A farm management software that provides tools for field planning, profit analysis, and inventory management to optimize agricultural operations.

Product Overview

Granular is a farm management software designed to enhance the profitability tracking of agricultural operations. It delivers inventory management tools for inputs and grain. It also integrates with a wide range of farming tools, including scale systems and precision equipment.

The platform analyzes profitability at different levels, including by crop, field, and enterprise. Granular is also available as a mobile app, allowing farm managers to schedule tasks and work orders for teams in the field.


  • Detailed input and grain tracking
  • Responsive customer support
  • Can predict harvest trends with historical imagery


  • Reports can be challenging
  • Tedious setup
  • Requires data entry for each field

Target Market

Larger, more technologically advanced farming operations. Extensive features like detailed tracking of profitability, integration with various farming equipment, and comprehensive management of inputs and grain inventory beneficial for large-scale farms.

About Granular

Granular is a farm management software designed to assist farmers in optimizing their operations. It serves as both a crop management and farm accounting tool.

Granular’s primary objective is to help farms increase their yield through data-driven crop models. It also enhances teamwork efficiency, enables detailed profit tracking at the field level, and simplifies tasks related to farmland research and transactions.

This software offers a range of features tailored to modern farmers’ needs, including:

  • Detailed tracking of farm profitability
  • Integration with various farming equipment for seamless data transfer
  • Real-time decision-making support through up-to-date management information
  • Ability to break down profitability by field
  • Comprehensive inventory management for inputs and grain

Video Overview

Granular Insights Features

Granular Insights offers the following features:

  • Directed scouting to better prioritize tasks
  • Pinpointing and resolving yield issues
  • 3-m satellite imagery
  • USDA-CLU field boundaries
  • Monitoring field changes with WDRVI Map Layer
  • Predictiing harvest trends with historical imagery

Granular Business Features

Granular Business, another core aspect of the software, focuses on improving profitability by:

  • Analyzing profits
  • Facilitating succession planning
  • Controlling inputs and inventory
  • Forecasting revenues and profits
  • Aiding in crop and field planning
  • Offering mobile access
  • Measuring yield variability

Granular Agronomy Features

Granular Agronomy is designed to optimize inputs while maximizing yield. It helps generate variable-rate prescriptions, customizes hybrids, provides in-season crop stand evaluation and consultation, manages nitrogen for yield targets, and enhances soil productivity through fertility management.

  • Identify issues
  • Mobile access
  • Scouting
  • Lowers costs of planes or drones

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Granular

Submitted on March 15th, 2018 by Tom Jenks And Jill Jenks

The equipment has changed. We’ve seen a big ramp up in the technology change. If our operation wants a better understand of our numbers and operation, Granular is the right fit.

Prior to Granular, our information was scattered across several platforms.

Granular helps us track our numbers and make financial decisions that affect the crop and lets us know we’re making the best decision. We can always talk to customer service reps and it’s very user friendly. It allows us to unwind at the end of the day without stressing about technology.

Submitted on April 6th, 2016 by Jeremy Jack

Our farm operation was getting larger and it was getting more challenging to manage all the technology; the data and the labor and all the pieces of the puzzle.

Being in operations I focus on efficiency. I want to see how I can get my cost and my profit down to a per acre point of view. If were trying to grow as much crop as we can with every inch of acre we have to know our cost and track our efficiencies.

With Granular I can see what processes we have from a dashboard point of view, I can keep up with how much tasks usage we’ve done, how much product we’ve used, and we can start tying dollars to them. As we go through the year we can alter our plan and see where we are in our budget and adapt our thought process as we go through the year.

Granular has been able to meet our needs from an agronomic standpoint and a cost standpoint. What we needed has been provided to us. It’s exciting and promising to work with a company who will listen to our needs.

Granular is the only software out there that is not only doing what we need but is moving towards future needs as a goal. We can see the potential for the future and could not be more pleased.

Submitted on April 5th, 2016 by Tony Desales

I’m not very tech savvy. Once I got to use Granular, I like how it lets me keep things in order and look back and review things. The nice thing about Granular is we will have 3-4 guys spraying at times. We can all see what each other is doing without having to talk to each other. We’ll know if I’m using round up and he’s using round up, we’ll know how much will be used today and know if we’re being efficienct.

The Granular app is great for support. When I need to know my chemicals I can check it myself, and then I can check it against what is in Granular. It helps double check everything and lets us know we’re efficient.

Granular shows field conditions, weather conditions, and lets me do my job faster.

Submitted on April 5th, 2016 by Lee Bigelow

It makes my life easier. I don’t have to pick up my phone or people don’t have to call me. Everybody gets the same text I get through combine, so the guys next to me in the combine know where we are going.

That’s how I can keep track of my own personal work. It lets me double check my work. I was on board with it the next day after the company got it. It was very easy to work with. We can stay on top of our work and I don’t have to be on the phone while running the combine. I can just glance at the program and know where I need to go.