Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP Workwise Edition

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A full ERP system from Aptean for discrete manufacturing companies.

About Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP Workwise Edition

Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP Workwise Edition is an intelligent ERP that can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud. The solution is primarily used by manufacturers who need complete visibility into their shop floor and delivery operations in order to improve efficiencies, manage complexity, and grow their business.

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Features of Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP Workwise Edition

The Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP Workwise Edition solution is organized into seven Suites that cover all the information technology needs of the manufacturing enterprise.

  • Product Data Management (PDM) supports standard, configured, and custom products for to-order, to-stock and mixed-mode discrete manufacturers.
  • Planning provides real-time Master Production Scheduling where current orders are matched and balanced to forecasts. Capacity Planning and Material Requirements Planning functions are then used to build schedules that maximize throughput to meet customer demands.
  • Supply-Chain Management (SCM) ranges from estimating and quoting through shipping. Production is kept flowing smoothly by automating procurements inventory allocation and customer service requirements, including shipping, invoicing and EDI linkages. Our Rules Based Configurator brings the design engineering thought process and calculation capability directly to the creation of a customer order and seamlessly passes the results to the production floor.
  • Manufacturing Execution System (MES) offers real-time operations control by providing plant activity information, consistently updated through bar code readers and the Factory Workstation. Shop Floor events are captured and turned into meaningful information available throughout the facility.
  • Finance, Accounting & Administration (FAA) provides business tools for management to exercise proper financial control over the enterprise. Easy integration with spreadsheets and MS Access provides added flexibility for all financial reporting needs.
  • Decision Support & Enterprise Tools (DSET) include a Document Management Library, Open Data Base Connectivity (ODBC), and a complete set of Graphical Business Intelligence displays including the Dashboard containing Key Performance Indicators.
  • Web Applications is an innovative suite of web browser based applications that were created to improve Customer Service and Sales, optimize your Inventory Processes and create greater visibility onto your Production Floor. These products include, eCRM, eBiz, eOrderDesk, eWarehouse and eProduction.

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User Reviews of Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP Workwise Edition

Submitted on October 17th, 2019 by Dave Manahan

The main reason we were looking for a new ERP system was because we were a Y2K company. Our existing software had been purchased some time ago and modified heavily. We determined that maintaining it wasn’t feasible from an economic standpoint.

Having a full featured, fully integrated system, with all of the modules working together, the ability to look at inventory control and all of the manufacturing requirements, were things that we didn’t have before. The integrated system brought us greater efficiency.

With our previous system there was double, sometimes triple data entry because the modules weren’t integrated so there wasn’t any information being passed back and forth. That alone was a tremendous time saver for us.

The visibility of information, being able to import certain information and being able to create customer orders via spreadsheet, were major performance enhancements for us.

We use close to ninety percent of the modules in the system. We certainly use the customer order processing side of it, all of the inventory controls, we use MRP, all of the purchasing modules, accounting.

Submitted on January 17th, 2019 by Pam Reynolds

We had a system that had been in place for about ten years and it turned out it was not a very good manufacturing system. It was more of an accounting system that they tried to put manufacturing into.

What’s really nice is to have everything in one package. My financials are in the same package as the manufacturing and the customer orders. Everything integrates seamlessly. Bringing in inventory management has been a huge benefit for us. Being able to jump between workbenches and different points of data has been really nice.

We have about twenty folks that use the system, that are not here in Topeka, Kansas. So in our prior system they would have to pick up a VPN connection and log into our system and with being on the road and traveling, that did not work well for them at all.

We really hope that it’s going to help the guys in the field manage their sales and prospects so that way when they are out, they have a good understanding as to what’s going on with their customers and who their new customers potentially are.

Everything is seamlessly integrated. As soon as we create an order, that order flows into manufacturing, manufacturing can understand where the demand is coming from, purchasing can understand where the demand is coming from and be able to see all of that data seamlessly.

Submitted on June 4th, 2014 by Ronald

WorkWise ERP has many strong modules to manage the shop floor, manage the financials and since it is SQL based, you can easily get at the data for custom reporting.

The Good…

With the eProduction add on, the shop floor has a clean interface to interact with shop orders. The Workbenches give users control over how they work day to day.

The Bad…

We would like the ability to group sales orders and the related shop orders into 1 manageable unit for shop floor scheduling