A web-based ERP with a focus on finance, project management, and business information (BI) functionality.

Product Overview

Xledger is a finance, project and Business Information system that gives customers tighter control of their business. This ERP software provides basic accounting, OCR data entry, and mobile access to your company finances. The fully integrated system includes role-based access to control which users can see and interact with each feature.


  • ERP is scalable to grow with businesses
  • Comes with optical character recognition (OCR) for image uploads


  • Requires training to fully utilize
  • Difficult integrations may require manual data entry
  • Xledger does not share pricing details online

Target Market

Small to medium enterprise (SME) businesses and organizations that require a unified, cloud-based ERP solution to automate and streamline financial management and operations.

About Xledger

Video Overview


  • Banking and Cash Management: View and process all banking transactions, including approving payments and posting from bank statements, directly from within Xledger, eliminating the need to use online banking.

  • Billing: Includes subscriptions, mass billing and sales orders. In addition, Xledger supports donation billing and commission calculations.
  • Financials and Accounting: Online access to a highly flexible system with advanced analysis capability and sophisticated corporate reporting. Xledger offers up to 15 accounting dimensions and comprehensive multi-currency accounting.
  • Logistics: The logistics module provides support for an organization’s procurement process, including links to inventory.

Xledger Mobile

Stay on top of your schedule and timesheets while on the go. The mobile version of Xledger proides anywhere, anytime access from your mobile device or a web browser. Xledger Mobile provides:

  • Time keeping
  • Travel bill and outlaw refund
  • Employee list
  • Basic user settings
  • Approve timesheets
  • Approve travel bills
  • Approve payments
  • Upload attachments
  • Updated bank balance

OCR Data Entry

Xledger empowers users with OCR and AI SMARTHELPS functionalities. Email, drag & drop, or scan invoices into Xledger. The OCR feature surveys the document and processes key details. SMARTHELPS uses collective Big Data AI technology to come up with posting suggestions.

  • Payroll and Travel Expenses: Register and track their own expense claims. Xledger supports and processes payroll in multiple jurisdictions, including the US.
  • Project and Time: Comprehensive solution for project accounting, time recording and expenses, resource planning and project billing.
  • Reporting and Business Management: Take advantage of the many pre-defined queries, reports and the financial dashboard, or set up your own reporting models.
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Product Overview

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User Reviews of Xledger

Submitted on February 7th, 2020 by Eline Flacké

When choosing Xledger we went from an almost 100% manual system to a system that is as automated as it can get. Now we are on a cloud-based standard solution, and always have the latest updated version, without spending time or resources on it internally.

Submitted on February 7th, 2020 by Sofie Karlsson

We have greatly simplified our internal management with Xledger. The administration of internal transactions and internal invoicing saves both time and resources.

Submitted on February 7th, 2020 by Asgeir Elvebakk

Xledger is easy to use and intuitive to use, and it’s easy to correct errors. The finance department now spends much less time on routine work and can spend more time on value-creating work.