A farm management and grain marketing software.

About FarmLogs

FarmLogs is a farm management software and grain marketing software rolled into one complete option. FarmLogs gives you the tools and insights to:

  • Create agronomic plans
  • Calculate field level profit/loss
  • Manage day to day operations
  • Real-time field condition data
  • Document work
  • Track marketing

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FarmLogs Features

The features of FarmLogs depends on the version you have. Activities, rain and heat history, basic satellite imagery, or premium aerial imagery can be added to any plan.

FarmLogs Lite

  • Fields
  • Recent Rain
  • Scouting
  • Futures Prices

FarmLogs Essentials

  • Everything in Lite
  • Rain & Heat History
  • Soil Maps
  • Marketing
  • Local Prices

FarmLogs Complete

  • Everything in Essentials
  • Activities
  • Reports
  • Planner
  • Satellite Imagery


The cost of FarmLogs will depend on the desired version:

  • FarmLogs Lite is free to use
  • FarmLogs Essentials starts at $29/month
  • FarmLogs Complete starts at $99/month

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User Reviews of FarmLogs

Submitted on February 5th, 2017 by Anonymous

I was searching the app store for apps and came across FarmLogs. It was one of a few that I tried and it was clear that this was made by a farmer because there were aspects of the app that I could use and apply on my own. I’m excited about the technology because it helps take the guess work out of the applications that you put on the field such as seed timing.

Submitted on August 16th, 2016 by Anonymous

This is important for us to be able to efficiently and cost effectively stay on top of our farming business.

One of the overall advantages is the capability to manage our program not just for the moment but for the long-term. What we’re doing this week, next week, next month, next year, we can go back and see what work people were doing or should be doing.

Submitted on October 7th, 2014 by Anonymous

The crops we currently grow are corn and soybeans as well as some grapes. I was trying to think of ways to help the farm the best. I wanted a way to track our farm activities and what we’re planning. I started to enter our data into FarmLogs and thought this could be useful.

The way FarmLogs has improved day to day operations on the farm is by allowing every worker on the farm the ability to log on and monitor activities.

The features we use the most are the rainfall tracking feature which helps us narrow down which fields to check and know which are wet and which can still be worked on. The reason I’d recommend it to another farmer is that it’s a useful piece of software. Many farmers could track rainfall and what they’re doing and when and it’s a great product to stay organized.