A multi-module management system designed by VISCO LLC.


VISCO is a fully integrated software solution designed for small to mid-sized importers and distributors. This import/export software specialized is landed cost calculation, shipment and inventory tracking, as well as document generation and management for import businesses in various industries.

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VISCO Benefits

The areas that will see the most immediate impact include:

Sales Benefits

The entire sales team will immediately recognize the benefits of this software.

  • Real-time access to order history
  • Real-time access to customer order status
  • Real-time access to inventory availability (including inventory ‘at source’ and ‘in transit’)
  • Samples Tracking
  • Quoting
  • Sourcing Tracking (Quotes from Suppliers)

Manage the process of handling samples and RFQ’s from customers which you can use to generate sourcing requests from overseas suppliers. Then use a price estimator tool to compare supplier offers (including various other costs like ocean freight, insurance, customs inspections, etc.). Then generate a quote to go out to customers.

This system follows the entire sales process. It allows the user to enter a sales order, with all the details about an order that are necessary for any customer. Sales associates can also receive real-time information on shipment and inventory status to make the appropriate sales decisions while right on the phone with customers.

Financial Benefits

For the financial department of your company, the system has given extra attention to financial analysis.

  • Profitability Analysis at the transaction level
  • Landed Costs Calculation
  • Crystal Reports for custom report generation
  • Integration with existing accounting system or QuickBooks
  • Accrual based costing
  • Export to Microsoft Excel

VISCO Software for Importers is a financial projection tool as much as it is an inventory management tool. This is one of the only systems that will calculate your net profit on an order as soon as it is entered. The system comes standard with accrual based costing for product and duty costs for each shipment (Venture). Hence, these costs reflect the total landed cost for that shipment.

All sales associated with a shipment are also reflected on the shipment/load. This enables the financial manager to assess gross profit for each Venture at a glance.

Logistics Benefits

As Importers know, the tracking required to move their good from one end of the supply chain to another, can be terrifically extensive and complicated. But can your supply chain managers imagine the time this package affords them if they can identify a certain individual container at its exact location at any given moment?

  • Automated Document Generation
  • US Customs Documentation Preparation - (learn more about VISCO’s involvement in C-TPAT)
  • Shipment level/ Lot level/ Unit level tracking
  • Track ‘in transit’ inventory

Manage Container information to gain visibility into inventory including overseas, on the water and in the warehouse. Receive real time data from shipping lines, or have your sourcing agents provide you with shipping information via the web.

Allow the system to alert you to potential problems like late shipments or inventory running low

Using the VISCO interface you can direct file customs entries with our partner TRG Direct at a cost of $30/entry

The system also tracks every cost associated with the supply chain. Therefore, if your SCM or Logistics Manager needs instant information about costing or is interested in restructuring a part of their cost structure, the system can and will easily point out the areas where costs can be reduced.

VISCO Features

The features of VISCO include:

Certificate of Analysis

Certificate of Analysis: The need for a display of Product Specifications is essential in numerous Import industries. This system allows the user(s) to specify the precise specifications associated with a given shipment of a product, and to provide documentation of these specifications to both their suppliers and their customers.

The user can store the purchase order specifications and compare them to purchase order analysis and can provide that analysis for a customer who requests a product with certain specifications.

The system actually compares customer needs to product specs, to ensure that the product fits the requests of the customer.

Customs Tracking

  • Duty Calculation
  • Customs Broker Management
  • Image Capturing for Documents
  • Automated Broker Interface

Individual Unit Level Tracking

Individual Unit Level Tracking: The system tracks each shipment at the most basic unit level storing information about every individual unit. Information about the purchase, sale, shipment documentation, and specifications for an individual unit can be viewed and analyzed with this system.

This feature benefits all companies interested in establishing the exact origin of a container. Also, this feature is paramount for those companies that utilize duty-drawbacks.

Logistics Management

  • Order Matching and Billing
  • Order Tracking (At Source / In Transit / At Warehouse)
  • Back-to-Back Ordering
  • Order Packing Lists
  • Order Shipping
  • Return Processing
  • Open Orders Lists
  • Cost Entry/Venture Management

Logistics Management Automation

Logistics Management Automation: Every part of the Importer’s supply chain is automated; from Initial Purchase Order to transportation to a product’s final destination.

The ‘In-Transit’ function helps track goods in the process of being imported; giving traffic and sales departments an accurate portrayal of the exact location of the goods.

This function is also used as a tool for your Logistics department to relay shipment status details to sales and management.

Product Position

Product Position: an overview that allows sales and purchasing agents to access up-to-the-minute information about how much of a specific product they have on hand, how much is currently being shipped (‘in transit’ or ‘at source’), and how much has been sold. From the Position Sheet, your sales team can view purchase order, sales order and logistics data about a specific product.

The Position Sheet also provides a general overview of the cyclical (or non-cyclical) nature of the product by detailing trends in sales.

Product/Customer/Vendor Maintenance

  • Image Capturing
  • Viewing Information
  • Adding and Editing Information

Purchase Orders

  • Purchase Order Assigning, Preparing, Viewing, Issuing
  • Order Drafting
  • Order Changing or Canceling
  • Foreign Currency Exchange Rate Calculations

Sales Orders

  • Sales Order Assigning, Preparing, Viewing, Issuing
  • Order Drafting
  • Order Changing or Canceling
  • Foreign Currency Exchange Rate Calculations

Venture (Shipment) Level Analysis

Venture (Shipment) Level Analysis: The Venture Analysis function provides specific financial data on every shipment that is ordered.

By tracking costs and sales on a sophisticated accrual basis, the system provides a profit and loss statement for management on every shipment during the entire course of the shipment.

VISCO Target Market

  • Food
  • Plastics
  • Chemicals
  • Wine
  • Beverages
  • Hardware
  • Home Goods
  • Seafood
  • Textiles
  • DropShippers

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