An accounting solution designed by Agtrax for the agriculture industry.

About TraxView

TraxView by Agtrax is the leading agricultural software provider for grain elevators, fertilizer companies, full service cooperatives, ethanol production plants, feed stores, agronomy product and service providers, petroleum outlets, c-stores and other types of businesses in agriculture. AgTrax develops and supports the most feature-rich applications available to local agribusinesses today.

Started in 1996, AgTrax has been the fastest growing software developer in the industry since. Continued growth and an expanding suite of products has made AgTrax the preferred choice for today’s local agribusiness.

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Accounts Receivable

Manage invoices and payments with Accounts Receivable. The A/R was designed to be very easy to operate while meeting the reporting and control requirements of large organizations.


  • Complete contact information for mailings, ticket information, and reporting
  • Open Item and Balance Forward type account tracking selectable by account
  • 99 Miscellaneous Fields available to track specific information on your customers
  • for mailings, statement information, dates and other information
  • Collection Comments can be entered on an account to track collection activity on
  • specific accounts
  • Credit history tracked with High Credit and historical aging information
  • Last statement and Last payment amounts and dates are easily viewed on an account
  • User defined aging days
  • Historical agings can be recreated at any time
  • Prepaid contracts are tracked in a subsidiary ledger
  • Prepaid statements may be sent to customers at any time
  • Customizable statement formats
  • Web interface to account information is available with PatronAccess
  • Credit Limits tracked on accounts and are checked during billing in Order
  • Entry/Invoicing
  • Credit Hold (Cash Only) settings on accounts
  • Split billing can be preset on accounts and Business Units based on Products, * Inventory Groups, and Commodity receipts
  • Automatic payment application

Commodity Accounting

The Commodity Accounting module is comprised of a complete set of programs designed to control all aspects of commodity movement, purchases and sales.

Commodity Accounting provides the means for handling each organizationýs unique requirements. Users can define their own daily position records, commodity masters, premium/discounts, storage charges and freight schedules. It is fully integrated into the General Ledger, Sales Analysis, Order Entry and Patronage modules.

General Ledger

Complete back office general ledger application with customizable financial statements and audit trail drill down to source documents in purchasing, commodity accounting, or order entry applications.


  • Customizable departmental structures
  • Customizable General Ledger numbers with subaccount capability
  • User defined subtypes that allow custom grouping of like numbers (i.e. Cash,
  • Banks, Investments)
  • Mass account loading allows quick generation of new departments
  • Budgets - Full budgeting/reporting capabilities with automated budget generation
  • utility
  • Recurring entries can be saved and reused each month (i.e. depreciation entry or
  • departmental allocations)
  • Allocation ability allows you to set up income and expense allocations on a fixed or prorata basis
  • Simple Journal entry program
  • Automatic quantity analysis along with G/L dollars
  • User defined Financial Statement formats/calculations
  • Gross Margin Statement
  • By Dollar
  • By Percentage
  • By Branch
  • View/Print any month in history

Order Entry/Point of Sale

Complete POS application with bar code scanning, perpetual inventory, prepaid/booking, pricing, and split billing. Full feed blending capabilities as well as agronomy blending that can be specified to a particular patron’s field(s).


Full patronage tracking and allocation by patron/owner for local cooperatives. Fully customizable by account.


  • 999 Patronage Groups, or classes, available (i.e. Fertilizer, Chemical, Grain, etc.)
  • Patronage by Branch
  • Patronage by Month
  • Customizable Check formats for Patronage allocations and/or equity redemptions
  • Birthdays are tracked by customer to allow for age-based redemptions
  • Backup withholding
  • 99 Equities available
  • Equity writedowns
  • Tracks certificate numbers of stocks issued


The Payroll Accounting Module has been designed to be a complete system for tracking and reporting employee wage/tax information. All transactions are generated through the regular or manual payroll runs. The Payroll system maintains detail information by check date in a history file until such time that the program option to delete history is run. In addition to quarterly reports, the module provides reports that print by date ranges and selected income/deduction codes. The Module handles all standard calendar year end processing.


  • Date Sensitive
  • Full Check History
  • Direct Deposit
  • Cafeteria Plans and Section 125 Plans
  • User-defined Income and Deductions
  • Salary, Hourly, and Bonus Income types

Perpetual Inventory

The Inventory system has been designed for all types of users. It is comprehensive yet extremely flexible.

Valuations are performed based on Average, FIFO or Lot Numbering. The operator has full inquiry capability into all files, including History. Interfaced with Order Entry/Point of Sale, Accounts Receivable, Production and Sales Analysis, the Inventory System forms part of a complete Order Processing System.


  • Mulitiple branches up to 999
  • Inventory Groups and Minor Groups allow you to segement products and services based on your business needs
  • Brands are assigned to Products to assist in Manufacturer specific reports
  • Common Product Numbers throughout the enterprise.
  • Products can be mass loaded into branches via a utility
  • Nutrient information is entered on Product to allow agronomy blending in Order Entry
  • Products are tracked as weighted (lb, ton, cwt) or non-weighted (pint, quart, gallon, each, etc.)


The TrakView Production Module allows the user to blend or manufacture products and services into other products for resale or further manufacturing. The module consists of a ýformulaý or recipe of products and services used to create the resulting product. Costs and increased value of these products is tracked as the manufacturing process is completed. The formulas are also used to create necessary products requirements for Agronomy blending needs. Formulations can be produced directly for the Order Entry/Invoicing Module.


  • Production or ýCosting Onlyý formulas
  • LCFF interfaces available
  • Mill Computer Interfaces available
  • User defined Manufacturing Sequences
  • 10 blender/mixers available per branch
  • Customizable blend sheets
  • Multiple Unit of Measures available (i.e. lbs make tons and visa versa)
  • Full integration with the Order Entry Module


AgTrax Purchasing module automates the bill paying and inventory order/receipt/invoice/payment processes for local businesses. This application also allows you to correct costing errors as well as adding cost components like freight to inventory receipts, even if the freight invoice is to another vendor.


  • Live Perpetual Inventory integration
  • Customizable order types allow users to quickly cater system to their data entry requirements
  • Tracks vendor purchases and payment activity historically
  • Multiple contact information entered on vendor master
  • 99 Miscellaneous Fields used to track user-defined information on vendors (mailing flags, dates, etc.)
  • Miscellaneous Vendor used for one-time or infrequent purchases
  • Recurring orders for bills that come every month (Rent, Service Contracts) and entered once and then automatically released into system for payment which * eliminates need to enter the invoices every month
  • Quick Checks are used to make fast payments to vendors needing payment immediately
  • Tracks individual bank information and activity up to 99 banks per company
  • Inventory costs and counts are updated upon receipt of products
  • Multiple vendors can be paid for one inventory receipt/load (i.e. one for the * product, another for the freight, and another for another direct cost)
  • Inventory costs can be adjusted/corrected for subsequent costs of a receipt/load
  • Automated backorder capability

Sales Analysis

Sales Analysis keeps track of sales and commodity receipt/purchase information for customers by month, branch, product, sales rep, field, etc.

Sales Analysis is a completely integrated reporting module that tracks all activity of your customers by:

  • Product
  • Branch
  • Inventory Group
  • Sales Rep
  • Region
  • Division
  • Miscellaneous Customer Demographic Fields (User-defined)

Scale Interface

Fully functional truck scale system for receiving and shipping commodities and products for purchase or sale. Moisture tester interface is being developed.

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User Reviews of TraxView

Submitted on June 13th, 2019 by Anonymous

With our old manual system, it took almost a day to do what AgTrax does in 10 minutes

Submitted on June 13th, 2019 by Anonymous

We talked to several different elevators prior to buying AgTrax and everyone we talked to was very, very happy. That’s what made up our minds.

Submitted on June 13th, 2019 by Anonymous

This system creates efficiencies in the whole office process.

Submitted on June 13th, 2019 by Anonymous

With the program’s Scale Interface capability, grain deliveries during the rush of harvest season are processed more efficiently and accurately

Submitted on June 13th, 2019 by Anonymous

AgTrax makes keeping tabs on our inventory and tracking it more seamless- when products are ordered, sold and delivered that information is funneled into our monthly financials.