A full ERP system designed by Sage for large enterprises.

About Sage PFW ERP

Sage PFW ERP has been retired as of March 31st, 2014. Sage recommends Sage 100 ERP or Sage 300 ERP as a replacement.

Source: Sage North America

Sage PFW ERP is an award-winning financial and process manufacturing solution. Designed especially for businesses that require a sophisticated software solution to manage financial, process manufacturing, multi-company, multi-lingual, multi-currency and many other unique industry requirements.

Sage PFW features a full suite of process manufacturing applications built-in which are ideally suited for process manufacturers in the paints and coatings, specialty chemical, consumer packaged goods, foods, and nutraceutical industries. The software contains nine modules focusing on all functions unique to process manufacturing. The main functions include MRP, Inventory control, Production, Formulations, and MSDS. The software integrates with Sage PFW financials to offer a complete business solution for manufacturing and accounting.

Sage PFW software configurations are modular and fully integrated, providing adaptability today and scalability tomorrow. Written in Microsoft Visual Basic, you can be confident Sage PFW will be running rock-solid for years to come. Sage PFW will manage the unique aspects of your enterprise, organize resources, and provide the visibility necessary to improve bottom-line results.

Sage PFW ERP also supports Vista and Linux platforms.

Abra HR and Payroll

Abra HR and Abra Payroll gives you the control you need to process payroll accurately and quickly, every time! Through powerful tax compliance reporting and analysis, and excellent tracking of employeesý hours and accrual balances, Abra HR and Abra Payroll are your complete source for cost-effective payroll management.

Abra HR and Abra Payroll features:

  • Flexible, cost-effective in-house payroll processing
  • Powerful reporting tools help with compliance and strategic planning
  • Quick response to changing demands
  • Satisfy government regulations
  • Maintain maximum security of sensitive data
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry and save time by integrating with Abra Attendance
  • Communicate more efficiently with Abra Alerts

Accounts Payable

There’s more to successful accounts payable management then simply recording your vendor invoices and writing checks. Sage PFW Accounts Payable helps you analyze past expenditures, monitor current disbursements, and accurately plan for the future. Sage PFW Accounts Payable provides everything you need for more efficient operations and improved cash flow.

Among the most critical aspects of business management is monitoring, controlling, and projecting cash flow. The Accounts Payable module is equipped with the reporting capabilities you need to do the job effectively. One key tool, the Projected Cash Requirements report, will help you take control and improve your cash flow by monitoring payables due and anticipating future disbursements.

Additionally, the Accounts Payable module helps you build better relationships with your vendors. By providing you with immediate access to their profiles, status, and business history, you can answer your vendorsý questions promptly and correctly. Expansive capabilities enable you to define any number of vendors and vendor classes, so your information can be as detailed as you like. Your vendors will appreciate how you address their needs with enhanced efficiency and attention to detail.

From developing innovative products that anticipate a customers’ changing needs to providing award-winning customer support, Sage PFW ERP is dedicated to surpassing expectations in all aspects of business. Rest assured the software is supported by a nationwide network of specialists who are your resource for implementation, training, service, and support.

Accounts Receivable

There’s more to successful accounts receivable management than merely tracking customer invoices and cash receipt processing. The Sage PFW ERP Accounts Receivable module can help you provide a superior level of customer service, take control of your cash flow, analyze sales performance, predict customer buying patterns, and much more. This highly versatile, smart tool puts the business insights you need to succeed at your fingertips.

Among the most sought-after features of any accounts receivable system are the flexibility and functionality required to custom-fit the software to your business needs, make more informed management decisions, and drive you to profitability. Sage PFW surpasses other business management systems on all accounts allowing you to track an unlimited number of customers, transactions and historical information for an unlimited number of years. Additionally, you can define any number of customer classes with different currencies, pricing and commissions, compute aging for as many as four cycles, and process both balance forward and open item customers concurrently. All of this information can be instantly captured in highly informative accounts receivable reports allowing you to effectively communicate with your customers and tighten control over your accounts.

From developing innovative products that anticipate austomers’ changing needs to providing award-winning customer support, Sage cated to surpassing expectations in all aspects of business.

Advanced Allocations

While few dispute that one of the most essential accounting functions is allocations, many perform it with meaningless basis on off-line spreadsheets, or not at all. Traditionally, allocations has been neglected largely due to its time, and work-intensive nature. Advanced Allocations for Sage PFW changes all that with automatic computation of cost allocations and journal entries.

Its advanced features help improve overall efficiency, increase the accuracy of financial reporting, and shorten close cycles. The cornerstone of your accounting system should be running at the same speed as the rest of your operation. Don’t let archaic allocations processes undermine your company’s potential. Advanced Allocations for Sage PFW ramps up your accounting system to capture the financial intelligence you need for more insightful analysis and planning. Better business decisions begin with the insights from Advanced Allocations for Sage PFW.


In today’s e-business environment, companies are sharing valuable data with their customers and suppliers over electronic networks. Unfortunately, sharing data can also put it in jeopardy. At the foundation of your business you want a secure, auditable database that you can rely on around the clock to keep your accounting data safe and notify you of corruptions, posting errors, or accidental deletions. Sage PFW is the only system in its class that offers a module to safeguard the integrity and security of your data.

AuditMaster provides a comprehensive audit trail of your database, which innocuously loging every change that is made - 24 hours a day, seven days a week. AuditMaster manages the security of your database so you can manage your company’s time and resources more effectively. For heavily regulated industries, including pharmaceutical, health care, and food service, AuditMaster is the only solution on the market that provides the systemwide audit support to help companies meet those strict requirements. Companies that have invested in the ISO9000 certification process understand the value of auditing and process repeatability and will appreciate how AuditMaster ensures their system’s performance. No matter what industry you’re in, there has simply never been a smarter way to protect your business intelligence.

Bank Book

To make effective decisions in today’s fast-moving business climate, you need accurate, up-to-date information on your company’s cash position, as well as reliable projections of future cash balances.

You need a cash management system that integrates all your cash-related accounts and transactions for quick, organized reporting and reconciliation. The Sage PFW Bank Book module helps you better track your cash position, so you can make insightful and timely decisions for your business.

Business Alerts Professional - KnowledgeSync

Today’s industry demands require you to keep on top of what’s happening, and often time more importantly what’s not happening, within your organization. KnowledgeSync monitors and responds to critical business conditions across your entire organization. Overdue invoices, stock shortages, late deliveries, and clients who change their buying habits are all facts of life in business. What matters most is how you respond to these events when they occur. Finance, sales, manufacturing, and beyond: KnowledgeSync automatically identifies events that are key to the success of your business, and responds accordingly.

KnowledgeSync Highlights

  • Experience enterprisewide solutions featuring award-winning scalability, flexibility, and dependability
  • Trigger personalized alerts about any business conditions via e-mail, fax, pager, cell phone, screen pop, and Web browser
  • Automate the delivery of forms, documents, and reports to clients and staff
  • Execute workflow to deliver invoices and purchase orders, and schedule intelligent follow-ups
  • Monitor and auto-respond to the content of incoming e-mail messages and Web form submissions
  • Dynamically analyze data between multiple business functions (such as., Accounting and CRM)

KnowledgeSync knows when a new order is placed, generates an invoice and order confirmation, and e-mails it to the client. It also detects potential stock shortages and surpluses, and notifies the correct party through text message, page, or a phone call. KnowledgeSync also auto-generates crucial forms and documents, such as statements, picking lists, and analytical reports, and delivers them through e-mail, fax, FTP, and Web browser. From spotting price errors and invalid part configurations to monitoring and rerouting electronic submissions, KnowledgeSync provides you with unique insight into your business activities.

In short, KnowledgeSync is your invisible assistant, monitoring your business for events and conditions that require your awareness, and intelligent responses. After all, in a world that’s overflowing with business data, it’s often what you don’t know that can hurt you.

Business Insights Professional

In todayýs competitive marketplace, successful companies must minimize their risks and make better, faster business decisions than ever before. The ability to quickly access critical business intelligence and analyze it for strategic decision-making can make the difference between thriving and merely surviving.

Business Insights Professional can help you make better business decisions by providing you with insights from your Sage PFW ERP database. Now you can act quickly, decisively, and confidently to maintain your competitive edge.

The Business Insights Professional module provides an unsurpassed level of business intelligence management that consolidates critical information and enables single-click access to analytical and collaborative tools. These analytical tools are intuitive, easy to use, and can be configured to meet your organizationýs needs. Interactive HTML pages and powerful PivotTables provide further flexibility to explore variables that may be affecting your business, enabling you to react and take action immediately. Business Insights Professional empowers your firm with the insight to seize opportunities and confidently make the critical business decisions that will shape your companyýs future.


Stop compromising between performance and cost! Sage PFW ERP delivers analytical capabilities to efficiently manage product costs effectively so you can maximize every last penny without sacrificing quality. Interactive analysis tools reveal the associative costs related to manufacturing inputs. Adjust labor, overhead, materials, and quantities on the fly and calculate how changes affect total product cost.

Quickly adjust the formula to gauge how the batch size influences per-unit costs. Narrow the gap between estimated and actual costs by first factoring variable inputs like materials, fixed and variable labor and overhead, loss factors, container and bill-of materials items, and markup or margin. The ability to analyze costs theoretically, or access historical-based information are also within reach.

Automatically reformulate mixtures to target a desired material cost, pinpoint inconsistencies between actual and estimated costs, and project your total product cost-all before manufacturing mixes a single material. Get the tools you need to transform your data into strategic, decision-making insights that will help you optimize resources, reduce waste, and ultimately boost your bottom line.

CRM - SalesLogix

Customer service, satisfaction, and retention are critical to continued revenue growth. That’s why so many companies are using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions to improve internal communications, increase customer satisfaction, and boost sales revenues. Linking front-office SalesLogix software to a back-office Sage PFW accounting and business management system enables real-time access to customer data - anytime.

Customer Insights

The most important asset to the success of any business is its customers. Now more than ever, building customer loyalty is critical in any business. Today, consumers have so many options available, not only is there local competition, but the invention of e-commerce, there are now unlimited places for your customers to spend their money.

Gain the competitive edge you need to not only retain your current customer base but gain even more-with the NEW Customer Insights application you will have the tools you need to provide superior customer service!

Empower your personnel with the information they need to serve your customers proactively, and allow them to enjoy fast personalized attention with every interaction. With Customer Insights employees will be well informed on all aspects of the customer so they can quickly respond to inquiries, effectively sell more products, and quote accurate product pricing. Customer Insights facilitates quick access to detailed credit status, pricing, quotes, orders, sales information, history information, and the list goes on! You can even use flexible PivotTable functionality to pinpoint vital information. The more customer knowledge you have, the easier it is to provide exceptional service and create new revenue opportunities in your existing customer base.

Customer Insights delivers a central location for all customer information including:

  • Address and Credit Information
  • Pricing Options and what if scenarios
  • Existing Quotes
  • Open Orders
  • Order History
  • Open Invoices
  • Invoice History
  • Pay History
  • Shipments
  • Sales Analysis

Customization Workbench

While all Sage PFW applications have been designed to be easily customizable, you may desire more extensive product modifications that meet your unique business requirements. Sage PFW Customization Workbench provides all the tools you need to tailor the system to your companyýs specifications. Customize menus, lookup screens and text, along with adding parameter screens that allow Crystal Report documents to be accessed directly from Sage PFW. Thereýs even a feature that helps developers integrate their add-on applications.

Additional customizations capabilities allow you to take advantage of ActiveX Controls to access Sage PFW data from other applications. For instance, you may want to add a button that links the Sage PFW customer file to an invoice form designed in Microsoft Excel. You can even require logging into Sage PFW prior to viewing the customer records. Customization Workbench empowers you to design your system for maximum efficiency and productivity. As you expand your systemýs functionality with the virtually unlimited options of Customization Workbench, youýll be able to gain valuable insights from your data, which will help you guide your company toward greater success.


Transacting business over the Internet is something your customers expect. The eBusiness application simplifies the technology barrier, giving you the flexibility to build a Web presence complete with security features to keep hackers out. Sage PFWeb Decision Support is a sophisticated customer inquiry portal that gives you the power to provide quality online customer service. For secure expedient transactions, TrueCommerce completes the package, delivering EDI/e-Commerce transactions that integrates data seamlessly into Sage PFW and streamlines your business processes.

FAS Asset Accounting

Save time and money, without sacrificing accuracy or control. With FAS Asset Accounting, your organization will gain total control over fixed assets throughout the entire lifecycle of each one. Effective management of your organizationýs assets allows you to make smarter, more proactive decisions, while maximizing profits, and virtually eliminating negative impacts on profit and loss statements.

As the leading fixed asset management software for midsized companies, FAS Asset Accounting provides advanced fixed asset accounting and reporting for companies needing fully integrated solutions. With FAS Asset Accounting, you choose accurate depreciation methods, file up-to-date tax forms, make accurate tax payments, and arrive at better, more informed decisions about your fixed assets.

FAS Asset Accounting combines acknowledged depreciation expertise and user-friendliness with the added power and functionality that your situation demands. It was developed to meet the needs of your business by providing fast, dependable, customizable fixed asset management and data security. Finally, when combined with Sage PFW ERP, it creates a powerful, reliable, easy-to-use, and secure total accounting management system for your entire organization.


What is the secret ingredient in a company’s best selling formulation? With the formula application businesses can rest assured knowing only authorized personnel know the answer. Sophisticated, multi-user security protects your proprietary data from unauthorized access. Businesses can even safeguard highly sensitive formulation data from manipulation by authorized users. Beyond mere formula management, Sage PFW Formulas application streamlines complexities and cost-prohibitive formulation processes.

Track all aspects of formulas including materials, quantities, various units of measure, specifications, manufacturing instructions, quality control tests and target values, revision history, and much more. Mix in the speed, power and reliability of computerized formulation–which reduces errors and delivers a wealth of useful information quickly and accurately. Add interactive analysis tools, automated tasks, and sophisticated, customizable reporting.

General Ledger

To meet the diverse accounting needs of today’s businesses, Sage PFW offers you a choice between two distinct ledgers; the Standard Ledger and the Premier Ledger. Each provides the essential tools and insights you need for financial analysis and integrates seamlessly with all other Sage PFW modules. With its optional Translations, Inter-Company and Consolidations modules, Premier Ledger provides more extensive functionality and flexibility for financial management.

Standard Ledger

  • Uphold GAAP Compliance
  • Utilize account numbers of up to 12 characters in length with up to 12 segments
  • Benefit from a mask length of 24
  • Use multiple transaction types–one actual, three budget and one statistical
  • Categorize account segments
  • Classify account types (asset, expenses)
  • Identify up to 366 accounting periods
  • Make use of batch control options
  • Define recurring and reversing journal entries
  • Maintain multiple earnings accounts

Premier Ledger

All of the capabilities of the Standard Ledger, plus extensive advanced features:

  • Utilize account numbers of up to 32 characters with up to 30 segments
  • Perform currency revaluation at user-defined intervals
  • Use virtually unlimited transaction types–actual, budget and statistical
  • Option to allow entry of out-of-balance batches
  • Option to post from Edit List
  • Provide powerful synergy with the Premier modules


Sage PFW ERP Inventory is designed with maximum flexibility to meet the varied needs of today’s inventory managers. Accurate and efficient inventory management is essential for smooth and profitable business operations. Inventory streamlines processes and puts you in control with easy access to detailed inventory records and customized keys so you can analyze data any way you want. You’ll be able to quickly identify which merchandise to market and stock, or discontinue. Your sales personnel will have the ability to respond immediately and accurately during customer inquiries concerning what items are currently in stock and their price points.


With the fully integrated Sage PFW Labeling module, you will no longer have to manually edit and enter information manually into a separate product. In fact you can automate your entire labeling process, including shipping, product, receipt, finished goods, and drum labels.

Not only will you save time by eliminating duplicate data entry, you can ensure accurate labels every time you print, as your labels are dynamically created always using the most current information.

The information on each label is pulled directly from other Sage PFW modules, such as Formulas, Production, Inventory Pro, Purchasing Pro, and more. Of course, the label design is as important as the information on it, so rest assured that you can incorporate custom fonts, graphic images, company logos, lines, boxes, and even various types of bar codes. This Labeling application is versatile, powerful, and easy to use-everything you’d expect from Sage PFW.


Business prosperity depends on a visionary research and development team to conjure up new and improved, cost effective products. Despite creative talent, time and resources to deliver, even the most inspired concepts demand the necessary tools and execution. With Sage PFW, lab personnel can quickly transform ideas into profit-boosting products utilizing powerful, reliable computerized formulation. Instantaneously perform ‘what-if’ scenarios and analyze how changes will impact master formula physical properties. Change ingredients and quantities, reformulate products to meet specific targeted property values and calculate a formula’s physical properties in minutes. Additionally, interactive analysis tools make it easy to compare, view and print multiple physical properties side-by-side Implement Sage PFW Laboratory application today and you’ll have the insights you need to streamline the entire R&D process, compress product development cycles and reduce costs. Your research, development and laboratory technicians will thank you.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

As you know, timing is everything in the competitive process manufacturing industry. The Sage PFW ERP Material Requirements Planning (MRP) module puts time on your side with powerful and precise planning capabilities that will help you manage your inventory operations with insight. With MRP, you always have sufficient inventory to meet production demands without the excess inventory that can tie up your valuable financial and storage resources. Make smarter, more proactive decisions with the powerful and precise capabilities of Sage PFW that put you in control of your materials management.

Material Requirements Planning is often overlooked in the scheme of streamlining operations because up until now itýs been too difficult to hone in on the details that could make a difference. Imagine how much more productive your operation could become if you could determine precisely when and how much material you need to purchase based on a time-phased analysis of sales orders, production orders, current inventory, and forecasts. Well, now you can with Sage PFW Material Requirements Planning. Sage PFW puts you in charge so you can satisfy your unique business requirements today and easily adapt to changes in the future. Sage PFW meets the needs of your business, providing fast, dependable, customizable materials management and data security.

Unlike most manufacturing software, Sage PFW was developed from the ground up to address the unique challenges of process manufacturing. Its complete solution of powerful financial and process manufacturing modules provide specifically targeted capabilities to boost production, maximize profits, and increase efficiency in your supply chain.


The Materials/Inventory module tracks all inventory activity throughout BatchMasterPFW and provies up to the minute information on materials, containers, and finished goods. It saves money by reducing the costs of overstocking and waste, and prevents expensive production delays caused by inventory shortages. It maintains inventory quantities and costs for all items and gives you a high level of costing flexibility. Unique inventory management features have been built into this misule to enhance every facet of you your process manufacturing operation.

Inventory Tracking - It tracks inventory on hand, on order, committed to sales, comitted to production, minimum, maximum, and reorder points. It tracks class, lead time, vendors, base price, and last, average, and standard costs. It will also track by item status.

Multiple Locations - By handling multiple locations for each item BatchMasterPFW supports moves between multiple warehouses.

Lot Tracking - All Inventory items can be lot tracked. Materials purchased with a lot number can be tracked from purchase through production and into finished goods. Automatic numbering can be used or you can enter you own numbers.

Costing - Costing will gain temendous control from the versatility of this module. It handles average, standard, LIFO & FIFO costing, as well as batch costing and formula costing. BatchMasterPFW also accommofates fixed and variable cost for both labor and overhead. You can enter you starting costs at teh time you enter and set you items, these include base price, standard cost, market cost, carrying cost, and reorder cost.

Reports - There are several reports in the module, these reports prvide easy access to useful information from many perspectives and at various levels of details, determined by your needs. Sorting your information on the reports is very easy and there are several ways to sort a report. The report can be customized with the use of Cyrstal Reports.


Dynamic enough to work with your current needs, yet flexible enough to meet future requirementsýSage PFW ERP MSDS is the perfect solution for the complicated demands of material safety data sheets (MSDS) compliance requirements. With Sage PFW MSDS you save time and money, enabling your organization to generate accurate and complete material safety data sheets quickly every time, without sacrificing accuracy or control! Effortlessly provide your customers with precise information regarding the reportable materials contained within your products, physical property information, firstaid procedures, safe handling, storage procedures and more.

Sage PFW MSDS can automatically generate a material safety data sheet in full compliance with government and industry reporting requirements. Flexible, reportable components in completely customizable formats, automated physical property calculations, and multilingual capabilities simplify the complexities of MSDS management. The MSDS formats are designed to give you the greatest flexibility and a wide variety of information. Based on the specific product for which the MSDS is printed, you can choose to included details regarding hazardous material ratings, manufacturerýs name and address, reportable components, occupational exposure limits, SARA information, product physical characteristics, and assorted standardized blocks of text. Enjoy the streamlined simplicity of MSDS management with Sage PFW MSDS.

Multi-Currency Manager

Pounds. Pesos. Dollars. Francs. Yen. Euro. No matter in what currency you trade, Multi-Currency Manager can support it and empower your company for global enterprise. Success in global markets is within your reach using the power and pliancy of this module to handle the complexities of multi-currency enterprise. You can create and maintain an unlimited number of currencies and exchange rates. What’s more, you can enter transactions in any currency and produce reports in both your home currency and your vendor’s and/or customer’s currency.

Seamless integration across financial and distribution modules ensure currency gain or loss is automatically calculated to reflect currency fluctuation as transactions are settled. You will be able to leverage the robust multi-currency capabilities with the Premier Financial Suite to consolidate companies held indifferent currencies, report on companies in any currency, and process Inter-Company transactions to companies held in any currency. Whether you have an overseas office or regularly deal with international clients and vendors, Multi-Currency Manager can help simplify your transactions and provide insight into how the international arena is impacting your bottom line. If you have subsidiaries outside the U.S. or your company is planning to expand globally, this application will help you to address the currency issues inherent in a multi-national market.

Order Entry Pro

Ultimately, customer satisfaction defines success in the competitive process manufacturing industry. From initial contact to product delivery, your customer relationships depend upon each step of the sales cycle being handled accurately and efficiently. Sage PFW ERP provides comprehensive, highly flexible tools for strategic planning and handling of crucial tasks. Powerful and precise capabilities help you efficiently manage your ordering processes, allowing you to lower costs, expedite deliveries, and improve your customer satisfaction. Take better care of your companyýs most valuable assetýyour customerýwith the Sage PFW Order Entry Pro module and reap the benefits.

Capitalize on extensive quote, new order, back order, cancellation, shipment, and prepayment capabilities that improve order tracking and productivity. Price tables, contract pricing, and other sophisticated options allow you to adjust your prices easily to accommodate virtually any pricing specification. At the same time, flexible sales, inventory, and split commission calculations enable you to provide desirable incentives that can propel sales. Powerful features, such as immediate access to up-to-date inventory and account information allow your employees to provide accurate and quick responses, taking customer service to an elevated level.

Pervasive AuditMaster

Pervasive AuditMaster is a transaction intelligence and monitoring product for organizations that need security and accountability in managing mission-critical data. AuditMaster provides a detailed audit trail, for every transaction affecting your database, you can quickly identify: who accessed a record or performed a change; what change has taken place; when the access or change occurred; where the access or change originated; and how the change was made.

Premier Allocations

Premier Allocations offers automatic computation of cost allocations and journal entries. Its advanced features help improve overall efficiency, increase the accuracy of financial reporting, and shorten close cycles. The cornerstone of your accounting system should be running at the same speed as the rest of your operation. Don’t let archaic allocations processes undermine your company’s potential. Premier Allocations will ramp up your accounting system to capture the financial intelligence you need for more insightful analysis and planning.

Premier Budgeting

Premier Budgeting offers streamlined capabilities and advanced features that provide the foundation for more insightful business planning. Create a credible, well-accepted company wide budget. It’s never been easier to turn raw data into critical business intelligence to help you set and achieve viable company objectives. Whether your organization does top-down, zero-based, activity-based, or rolling quarterly budgeting, Premier Budgeting can improve efficiency, accuracy and timeliness of your collaborative budgets while freeing valuable time and resources.

Budgeting has been neglected largely due to its complexity and time-intensive nature. Premier Budgeting for Sage PFW changes all that. Creating a credible, well-accepted company wide budget is suddenly possible with Premier Budgeting. It’s never been easier to turn raw data into critical business intelligence to help you set and achieve viable company objectives. Whether your organization does top-down, zero-based, activity-based, or rolling quarterly budgeting, Premier Budgeting can improve efficiency, accuracy, and timeliness of your collaborative budgets while freeing valuable time and resources

Premier Consolidations

Quickly gather and consolidate financial data and provides you with a comprehensive, highly accurate, up-to-date and meaningful view of every aspect of your organization.

Consolidate unlimited companies into a single parent.

  • Utilize multiple tiers of consolidation.
  • Consolidate all data or only specific accounts.
  • Accommodates different chart of accounts formats and varying fiscal periods.
  • Consolidate by percentage of ownership.
  • Recalculate earnings at the parent level.
  • Post in summary or detail.
  • Map consolidation information to any given general ledger account.
  • Perform consolidation and currency translations with a single step in multi-currency environments.

Premier Inter-Company

Simplify your transactions between business entities and maximize the efficiency of your inter-company business.

  • Enter inter-company transactions to an unlimited number of related companies.
  • Pre-define allocation of inter-company transactions.
  • Generate eliminations to simplify inter-company transactions.
  • Send transactions to recipient companies to post to desired accounts.
  • Easily tag inter-company expenses in Accounts Payable and Purchase Order modules.
  • Save inter-company transactions for easier auditing.
  • Clearly view the finances of all your companies at period close.

Premier Translations

Configure your Chart of Accounts to accommodate a variety of translation types including spot, historic, average, 1-for-1 and any number of user-supplied translation rates, sharpening your competitive edge in the global marketplace.

  • Comply with International Accounting Standard 21 and FASB 52 requirements.
  • Configure your Chart of Accounts to accommodate translation types and rates.
  • Consolidate multiple general ledgers in different currencies.
  • Define translation types.
  • Easily override predefined translation types.
  • Generate financial reports in unlimited alternate currencies.


Save time and money without sacrificing accuracy or control. With Sage PFW ERP software your organization can manage production with unparalleled flexibility, efficiency, and intelligence. Get the competitive edge you need by utilizing comprehensive, highly flexible tools for strategic planning and handling of crucial production tasks. The Sage PFW Production module puts you in control of production, enhancing quality, service, product safety, and improving your customer satisfaction by delivering more products on time.

Effective management of your organizationýs production cycles allow you to make smarter, more proactive decisions. Powerful automation capabilities and flexible options help expedite production scheduling, simplify batch sizing, improve the accuracy of inventory and costing functions, and generate real-time information faster and easier than ever before. Have all of your current and historical production data available to assist you in production control and customer order processing. Production maintains detailed batch history information, including actual usage of materials, quality control test results, batch number, customer, specific gravity, actual yield material costs, labor costs, overhead costs, and total costs. Sage PFW puts you in control so you can satisfy your unique business requirements today and easily adapt to changes in the future.

Project Costing

Sage PFW Project Costing makes it easy for you to budget projects, enter and report costs, and track billings, payments, and profits. With categories that are easily customized to meet virtually any specification needed, it’s flexible enough to manage large or small projects for any business environment. Featuring streamlined integration with key Sage PFW modules, and extensive custom reporting capabilities, Project Costing puts you in control of project costs with better tracking, enhanced efficiency and greater accuracy.

Purchasing Pro

Purchasing practices can make the difference between surviving and thriving in the competitive process manufacturing industry. Sage PFW ERP Purchasing Pro provides comprehensive, highly flexible tools for strategic planning and handling of crucial tasks. Powerful and precise capabilities help you efficiently manage your purchasing processes, allowing you to lower costs, expedite deliveries, enhance vendor relationships, and improve your customer satisfaction when products are delivered on time.

Capitalize on quick, error-free ordering, streamlined receipt processing, and a number of versatile tools that help you manage late deliveries, back orders, partial shipments, and duplicate orders. Add on the fully integrated MRP module for a powerful tool that streamlines your purchasing process by automatically creating purchase orders to meet inventory demands. This robust feature calculates replenishment quantities based on your specifications, including time-phased analysis of sales orders, production orders, current inventory levels, forecasts, and more. Generated or manually entered purchase orders can be reviewed and edited prior to release, giving you the ability to control and track goods received and automatically create entries to recognize both normal and accrued receipts. Most importantly, Sage PFW empowers you with the purchasing insight required to help boost your bottom line and plan more effectively for your companyýs future.


Today’s shipping is very information intensive, and there is no better place to access this information than directly from the financial system. V-Technologies has worked closely with the Sage Development Team to provide the most efficient and error-free way to ship your orders.

StarShip makes your accounting department more efficient by automatically updating freight charges. This real-time integration allows you to invoice orders immediately after they are shipped. StarShip features include:

  • Seamless interface to Sage PFW requires very little user setup.
  • Populates the ship-to name and address, P.O. number (enabling customer tracking), ship via, C.O.D. and amount, insured value, and more.
  • Writes freight charges back to Sage PFW.
  • Supports UPS, FedEx (Express and Ground), USPS, Airborne, Spee-Dee, and user-defined carriers. Note: Not all carriers included in basic package.
  • Prints carrier-approved shipping labels using thermal label printers.
  • Switching carriers and rate shopping is only a click away. ýAutomatically rate-shops between standard and Hundredweight/Multiweight. Also performs end-of-day consolidation. ýSupports parcel insurance for savings of over 65%. ýOptional electronic scale interface eliminates manual entry of parcel weight.
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User Reviews of Sage PFW ERP

Submitted on May 15th, 2019 by Dale Thorn

Sage PFW is the most complete and trouble-free Process Manufacturing software I’m familiar with, having been the first full-time developer of this software.

The Good…

Excellent manufacturing, MRP.

The Bad…

The DOS Barcode module was not recoded for Windows.