Get out of managing mundane, administrative tasks and stay focused on production and clients.

About NetDocuments

NetDocuments is a multi-platform service that offers document management software, email management software, governance software, and collaboration software. Choose one or create custom combinations to tackle information storage and communication.

Features like advanced search, mobile access, powerful security, and compliance protocols can help all organizations, like law firms, real estate companies, financial services, governments, and schools.

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  • Unlimited Versioning
  • Password-Protected Links
  • Optical Character Recognition To Search Any Document
  • Always Compliant With GDPR, HIPAA, FINRA, And More
  • Set Auto-Deletion Dates
  • Project-Centered Workspaces

Product Overview

User Reviews of NetDocuments

Submitted on February 11th, 2020 by Brett Burney from Burney Consultants

Regardless of size, every law firm and legal department has to manage scores of files, documents, and emails today. Regrettably, most of these firms struggle to accomplish this through manual, inefficient, and risk-saturated “systems” of folders with scant security and no protection from files being moved, copied, or deleted.

With NetDocuments, firms don’t have to outlay immense resources for server hardware or security upgrades because it’s all provided for them through the cloud and works on their existing PCs and mobile devices.