SAP Business All-in-One

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A full ERP system designed by SAP for medium and large enterprises.

About SAP Business All-in-One

SAP Business All-in-One solutions are designed for midsize companies while the SAP Business One product line is designed for small businesses.

SAP Business All-in-One solutions are built on the SAP ERP application–world-class, integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and SAP Best Practices packages configured specifically for midsize companies.

SAP Business All-in-One addresses the core business software requirements of the most demanding midsize organizations in all types of industries and all geographies. These solutions support your critical business processes–from winning new customers and making innovative products to hiring the best talent and reconciling your accounts.

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The SAP Business All-in-One solution is:

Proven and comprehensive, with industry best-practices functions and experience built in

  • Adaptable to your changing business needs as you grow
  • Intuitive to ensure a user experience that optimizes productivity and ease of doing business
  • Affordable with a predictable cost of ownership to mitigate the financial risks inherent in deployment and operations

SAP Business All-in-One helps you streamline your business processes and is optimized for fast deployment with industry specific solutions to meet your highly specialized needs. You’ll find that SAP Business All-in-One solutions is designed for maximum productivity and ease of use. Your employees can adopt your SAP Business All-in-One solutions quickly so they become proficient faster thus enabling you to reap benefits sooner.

SAP Business All-in-One solutions can also be extended and enhanced by a multitude of offerings from SAP business partners to address the special business needs of any midsize company in any industry niche.

SAP Business All-in-One solutions support the way you do business both today and tomorrow as your company grows and changes.

Accounts Payable

SAP Business All-in-One improves your business accounts payable management and integrates directly with the general ledger and treasury applications for a truly comprehensive liquidity management solution.

Effectively record and manage accounting data for all vendors by:

  • Grouping, expediting, and evaluating purchase orders, deliveries, and invoices to improve purchasing management
  • Optimizing liquidity planning with improved cash management
  • Settling outstanding payments while achieving maximum cash discounts

Accounts Receivable

SAP Business All-in-One software improves your accounts receivable management, customer invoicing and collection processes. SAP Business All-in-One integrates directly with general ledger and SAP Financial Supply Chain Management applications (SAP FSCM). SAP Business All-in-One will allow you to shorten days sales outstanding and automate dispute, credit, and collections management. In addition, you’ll be able to offer your customers electronic invoicing and payment capabilities that supplement traditional accounts receivable and accounts payable functions.

In addition, SAP Business All-in-One contract accounting helps you manage accounts receivable processes for your high-volume, recurring time- or quantity-based billing, as well as direct debit-billing scenarios. It allows you to reduce operational costs by minimizing manual work and increasing automation in recurring billing and rejected direct debit handling processes in a single subledger

Accelerate and improve the customer accounting process by:

  • Entering business transactions into accounts receivables and the general ledger simultaneously with automated, continuous postings
  • Using collected data to ensure effective credit management and minimize risk

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

SAP Business All-in-One’s CRM functionality helps deliver the right message to the right target at the right time thus increasing the number and quality of your business leads.

SAP Business All-in-One’s intuitive Web-like features and online tutorials help reduce the need for formal training and encourages quick employee adoption. Links to key data, snapshots of recent records, reminders and alerts, screen personalization and an advanced search help team members perform daily tasks more efficiently.

The CRM functionality in SAP Business All-in-One helps you maximize profitability and differentiate your company from its competitors with features such as:

  • Create target groups based on customer attributes and map e-mail and direct mail addresses between external and internal lists.
  • Plan, design and execute multi channel campaigns that can include personalize content.
  • Automatically generate and qualify leads from marketing campaigns and surveys, and publish scripts and surveys to help cold-call sales agents pre qualify leads and telemarketing agents qualify prospects.
  • Keep all your marketing metrics up-to-date and easily accessible to help generate and convert more leads. Gain quick visbility into lead and order status.
  • Align sales resources to advance your sales strategy, optimize coverage and balance workloads across well defined territories
  • Centralize information for sales professionals into a single, comprehensive view to better manage accounts.
  • Track, analyze and optimize your sales opportunities from start to finish.
  • Enable telesales agents to work with account fact sheets summarizing all critical account information.
  • Robuts sales metrics help sales and marketing personnel better track and close opportunities.
  • Enable telesales agents to handle inbound and outbound calls, create sales orders and up-sell and cross-sell.

General Ledger

SAP Business All-in-One Financials provides core accounting and reporting capabilities with scalability to support the requirements of multinational companies. The general ledger simultaneously supports parallel books of accounts, including those for local GAAP, IFRS, US-GAAP, and tax. The solution integrates accounts payable and receivable applications in high-volume environments. Complete integration with the general ledger ensures the most up-to-date balances and reporting accuracy.

SAP Business All-in-One Also Provides the Following:

  • Supports legal, managerial, and segment accounting and reporting
  • Supports multiple real-time ledgers for local GAAP, IFRS, tax, and US-GAAP processes
  • Achieve faster closes with SAP Business All-in-One, you can streamline consolidation, process scheduling, workflow, and collaboration.
  • Improve corporate performance SAP Business All-in-One gives you the ability to quickly read, evaluate, and respond to changing business conditions with effective business strategies such as defining financial targets, developing a suitable business plan, and monitoring costs and revenue during execution.
  • Improve corporate governance and transparency SAP Business All-in-One provides broader support of accounting standards, federal regulations, and improved administration of internal controls.
  • Improve financial and managerial reporting SAP Business All-in-One gives you the flexibility to report performance by business unit, organization, or cost center.

Human Capital Management (HRS)

SAP Business All-in-One assists in effectively managing your most crucial company asset your employees. Manage organization and staffing change, conduct and document applicant and personnel actions, maintain, enter and evaluate time data, change work schedules, view quotas and streamline payroll processing all with SAP Business All-in-One. With SAP Business All-in-One it is easier for your midsize company to utilize your workforce for a competitive advantage.

Inventory and Logistics Management

SAP Business All-in-One provides your business with the ability to reliably track quantity, value, and movement of inventory so you can optimize operations and insure accurate accounting data. SAP Business All-in-One software tools provides your purchasing, manufacturing and sales employees with full visibility into inventory status. With SAP Business All-in-One you’ll be able to deliver high quality customer service levels to your customers while reducing inventory levels and associate costs.

Inventory and Warehouse Management

  • Record and track the quantity and value of all materials, perform physical inventory, and optimize all warehouse resources.
  • Plan, enter, and document warehouse-internal stock movements by managing goods receipts, goods issues, storage, picking and packing, physical stock transfers, and transfer postings.
  • Manage workload planning, wave picking and order consolidation, radio frequency and barcode scanning, handling-unit management, cross-docking, and real-time monitoring of all activities.

Inbound and Outbound Logistics

  • Facilitate the movement of incoming and outgoing physical goods, including logistics involving multiple manufacturers and customers.
  • Support inbound processing with capabilities to monitor the receipt of goods, track external demand, handle advanced shipping notifications, and manage in-yard activities.
  • Operate outbound processes, including posting goods issues, monitoring delivery and distribution activities, and documenting proof of delivery.

Transportation Management

  • Create optimized transportation plans, execute plans, and monitor shipments to deliver products on time and on budget.
  • Apply flexible options for consolidating deliveries and orders into shipments, including rule-based automation, manual consolidation, and collaborative order combination through the Internet.
  • Manage the multiple processes and reports required for foreign trade.

Life-Cycle Data Management


  • Centralize document management, change and configuration management – from invention to phase-out. Discrete industries can handle bills of materials and routings, and process industries can perform recipe management.
  • Manage and deliver a wide range of product information to ensure immediate access to up-to-date data as the basis for production planning and execution activities.
  • Integrate with CAD systems, geographic information systems (GIS), and many other systems.

Manufacturing Execution


  • Support the capture of actual production information from the shop floor, providing visibility and transparency across all shop-floor processes.
  • Perform production plans by managing production processes and deploying workers and other resources on the shop floor.
  • Document, monitor, and dispatch inventory during the entire production life cycle.

Procurement & Supplier Collaboration

SAP Business All-in-One will help you stay competitive and enhance your ability to secure the highest-quality materials and services at the lowest possible price. You’ll be able to efficiently handle and execute purchase orders and integrate purchasing with improved logistics.

You can create purchase orders manually or automate order creation with a number of planning concepts tied to material requirements planning. You can also source manually from suppliers or automatically assign suppliers using contracts. As goods are recevied both your general ledger and inventory files are updated for those receipts. Invoices are also matched against issued purchase order price and order quantities.

  • Perform the complete procure-to-pay process, including requisitioning, purchase-order management, and invoice verification.
  • Manage catalog content and enable employee self-service procurement of material and services.
  • Integrate all business partners, including designers, suppliers, manufacturers, and customers.
  • Collaborate efficiently with suppliers on product development, purchase-order management, invoice processing, and payment management.

Product Development


  • Integrate people and information in a single, streamlined new product development and introduction (NPDI) process - covering product definition, requirements gathering, product development, supplier sourcing and product ramp-up.
  • Optimize inter-enterprise product development, including sourcing of complex components.
  • Monitor the flow of information through engineering, planning, and execution, and document each step of the production process.

Production Planning


  • Support a wide variety of basic strategies for production planning and execution.
  • Optimally plan, schedule, and sequence production on the factory floor to deliver promised orders.

Sales & Service Orders

SAP Business All-in-One is completely integrated so processes run smoothly from beginning to end. Create a lead in CRM, convert it to a quote and then a sales order and finish with delivery, billing and service. The application automatically calculates pricing, including surcharges, discounts, freight and taxes. Integration with accounting functions completes the order-to-cash process.

Since SAP Business All-in-One is completely integrated you are able to see things like how much product you currently have in the warehouse, which customers have open orders and if your production schedule is sufficient to meet expected demand.

SAP Business All-in-One is designed to provide each user with intuitive access to only those portions of the system for which they are authorized. For example, a salesperson authorized to create a sales order or quote would not be able to create an invoice unless authorized. Each employee’s work processes are designed based on each employees specific role.

SAP Business All-in-One provides your sales staff with the software tools to execute customer orders faster and more efficiently by providing integrated software for the entire quote-to-cash process.

Sales Order Management

  • Manage the complete order-to-cash process, including handling inquiries, quotations, order generation and processing, as well as contract and billing-cycle management.
  • Use the e-commerce platform in SAP Business All-in-One to help you rapidly turn the Internet into a profitable sales and interaction channel.

Aftermarket Sales and Service

  • Address the basic requirements for customer support, such as the management of installations, service contracts, warranties, service requests, and orders.
  • Manage all aspects of service-order processing within the service organization, from responding to the customer’s initial inquiry to confirmation and billing.

Professional-Service Delivery

  • Manage all aspects of service delivery, including tracking activities, recording time spent on services, and analyzing profitability. **Incentive and Commission Management **

  • Develop effective incentive programs, including sales and brokerage commissions, profit sharing, and bonuses.

  • Calculate commissions and other incentives based on expectations for individual sales groups, so you can track, monitor, and reward sales efforts throughout the enterprise.

Treasury and Cash Management

Treasury applications as part of SAP Business All-in-One comprise a comprehensive suite of cash, liquidity, and financial risk management solutions. These applications provide the ability to conduct sophisticated risk scenario modeling and execute strategies to mitigate the risks inherent in multinational operations and volatile financial markets.

Treasury applications from SAP also provide comprehensive cash and liquidly management capabilities including cash forecasting, global cash management, and connectivity with banks via secure electronic payment networks. So you can obtain complete insight into global cash balances, real-time bank statement reconciliations, and straight-through payments processing.

With SAP All-in-One you’ll optimize your global cash management so you can report, analyze, and allocate cash in real time, and establish in-house banks or payment centers. Also, you’ll improve process integration between finance and treasury and integrate risk and treasury transactions with core accounting and financial reporting processes.

Cash and Liquidity Management

  • Helps you monitor and manage operational cash flow
  • Generates accurate cash flow forecasts and plans

In-House Cash Management

  • Enables centralized control of in-house banking, cash management, and payments
  • Reduces costs of inter-unit payments, transfers, and bank fees

Treasury and Risk Management

  • Models risk scenarios and executes mitigation strategies Reduces your organization’s financial risk levels and ensures regulatory compliance

Bank Communication Management

  • Streamlines and optimizes your corporate-to-bank communications
  • Provides straight-through processing, improved payment control, and lower processing costs
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