A farm accounting software system designed by SoftShell Computer Services.

Product Overview

PcMars offers both cash basis and accrual double-entry accounting systems, catering to different levels of accounting complexity. It includes detailed payroll tax reports and check printing capabilities, as well as support for various types of transactions such as expenses, income, revolving credit, and bank reconciliation. This versatility makes it a robust tool for managing the diverse financial needs of a farm. Additionally, it’s designed to be user-friendly, with a focus on simplifying accounting tasks for farmers​​​​​​.


  • Simple, user-friendly interface.
  • Detailed financial reporting capabilities.
  • Offers both cash and accrual accounting.


  • Limited credit transaction handling.
  • Lacks depreciation tracking.
  • More challenging accrual system.

Target Market

Small to medium-sized farm businesses looking for an easy-to-use accounting solution that provides detailed financial information tailored to agricultural needs. Its simplicity and farm-focused features make it an excellent choice for those who want a straightforward tool for managing farm finances.

Not Recommended For

Larger agricultural enterprises or businesses that require advanced accounting features like comprehensive credit transaction handling or depreciation tracking. Its limitations in these areas could make it less efficient for more complex financial management needs.

About PcMars


  • Cash or accrual accounting
  • Bank or fund accounts
  • Chart of accounts
  • Vendor lists
  • Payroll
  • Inventory
  • Reporting


  • Starts at $350/one-time for the full-featured system
  • PLUS version can be added on to the base package for an additional $350
  • Accounts Receivable version is $275
  • All systems require a $15 S&H charge
  • Updates are provided free
  • Free demos available with limited transactions
Starting Price
$350 (perpetual license)
Price Range Learn More
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   $     $     $     $     $   

Product Overview

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User Reviews of PcMars

Submitted on June 5th, 2021 by Anonymous

Easy to use once you familiarize yourself with the system. I can break out every field individually in the entering process so I know my ROI on each field, not just the farm as a whole. Have used it for years and like the simplicity, yet detail of the program.

The Good…

Reports that break everything out.

The Bad…

I cant look it up from my phone as it’s not an online option.