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An accounts payable application designed by Farm Biz for agriculture/forestry/fishing/mining companies.

About Farm Biz Software

Farm Biz focus is on tax reporting & reducing bookkeeping chores so more time can be devoted to management.

Absolutely no setup required to get started. Comes with standardized, but customizable, farm chart of accounts. Reports that bankers & lenders find easy to read. Many feature filled shortcuts to save data entry time. Memorized entries for each different vendor; automatic backup & restore in case of equipment failure; Billing/Invoicing & Enterprising are all included. No need for add-on modules.

Farm Biz runs on your desktop or laptop computer, does not connect to the internet or access the cloud, providing you a higher level of security. All versions of Windows XP through Windows 10 are supported. Dynamic screen resolution keeps the menus & data entry input large to facilitate a touch screen environment.

Primary Features

The features of Farm Biz Software can be broken down into modules and reports.


  • Budget & cash flow projections: Built-in compares this year to last year.
  • Enterprising (cost centers): Optional with every transaction.
  • Quantity & Head: Optional with every transaction.
  • Check Writing: Optional when entering expense transactions.
  • Invoices: Uses add-on-the fly master lists for products/services & prices.


  • Cash flows: Actual & projections
  • Profit/loss: Current dollars compared to budget dollars
  • Money Borrowed: Running balance & totals by lender
  • Enterprise Analysis for Crops & Livestock
  • Schedule F: Print anytime with projections to year-end
  • Net Worth Statement
  • Complete Detail: Groups all like items & enterprises with totals for the period requested
  • Invoice: Use your logo, slogan, sales tax rate, payment terms, and collection notices
  • Statement of Account: Includes interest calculation if required
  • Proposal/Estimate: Prints like invoice

Target Market

Farm Biz is expressly for farmers & ranchers that desire a ready-made profitability reporting tool.

  • Farms & Ranches
  • CPA firms
  • Banks
  • Farm Management Education


  • Purchased upfront
  • The cost of Farm Biz starts at $249.
  • Farm Biz is priced per customer and multiples PCs are no extra charge
  • Free trial available

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Farm Biz Software

Submitted on January 14th, 2019 by Carole

Farm biz is very user friendly. I’ve been using it for 10 plus years to do our cattle/hay business. I like it because I only have to input the info. I want to track. You can be as detailed as you want or input only the bare minimum….

The Good…

The user friendly-ness of the product…

The Bad…

I do my taxes in the beginning of the year. I know, should do it at least monthly,but I don’t. Can’t remember anything that was annoying.