An agriculture management software for small and large farms, agronomic advisors, and food and beverage companies.

Product Overview

AGRIVI is a farm management software that helps teams create a digital twin of their farm. It integrates field activities, finance, inventory, and workforce operations within a single platform. The system allows users to track and analyze the production process, from tillage to harvesting. Additionally, it aids in budgeting, execution, and post-calculation reports to help maximize yield.


  • Responsive customer support
  • Well-structured dashboards with meaningful data insights
  • Includes alarm systems, field maps, vegetation indexes


  • Integrations with other software (weather, IoT) can be expensive for small users
  • Financial management module lacks comprehensive accounting features

Target Market

A wide range of agricultural stakeholders, including small and large farms, enterprise farms, cooperatives, food and beverage companies, banks, input manufacturers, and agronomic advisors.


AGRIVI is a comprehensive agricultural management software designed to assist in the coordination, monitoring, and evaluation of various farm operations, such as soil preparation, seeding, spraying, fertilizing, irrigation, and harvesting. The software is accessible even offline and offers valuable insights into best practices, identifies inefficiencies, and aids in risk management. It provides full traceability of production, ensures adherence to agricultural standards, and aims to reduce costs while boosting crop yields and profitability.

AGRIVI Key Features

  • Management tools for farm finances and inventory.
  • Analytical tools to evaluate farm performance.
  • Weather tracking and algorithms for pest detection.
  • Management of resources and inventory.
  • Agricultural knowledge to enhance crop yields.
  • Monitoring of field operations.
  • Comprehensive farm analytics.
  • Traceability features.
  • Agricultural data exchange capabilities.

Available Modules

  • Farm Insights
  • Farm Enterprise
  • Farm Advisory
  • Agriculture Supply Chain

Industries Served

  • Various types of farms including large enterprises.
  • Agricultural cooperatives.
  • Food and beverage sectors.
  • Banking industry.
  • Input manufacturers.
  • Agronomic advisory services.

Video Overview

Starting Price
$19 /user/month
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Product Overview

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User Reviews of AGRIVI

Submitted on September 5th, 2020 by Anonymous

Agrivi is the most complete Farm Management Software, it covers from Budgeting to execution and post calculation reports, which help you decide for the best future crops, based on you real inside info and available resources, to maximize yield.

The Good…

The structure and the clarity of information, is the closest thing to a ground up ERP approach for Farmers

The Bad…

In some areas maybe there are too many details but I`m sure that all of those matters

Submitted on August 7th, 2019 by Brett Rovey

Before Agrivi we used excel documents and paper time sheets. This was time-consuming and we lacked information we needed. Many tasks were not recorded timely and the output was missing valuable information.

We needed to track all cost applied to our farming operation. Some of the most important activities we track are water usage, machinery cost, and fertilizer.

Submitted on August 7th, 2019 by Anonymous

With all the information available today, and production methods for producing wines of highest quality being easily accessible, wine consumption is steadily increasing day by day.

We believe that the larger the production is, the more important production tracking becomes. Tracking all of the work in a vineyard, as well as expenses and income per variety, gives us real-time data which helps us immensely to see where we are, and what we might do to achieve a better production result.