An accounting software system designed by ECi Software Solutions.

About ECi Advantage

ECi Advantage is a fully graphical, next-generation business system for lumber yards, home centers, hardlines, farm supply and more. It is uniquely designed to help dealers deliver the kind of quality customer service and prices that guarantee repeat business–all with less work and a healthy margin. Advantage helps you sell more products, reduce operating costs, retain customers and acquire new ones.


The Advantage system is fully integrated system. The software includes a complete accounting package, designed by our customers, with accounting applications that are sure to meet your needs. Geared toward single and multi-user stores, the applications provide the flexibility needed to facilitate all of our users.


With the Advantage software, maintenance functions are made simple. Menu options have been written within the software to allow error-free keystroking. No more typing in system commands or complicated scripts. Selecting the correct menu option often makes maintenance as simple as pressing the [Enter] key.


Advantage trainers and installers are committed to your successful installation. We come prepared to work long and hard to assure a quick start on the Advantage System. Your commitment to being prepared and ready to work with our trainers, will create the foundation for a successful installation.


Advantage System Support is all encompassing and works in harmony during and after the installation. Full support is mandatory and necessary to derive maximum performance and benefit form your system. It begins with system pre-installation planning and educational programs, and continues as an ongoing partnership with you through the years.

Accounts Payable

  • Integrated with the General Ledger and Purchasing to eliminate the need for duplicate entries
  • Option to pay invoices to a third party
  • 1099 Miscellaneous Income data is calculated and may be printed on forms at years end
  • Checks may be printed by manual selection, due date, or by vendor
  • Term codes allow the system to default the correct due date for vendor invoices
  • Invoices may be distributed to an unlimited amount of distribution accounts
  • Year-to-date totals are tracked for each vendor
  • Vendor invoices may be updated or deleted
  • Check reconciliation is made simple, with the Check Reconciliation program
  • Sorting options allow checks to be printed in order of the store location, vendor, invoice number, etc
  • Checks may be printed per voucher or per vendor
  • Vendor search may be done by number, name, contact person, zip code, or General Ledger number


  • Print Past Due Letters
  • Aged Trial Balance, in multiple formats
  • Print Statements
  • A/R Application and Invoice Register
  • Print Customer Inquiry
  • Vendor Ranking Report
  • Vendor Activity Report
  • Account Payable Aging Report
  • Future Cash Requirement Report
  • Monthly Purchase Report

Accounts Receivable

  • Balance forward, open item and revolving accounts are supported
  • Statements may be run monthly, weekly, or biweekly
  • Term codes allow the system to default the proper due dates on all invoices
  • Authorized signers may be displayed for Point-of-Sale
  • Unlimited job accounts may be setup for each customer
  • Discounts can be are calculated based on the customers terms
  • Immediate discounts offered at the time of the sale are available
  • Price levels may be established for different customer bases
  • Customized pricing may be setup for individual customers
  • General Ledger activity can be posted automatically
  • Complete customer, company, credit, and financing information is available for each customer
  • Customer accounts may be assigned to account representatives for commission purposes
  • Customers may be coded, as you determine, for report purposes
  • Date sensitive unlimited note categories may be created for each customer to track customer communication, collection notes, delivery instructions, etc.

General Ledger

  • Fully integrated with Inventory, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Purchasing, Job Costing, Bill of Materials, Payroll, and Point-of-Sale
  • Defaults throughout the system allow automatic and accurate posting to the General Ledger
  • Manual or automatic batch posting
  • Posting allowed to a closed period or the period can be locked to prevent postings
  • Reoccurring batches
  • Multi-company, multi-corporation and multi-cost centers are supported
  • Flexibility in designing your chart of accounts, to include header accounts, posting accounts, subtotaling accounts, etc
  • Pre-formatted financial statements or customizable G/L report generator

Inventory Control

Inventory management is the most critical factor in successful businesses today. The need to maintain the best possible margins in a rapidly changing market as well as stocking only the products that sell is a must. Keeping stock levels realistic, and observing what is happening to your quantities on a daily basis is the reason most businesses have embraced computer technology.

  • Movement codes based on the volume of sales
  • Minimum and maximum order quantities per vendor
  • Each item may be set to allow discounts or not
  • Product weight and volume references
  • Multiple bin location coding
  • Each item may be set to taxable or nontaxable
  • Items may be coded to allow or disallow reordering
  • Physical and cycle count programs
  • Automatic calculation of the average cost of items
  • Code fields you can define for reporting purposes
  • Mass change program for easy maintenance
  • Quick inventory adjustments to quantities or costs
  • Serial number and warranty tracking
  • Commission tracking by item
  • Track General Ledger activity by item or dept/classes
  • Unlimited vendors per item
  • Unlimited bar codes per item
  • Purchase and/or quoted price history
  • Minimum and maximum order quantities per vendor
  • Reorder points may be set for each vendor
  • Sell each item by eight different packaging units
  • Multifaceted automatic pricing structures available
  • Optional auto repricing, based on cost changes
  • Pricing options, based on margins
  • Promotional Sales may be pre-entered for automatic pricing during the sale
  • Promotional reports provide valuable advertising information
  • Automatic or manual price labels or bin tags with or without bar codes
  • Price rounding table configuration
  • Specify the pricing unit for selling, purchasing on-hand quantities, etc
  • Price calculator set to each items packaging units
  • Daily, month, yearly, and prior year’s sales, quantities, and cost activity is easily accessed
  • Complete tracking of all quantity change
  • Automatic reordering suggestions base on movement history
  • Advantage inventory report parameters may be customized by choosing several available options
  • Frequently run reports may be saved by a name you determine for quick printing
  • Overstock or Understock Report (system generated purchase order)
  • Valuation and Gross Margin Report
  • Stock Status Report
  • General Inventory Report
  • Cost of Sales Report
  • Inventory Tracking Report
  • Physical/Cycle Count Sheets
  • Report of Slow-Moving Items
  • Bar Code Report
  • Inventory LIFO Report
  • Price Book of Sale Items


  • Time clock feature allows employees to punch in and out on the system for easy paycheck data entry
  • Complete employee information files
  • Multiple pay rates per employee are supported
  • Weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, and monthly pay periods are available
  • W-2’s may be printed from year-to-date data
  • Standard deductions including 401(K)'s, health premiums, garnishings, etc. may be deducted by a dollar amount, percentages, subject to a specified amount, etc.
  • Workmen’s compensation information is tracked and reported
  • Multiple store location/departments may be created to separate cost centers
  • Department to allow proper costing to cost centers
  • Bonus, commission, vacation and illness compensation is supported
  • W-2 disk files may be generated


  • Customizable G/L Report Generator
  • Employee List
  • Pay Rate Report
  • Scheduled Pay Raise Report
  • Hour Summary
  • Monthly, quarterly, yearly Report
  • Check Reconciliation Report
  • Employee Time Sheets
  • 401(K) Reports
  • 941 Federal Quarterly Report
  • Wage and Tax Report
  • Miscellaneous State Report
  • Workman’s Compensation Report

Point of Sale

The Advantage Point of sale is designed to provide the tools necessary to provide information quickly and complete the sale accurately in as few as steps possible. The multifaceted Point-of-Sale application offers many configurable options allowing you to do business “your way”.

  • The same screen is used to create invoices, open orders, delivery tickets, bids, estimates, quotes, or special orders
  • Customers may be looked up by their number, name, or a keyword in their name
  • Charge customers may have unlimited job accounts
  • Job listings pop-up, to allow easy selection of the correct customer job for the sale
  • The system prompts for a purchase order number, if the customer requires one
  • Multiple tax rates may be charged for various tax entities
  • Non-inventory charges may be added to orders
  • Sales commissions are tracked through Point-of-Sale
  • Authorized charge signers are displayed on screen
  • Customers may be changed during an order
  • All open orders, bids, estimates, quotes, etc. may updated, canceled, or invoiced
  • Tax status may be changed during an order
  • Tax resale numbers will print on all invoices
  • Reason codes track why products are being returned
  • Restocking fees may be added to return invoices
  • Each sale may require the sales rep to be identified
  • Items may be looked up eight ways: item number, bar-code, vendor number, manufacturer number, description, description by keyword, department/class code, or location code
  • Each item may be coded whether it is taxable, commissioned, discountable, loaded or picked up
  • The cost and margin of the items and the total sale may be viewed (encoded)
  • Inventory items may be added from Point-of-Sale
  • Items may be cut into other items and all General Ledger entries, quantity changes, cost changes, etc. will be made automatically
  • Items can be sold by eight different packaging units
  • Items or the entire invoice may be repriced by margins, markups, dollar amounts
  • Items are deleted or inserted with one keystroke
  • Open orders may be printed priced, unpriced, with totals only, or updated only
  • Random length items may be sold by system suggested tallies, based on the quantities available, or based on the ratio you design…either may be overridden
  • Orders may be subtotaled multiple times, prior to the final total
  • Items being returned can be easily located and returned at the same cost and same price as when purchased
  • Multiple purchase orders may be generated from POS while creating a customer’s order
  • Defective items may be placed on a “return to vendor” purchase order from Point-of-Sale
  • Total weight, board footage, and cost may be viewed
  • Notes about inventory items may be viewed
  • Miscellaneous notes may be added to orders/invoices
  • Items that are not in inventory may be sold
  • Orders may be saved for recall and looked up by the recall number or the customer’s name
  • One key lookup of other store location’s inventory
  • All General Ledger entries are automatic
  • Cash, check, credit card, coupons, and gift certificates are supported
  • Multiple payment modes may be combined for a single transaction
  • Past due and “over the credit limit” charges can be restricted requiring a password for approval
  • Deposits may be taken and tracked on open orders
  • Invoices may be printed to a slip printer or full invoice ticket, as desired
  • Cash drawers may be easily balanced with the cash drawer reconciliation program
  • Customer history of any item they have purchased may be accessed from Point-of-Sale
  • Closed orders may be re-accessed from Point-of-Sale
  • 36+ months of sales history may be retained
  • Closed orders may be reprinted for up to 36 months
  • General Ledger entries for all Point-of-Sales activity can be posted in detail or summary


The Advantage system is fully integrated system. The software includes a complete accounting package, designed by our customers, with accounting applications that are sure to meet your needs. Geared toward single and multi-user stores, the applications provide the flexibility needed to facilitate all of our users.

  • Items may be entered by an 8-way quick search
  • All purchase orders may be updated anytime
  • Tallies may be generated on purchase orders
  • Purchase orders may be created for non-inventory items, such as: office supplies, uniforms, etc.
  • Purchase orders may be taxable or nontaxable
  • Discounts may be taken on all or selected items
  • Multiple additional charges may be added to orders and dispersed by various methods
  • Purchase orders may be transferred to other purchase orders
  • Direct purchase orders may be created that bypass the inventory cost and quality updating
  • Purchase orders may be transferred to other store locations
  • Vendor search by number or name
  • Quotes vendors have given you may be turned into purchase orders
  • Vendor terms will default purchase invoices due dates
  • Invoices may be automatically generated in Accounts Payable when purchase orders are received
  • Prices may be updated when receiving a purchase order
  • The software can recommend new prices based on the last margin, when costs change
  • Items or costs received incorrectly may be automatically reversed by re-receiving the purchase order
  • The General Ledger is automatically updated when a purchase order is received
  • Price stickers or bin labels may be printed automatically when receiving
  • Purchase orders may be received by scanning item bar codes or by hand-held data collectors or RF devices
  • Items may be cancelled or back order
  • Purchase history is available for each item and vendor, for years
  • View year-to-date vendor purchases totals
  • YTD, MTD, or daily tracking of purchases


  • Items On Order Report
  • Vendor Master List
  • Past Due Order or Anticipated Orders Report
  • Received Item History Report
  • Open Purchase Orders Report

Product Overview

Market Focus

Ratio of reviewers by organization size.

Industry Focus

ECi Advantage is designed primarily for use in the retail industry.

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User Reviews of ECi Advantage

Submitted on March 12th, 2018 by an anonymous ECi Advantage user.

When its working its great , but it crashes way way to often. I have customers in the store that have to wait for it to come back up and I have to reprint receipts often as it doesnt was to print the first time.

The Good…

Not even sure what to say the good parts are . Text base is great didnt have nearly the issues I have with the graphical .

The Bad…

It crashes WAY to much for the amount of money being spent on this software .

Submitted on September 17th, 2017 by Jaime

Slow, buggy, crashes nearly daily, as a cashier I have seen customers walk out of the store because they have had to wait so long for this system to process payments.

The Good…

I am having trouble thinking of positives. The system is needlessly convoluted for nearly all uses

The Bad…

It crashes incredibly often and takes a long time to carry out most processes. Needing the cashier to constantly click “ok” in order to process card transactions seems unnecessary and time consuming.