving inventory. With S2K Commerce Express, existing customers can utilize past order histories to build new orders or use “quick entry” to expedite large orders. They can receive order confirmations and view online customer service screens for real-time order status information.

S2K Commerce Express Features

  • Support both Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer needs
  • A complete and affordable solution with all-in-one licensing that gives you everything you need for production, staging, and site development at a single price
  • Quickly and easily installed, with complete integration to S2K Enterprise master files, and the ability to import your current files into S2K Commerce Express
  • Ready to go with the capabilities you need to get started out-of-the-box and advanced features that you can leverage as you grow
  • Easy to administer with highly-usable tools that let mid-market customers manage their site effectively without special technical skills

Financial Management

Any successful ERP implementation begins and ends with solid accounting software functionality. VAI’s Financial Management Software gives you the tools needed to process your day to day financial transactions, and gives you the information you need to tighten control over payables and receivables, improve cash flow, and react to business cycles.

At the center of the system is the General Ledger application which allows the processing and analysis of financial accounting data posted from all the integrated modules. With the Report Writer feature you can easily create customized Income Statements and Balance Sheets. You can also create multiple styles of statements for use in reporting to banks, division managers, etc. Financial Statements can be consolidated for multiple companies, or multiple divisions.

VAI’s Financial Management Software provides you with a real-time in-depth look at your business’ performance and overall financial health.

Accounts Payable

Drive down costs, increase productivity, improve cash management, and improve vendor relations.

Accounts Receivable

Effectively manages cash flow, customer data issues and enables you to effortlessly track every aspect of your receivables in real time.

Fixed Assets

Track all your fixed assets with advanced fixed asset accounting, depreciation, and reporting features for companies needing effective decision-making tools.

General Ledger

Combines recurring entries, general journal entries, and collects data, resulting in a comprehensive database for all financial analysis.


Increasing savings while enhancing performance has never been easier with VAI’s Manufacturing Software. VAI’s enterprise solutions span a broad spectrum of industries to ensure your business will always have the VAI advantage. Through these in-demand software suites, VAI delivers enduring savings to companies interested in streamlining operations without sacrificing quality.

Effective innovation is now within reach with S2K Enterprise for Manufacturing Software. Effective manufacturing software is the bedrock for success and now your company can reap the benefits of minimized costs and expanding market share through VAI technology.

Capacity Requirement Planning

Allow users to view soft, firm and planned demand, allowing a detailed analysis of both actual and projected capacity requirements.

Manufacturing Work Orders

Create fixed or configurable bill-of materials, generate make to stock or make to order transactions, and track actual and standard cost for production.

Material Requirement Planning

Helps purchasing and production managers analyze current and future material and distribution requirements and enables more effective planning.

Finite Scheduling

Creates a finite capacity schedule based on the planned capacity reflected in the shop calendar for each department/work center/machine.

Product Quality

Track user defined tests, results, and the disposition of received goods or manufactured finished good.

Shop Floor Control

Leverage data collection devices including hand held scanners and RF devices to track component usage and labor production time as it happens on your shop floor.


The VAI Purchasing application is designed to facilitate and simplify the purchase order procedure. Purchasing can update orders and receipts of inventory, updating the quantities on order and on hand in the inventory control program. Invoice information is automatically transferred to accounts payable.

Purchase orders enable warehouse personnel to check goods received against goods ordered, using the vendors’ invoice to confirm prices, discounts and terms. Invoice quantities can be compared to receipts and help prevent shortages and improper billings that may cost you business and money.

The suggested order report can assist buyers by providing a list of individual items that should be ordered due to customer back orders or due to minimum stock requirements. The receipt of inventory items automatically produces a back order release report showing what orders can now be filled.

With purchase orders, your personnel will be able to make better purchasing decisions and insure a balanced inventory. S2K’s Purchasing application…sophistication made special.

Rental Management

VAI S2K Rental Software is a total solution designed for the rental industry, providing the tools needed to maintain your rental fleet. It will effectively manage and help grow your rental operation. Inventory availability and product status is easily visible within VAI’s enhanced inquiry screens. Users will instantly know if equipment is in a warehouse, rented to a customer, on reserve, or in for maintenance and repair. S2K Rental Software will help manage financials across all parts of your rental business. Drill down to information quickly and set filters, making it easy to spot trends and gain insight into your business activities. Fully integrated reports will help you track key information and users can customize their own reports to meet the specific needs of your business.

With S2K Rental Software you can track both walk-in and on-account customers. This application allows the user to capture name, address, phone, and e-mail information to build a comprehensive customer database. The database can then be used for e-mail, fax, or direct mail marketing campaigns. Complete customer and rental sales history data is available at the counter along with extensive notes and payment history. If a customer is setup for credit checking the system will automatically alert the user when an A/R customer has exceeded their credit limit or has a past due balance. ive bottom-line results. With the introduction of S2K Smart Center customers can now compete at a very high level, and by leveraging the flexibly and mobility that the web provides they have unlimited growth potential.


To simplify counter operations, both Rental Contracts and Sales utilize the same entry program. The system tracks security and reservation deposits, rental charges, damage waivers and sales tax. Contracts are easily modified to add, delete, or exchange rental or sale items. Credit card payments are accepted for one-time sales or services, and can be used for recurring rental billings. Automatic cash applications keep your receivables in line with customer records while securely storing your data.

Item Availability

Counter operations include an advanced Item Search Navigation Tree screen that allows users to browse product categories. Additionally, a color coded Equipment Availability screen allows the user to view current availability of equipment for the current date or any future date, equipment reservations, delivery and pickup contracts, rentals that are due back and rentals that have been returned.

Retail Management

VAI’s S2K Retail Management Software leverages innovative technology to create integrated enterprise solutions. The software package provides comprehensive turnkey solutions that optimize and centralize information across platforms. By increasing productivity and streamlining retail operations, VAI’s advanced software gives management teams the ability to move merchandise more effectively and eliminate costly delays.

Money saving opportunities abound with this dynamic enterprise application, which excels at maximizing effectiveness across all levels of your business. Through an enduring partnership with IBM, VAI offers the security you’ve come to expect from an industry leader, while providing the innovative enterprise solutions that growing businesses demand. By enhancing the software infrastructure of companies, VAI’s S2K Retail Management Software enables companies to achieve effective integration.


Open new markets, cut costs, and empower your customers to service their own accounts and buy your products or services online.

Retail Point of Sale

Deliver a superior customer experience at the point of sale, capture important customer information, and ensure a quick and accurate checkout process.

Sales Force Automation

Stay on top of valuable opportunities to ensure that your sales team is working at maximum effectiveness whether they are in the office or on the road.

Route Management

For companies with their own truck fleet, getting vehicles loaded and on their way can be a very complicated task. Managing routes and stops, inventory allocations, vehicle capacity limits, stacking restrictions, and more must be performed under tight time constraints.

S2K Route Manager application helps managers organize routes and ensures that warehouse pickers have the right information, minimizing breakage and maximizing efficiency. As orders are released to the warehouse they are cued up in the route manager screen. The route manager screen displays the quantity, weight and cube for each route with subtotals for dry, refrigerated, and frozen goods. From this screen the user can change the trailer for more capacity, manage stops, allocate inventory, view shorts, allow item substitutions and much more. S2K Route Manager also provides a standard interface to Roadnet for automated truck routing. Once orders are allocated and routed, S2K creates units-of-work (UOW) in reverse stop order to assist pickers in loading each truck. Each UOW is based on pallet TI-HI, max cube, max weight, crush factors, and number of orders per pallet. Powerful inquiry screens allow managers to view the status of each route and the picking progress in real time. Once picked, each UOW can be verified and loaded on the truck. Backload Sheets, Trip Sheets, Bills of Lading, and Invoices can be generated if required.

S2K Analytics

VAI S2K Analytics is a comprehensive Business Intelligence tool that can help you improve service, gain a clear picture of revenue and profitability, control costs and better manage extended and complex supply chains. This easy-to-use yet powerful tool connects your staff with S2K Enterprise information so they can make better decisions.

S2K Analytics pre-configured dashboards help you gain immediate visibility into sales, monitor revenue and make sure targets are hit. S2K Analytics helps you see the big picture and monitor the performance at a company or location level. S2K Analytics gives professional report authors the ability to drill down for in-depth information. Enterprise-wide comprehensive reports and query tools make creating custom reports on-the-fly as easy as drag-and-drop. In addition, users can integrate secure data with Microsoft Excel to create easy-to-use, easy-to-understand custom spread sheets.

S2K Enterprise Portal

VAI S2K Enterprise Portal technology enables users to interact with your company in a personalized way. You can give employees, trading partners, and customers access to a Web site containing the applications and information they need, consolidated and organized for easy access and use. They can quickly execute transactions across applications and collaborate with other portal users to make faster decisions. By providing industry-leading portal solutions for your business, VAI can help you cut costs and improve employee productivity, while strengthening relationships with customers and trading partners.

This solution leverages IBM WebSphere Portal technology to provide document management, Web content management, and collaboration capabilities in a single, easy-to-deploy solution. Web content management capability helps reduce implementation time and costs by placing content creation and management firmly in the hands of content experts, for “author once, publish everywhere” control, resulting in more accurate portal content that can be updated more frequently. Document management capabilities enables individuals and teams to share and save documents in a central location, with popular social capabilities, including blogs, wikis, tagging and ratings. The updated configuration wizard and enhanced analytics support allow you to create a more contemporary Web experience.

Commerce Portal

S2K Commerce Portal provides all the features of the S2K Commerce Express solution, including a real-time “shopping cart” application and an online product catalog. With it you can automate and cut costs in repetitive processes, reach a wider market, and respond to customer queries quickly and inexpensively. The lower cost base enables suppliers to price more competitively and customers to purchase at lower prices while they enjoy the benefits of 24/7 online access.

Customer Portal

By leveraging the Internet, you can secure relationships with your customers by providing more efficient service. This portal enables you to provide your customers with the information they want, when they want it. In addition to e-commerce and product catalog information, customers can review account information, including summary aging, open invoices, and payment history.

EIS Portal

The Executive Information System (EIS) Portal helps you make better business decisions–faster. This portal provides all of your employees with critical, timely business information tailored to their specific needs enabling them to quickly spot seasonal or recurring trends in your business, identify profitable or unprofitable customers and items, and improve vendor and customer relations based on volume, cost, and profitability.

Supplier Portal

The Supplier Portal provides your suppliers and partners with the ability to actively participate in your supply chain–all from within an Internet browser. Using the portal, suppliers can view open purchase orders, overdue shipments, receipt history, open invoices, payment history, and vendor performance statistics. Supply chain efficiencies are improved by enabling suppliers to provide shipment quantities, delivery dates, and advanced shipment notices without buyer intervention.

S2K Mobile

VAI’s suite of mobile applications provide both connected and disconnected transaction processing capabilities with file synchronization directly with VAI S2K Enterprise.

Order Entry App

Order Entry app is integrated with S2K enterprise, and has the ability to run both connected and disconnect from Internet. Data is synchronized between the app and the ERP system whenever internet is available. If you are constantly connected, you have the same benefits of a real-time system.

App is written native in their respective operating systems for high performance with an extremely clean interface that is simple, fast and effective for everyday use. At any given time, users can easily search the customer base, view the catalog, select products in the basket, view price and gross profit, edit the price, and store and send the order.

App is useful for placing orders by the company representatives, or can be downloaded by your customer to place their own orders. It can also be used for mobile POS system, or occasional trade shows and other events, as the app is integrated with Bluetooth capable devices such as printers, scanners and credit card readers.

Key Features:

  • Works offline as well as online * Works with all S2k Release versions
  • No additional Hardware needed
  • Minimal cellular data usage
  • Fast type-ahead filter for products and accounts
  • Scan barcodes using device camera
  • Connectivity to Bluetooth devices such as Barcode Scanner, Printer and Credit card reader
  • Signature Capture on the device and store as image file
  • Credit card payments
  • Open A/R Cash receipt payments
  • Simple, Fast and Easy to Use
  • Image caching
  • Print Order Confirmation Receipt

Proof of Delivery App

Proof of Delivery app eliminates any kind of paper processing and manual entry, as it automates the whole process in between the time your delivery truck leaves your warehouse and returns.

Key Features:

  • Works offline as well as online
  • Works with all S2k Release versions
  • No additional Hardware needed
  • Load deliveries by Route and Driver
  • Geo location
  • Google Navigation
  • Signature Capture on the device
  • Collect payment
  • Print Delivery Receipt

Route Sales (DSD) App

Similar to Order Entry, this app allows the driver to track and load inventory on the truck, build customer orders on the fly from truck inventory, and print a customer receipt. You can create DSD routes and assign them to customers and drivers to build a schedule.

Key Features:

  • Works offline as well as online
  • Works with all S2k Release versions
  • No additional Hardware needed
  • On the spot sales and delivery
  • Cash, Check and Credit card payments
  • DSD Route setup and scheduling by account and driver
  • Print Invoice Receipt

S2K Sales Force

Sales Force Automation (SFA) streamlines all phases of the sales process, minimizing the time that sales representatives need to spend on each phase, allowing sales representatives to pursue more clients in a shorter amount of time than would otherwise be possible.

At the heart of VAI S2K Sales Force is a contact management system that tracks and records every stage in the sales process for each prospective client, from initial contact to final disposition. From the main contact screen your sales team can review current leads, convert leads to prospects, and prospects to customers. Your sales representatives can manage contacts and track all interactions with existing accounts and opportunities. Users can log a call, create to-dos, schedule events and add notes. Events can be posted to their calendar and open to-do lists will keep sales representatives up-to-date on all upcoming activities. Activities get posted to history so that users can easily review all of their interactions with an account. - See more at: http://www.vai.net/solutions/s2k-sales-force.html#sthash.6u2zn7KF.dpuf

S2K Smart Center

VAI sees the internet as the future of Enterprise Computing. By delivering software through a browser with a flexible web interface, VAI can now provide the user with a single sign on of all web applications which will simplify the user experience, increase productivity and minimize training costs. In addition, web based software provides mobile access enabling every user in the organization immediate anytime, anywhere computing. As a leader in Enterprise Software for the mid-market, VAI’s focus has always been to develop robust solutions that solve real world business issues and drive bottom-line results. With the introduction of S2K Smart Center customers can now compete at a very high level, and by leveraging the flexibly and mobility that the web provides they have unlimited growth potential.

S2K Warehouse Management

Today, more than ever, warehouse management systems are critical to effectively manage your supply chain and achieve peak performance. By implementing the latest technologies in your warehouse you can significantly improve warehouse operations, employee productivity, and customer satisfaction.

VAI S2K Warehouse Management Software (WMS) will allow you to monitor warehouse activities in real-time, minimizing entry errors, and help you measure the efficiency of your warehouse employees. This powerful application provides both paper-based and radio frequency processing for inventory receiving, movement and replenishments, product put-aways, order picking, shipment verification, cycle counting, and much more.

Sales Analysis

Relational database technology provides the backdrop for sales analysis never before possible. Having unlimited retrieval capability, S2K’s Sales Analysis offers user-defined invoice detail history storage and 36 month sales summary statistics.

Analysis by company, customer, salesperson, territory, item, warehouse, item division and class or any combination of these criteria will display profitability, yearly comparisons, graphical trend charts and rankings. Measuring sales volumes, costs, and quantity usage, S2K can spot seasonal or recurring trends in your business. With this information, you can quickly identify profitable or unprofitable customers and items and improve vendor and customer relations based on volume, costs and profitability.

Display or reprint an invoice that was created months before or produce a listing of all items that a customer purchased in the last year. With extensive history storage options, special queries can be made identifying very specific transactions for sales promotions or other unique requirements. S2K’s sales forecasting can predict future activity based on usage and user projections.

Sales Analysis can help you identify the inventory items that represent the greatest percentage of your sales volume. It can prioritize customers and help you manage inventory stock levels. You can review monthly sales by salesperson, and determine which customers they are selling to, what items or class of items they are selling the most and at what gross profit percent. For tighter credit control, Sales Analysis provides return authorization and customer credit reports by reason code to help in determining problem areas.

Whether your questions relate to past or future activity, you’ll find the answers within the Sales Analysis. As always, information can be presented in detail or summary form, on screen displays or printed reports. S2K’s Sales Analysis…An Example of Things To Come.

Service & Repair

VAI S2K Service and Repair Software enables companies to fully integrate service management operations with other enterprise applications. It streamlines your operations to ensure that your business can capitalize on money-saving opportunities without sacrificing service. Designed to manage service calls and equipment repair, this module supplies managers with the kind of vital information required for an integrated business system.

The software suite brings together all the necessary components for rapid response repair and delivers an immediate return on investment. S2K Service and Repair reports help you track key information such as profit and loss, parts availability, and technician productivity.

Service Call Processing

The S2K Service and Repair application is a field service software solution that provides a means of easily recording and tracking service repair calls through their various stages. Customer information is easily accessed from the customer and ship-to master files. Additionally, service call processing information includes: Primary contact information User defined service call priorities User defined service call status The date the call was received / entered as well as scheduled for service Item number and serial number tracking for repair Flexible recording and coding of problem description and resolution.

Service Call Dispatch

In addition to service call customer information, the field service software system supports technician tracking and assignment, providing the user with up-to-the-minute information on when and where a technician can be available, enabling you to provide your customers with the best possible service. Technician assignment highlights include:

  • Technician and service location assigned to the service call
  • Date the call was assigned to a technician
  • Estimated time of arrival at the customer site
  • Status codes that track the service call within the system
  • Support for inquiry of existing technician schedules

Service Call Billing

At the completion of work performed for a service call, S2K Service and Repair Software supports tracking of time and materials in preparation for billing to ensure accurate and prompt billing of services performed. The billing process features:

  • Billable travel and labor hours
  • Parts used to repair the item
  • Problem and resolution codes
  • Warranty tracking and billing
  • Interactive creation of customer invoice
  • Detailed service history by equipment and serial number

Preventative Maintenance (PM)

  • Keep track of an unlimited number of contracts and equipment per contract
  • Utilize a flexible advanced billing schedule: select day, month and amount to bill
  • Define a preventative maintenance schedule for equipment under contract
  • Specify specific rates for work performed under contract

Product Overview

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User Reviews of S2K Enterprise Software

Submitted on October 28th, 2010 by Isaac Rogers

VAI worked to fully customize S2K to meet our needs and interface with our existing modules. The solution has helped improve the company’s efficiency in warehousing and distribution operations, thus allowing us to open a third location, one of our primary goals.

Submitted on October 28th, 2010 by Sandra Parmentier

Prior to working with VAI, Sheralven’s internal processes lacked the efficiency needed to manage its growing business. In implementing S2K for Distribution, VAI dedicated countless hours to testing the system and making sure it was the perfect fit for us—and all without a moment of down-time. S2K for Distribution has already proven to be a great asset to our business and our customers.