A multi-module management system designed by Deltek.

About Deltek Costpoint

Enterprise Software for Project-Driven Organizations

No matter what your project-driven business, Deltek Costpoint empowers you with the information you need to run your entire business more efficiently and profitably. In fact, Deltek’s portfolio of Costpoint-compatible applications allows you to extend Costpoint to create a completely integrated, end-to-end solution that works right out-of-the-box. What you get is a best-of-breed solution that provides the exact functionality your project business needs - including accounting, project management, Human Resources, time and attendance, operations, expense management, payroll, recruiting and business development.

Costpoint will:

  • Enhance Project and Financial Management to Drive Profitability ý With projects at the core of the solution, Costpoint enables you to automate these complex financial processes, so you can shorten billing cycles to get paid faster, obtain accurate, up-to-date information to enhance decision making, and improve forecasting and budgeting so your company is more profitable.
  • Automate Human Resource Processes - Designed specifically for the HR needs of project-driven organizations, Deltek HR solutions enable you to extend human resources out to your employees, automate HR process so your business will run more efficiently and cost effectively, and simplify compliance so your organization avoids lawsuits or lost contracts. Costpoint HR solutions create one system of record for all of your HR information.
  • Improve Decision Making - With Deltek Performance Management, you will turn your critical information in Costpoint and other Deltek systems into actionable data you can use to make better decisions and be more profitable.
  • Win New Business - Through Deltek GovWin, you can empower sales with automated lead generation, manage intelligence as a corporate asset, enable defined business development process for predictable results and improve performance - all resulting in increased revenue and effectiveness without increasing operating costs.

Deltek AppGRC for Costpoint

Safeguard Your Data Against Unauthorized Access While Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

Deltek offers Costpoint customers its fully integrated AppGRC solution designed to provide proof of persuasive compliance, protect Costpoint data through continuous monitoring, and prevent fraud. AppGRC for Costpoint is an out-of-the-box solution that automates over 600 business processes that are specific to government contractors. Due to the seamless nature of how the solutions work together, AppGRC for Costpoint can be implemented in only three days, providing a low-cost, high-value way for government contractors to improve the overall approach and effectiveness of their corporate governance initiatives.

With AppGRC for Costpoint, you will be able to:

  • Provide persuasive evidence of DCAA, SOX, and other regulatory compliance to auditors
  • Create sustainable compliance policies that flag suspicious behavior and prevent fraud
  • Protect Costpoint data with continuous monitoring of the system to detect data anomalies
  • Expose compliance vulnerabilities posed by system or configuration changes
  • Strengthen the security of Costpoint against: direct access to Costpoint data, direct access to Costpoint configuration and security settings, and application impersonation
  • Improve internal controls

Deltek GovWin

Turning Contacts Into Contracts

Deltek GovWin is the only comprehensive business development and capture software designed specifically for government contractors. The software provides a full range of lead management, proposal automation and opportunity management capabilities that enable government contractors to make faster, more concise bid decisions. With Deltek GovWin you can empower sales; dramatically improve contract win and retention; increase revenue, and reduce sales and marketing costs.

GovWin is the first comprehensive solution that supports the entire Business Development life cycle for government contractors. GovWin is the only solution that connects the multiple silos of information from lead identification to contract award and beyond.

GovWin offers:

  • Campaign and Lead Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Account and Contact Management
  • Activity Management
  • Bid Decision Support
  • Proposal Automation
  • Contract Data Management
  • Dashboard Analytics and Reporting

Deltek Performance Management

Business Intelligence Application Designed Specifically for Project-Driven Enterprises

Deltek Performance Management is a web-based business intelligence and planning application designed specifically for project-driven enterprises and government contractors. It provides you with access to the information you need, when you need it, in order to make comprehensive and effective business decisions.

Powered by industry-leading business intelligence technology from Cognos, this integrated software solution provides self service, intelligent, out of the box analytics for pervasive performance management. The solution is web-based, provides an intuitive user interface and allows everyone in your organization from the CFO to individual project managers and purchasing agents’ to create their own customized reports from an existing library - all without the help of your IT departments. Project-driven enterprises and Government Contractors can quickly report on all facets of the business, improve decision making and dramatically reduce operating expenses.

Deltek Performance Management will help you:

  • Make informed decisions to meet your business goals
  • Standardize data on a single business intelligence platform
  • Align your budgeting and planning strategy
  • Lower reporting costs through self service reporting

Deltek Time & Expense

Delivering Workforce Automation - Deltek Time & Expense with Employee Self-Service is a suite of web-based employee-facing applications designed specifically for complex, project-oriented businesses. The software helps organizations automate the collection, validation, approval, and processing of labor, expense, and human resources related information. As a result, businesses can dramatically lower transactional processing costs, comply with government regulations, and reduce administrative burden on employees.

Deltek Time Collection - Deltek Time Collection offers a wide array of functionality that reduces payroll and billing processing costs, improves managerial decision making, reduces employee administrative time, and helps organizations comply with government regulations.

Deltek Expense - Deltek Expense offers a wide array of functionality that reduces expense report processing costs, reduces fraudulent charges, reduces receipt management costs, reduces days sales outstanding (DSO), improves managerial decision making, reduces employee administrative time, and helps organizations comply with government regulations.

Deltek Employee Self-Service - Deltek Employee Self-Service offers a wide array of functionality that reduces HR costs, payroll costs, and decreases employee administrative time.

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User Reviews of Deltek Costpoint

Submitted on June 29th, 2023 by Anonymous

We were sold Deltek as the crown jewel of DCAA compliant accounting software but once we began rolling out the system, we realized it was quite the opposite. We found the software very archaic and complicated. It was severely labor intensive to complete one task and then if a mistake was made, trying to correct it was a nightmare. We felt like we needed an entire education just to be somewhat knowledgeable of the system. Overall it was a poor fit for our company.

Submitted on February 10th, 2023 by Anonymous

There is alot to the system. We are just getting used to it. I like the way the program works after we became familar with it. Our consultants are not as knowledgable as we would like.

We are just getting our December balances back now in Febuary which tells you all you need to know.

The Good…

The features are great and it does what we need. Alot better than the other options we looked at.

The Bad…

Expesnsive and we had to switch to an accountant that is familar with Deltek which is costing us more than our old one.

Submitted on January 11th, 2023 by Doug DiJoy

Our implementation consultants are having a difficult time implementing and converting our quickbooks data. This indicates that this is a difficult software to implement and use. It is not for the faint of heart. There are a lot of minute configurations and the transactions require a lot of data entry on multiple screens. A lot of data goes in, but it takes a very, very experienced resource to get anything out of it. Plan on hiring at least one resource for the sole purpose of admining and maintaining this application.

The Good…

Integrated project management and financials

The Bad…

Clunky, cumbersome, not intuitive, hundreds of nooks and crannies