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About Kickserv

From managing your team’s schedule to collecting customer payments, Kickserv will keep your business running smoothly.

It’s easy for your whole team to use.

Kickserv was designed with you in mind. It’s simple to use and will help your team stay focused on your work–not the tool being used to manage it. With a few quick clicks you can quickly manage your sales, job management, and invoicing for you and your whole team.


Know Your Customers, Know Your Business

Customer records and powerful reports help you gain insight into your business.

Detailed Contact Records

Each customer has a story. And knowing that story will keep your customers happy.

Kickserv’s contact records offer an at-a-glance summary of each customer, so you can quickly find the information you need. Custom fields allow you to gather the information that’s important to your business.

  • See all your customer information at a glance
  • Easily find related contacts and service locations
  • Set reminders for sales and work follow ups
  • Add notes and attachments for you or the customer

Dynamic Reporting

Reports give you the comprehensive information you need to run your business.

The predefined reports give you access to the data that most businesses rely on. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Detailed custom reports are easy to set up.

  • Guide your business with data to drive decisions
  • Built in reports for sales, work, and invoicing
  • Easily create your own custom reports

Estimates & Invoices

Tools to Close Deals and Get Paid

Engage your customers, close more deals, and get paid with Kickserv’s estimates and invoices.

Dynamic Estimates

Estimates in Kickserv are more than just a typical sales pitch. Built-in approval and modification features combined with automated status updates let you more easily convert your leads into customers.

  • Sell more effectively with professional estimates
  • Track the progress of your estimates and your prospects
  • Dynamically close deals with customer approvals

Invoices & Online Payments

Easily send invoices via email and track their delivery to your customers. You’ll even know when a customer has viewed the invoice. Online payment integration allows you to accept credit cards hassle-free.

  • Easily send invoices and view their progress
  • Get paid quicker with online payments
  • Save time tracking all your payments with ease

Job Management

Time Tracking

Team members can quickly add their time entries into Kickserv that can be used to either bill customers or track on payroll reports.

Advanced Scheduling

Efficiently manage any job scheduling, either simple or complex. Add multiple team members to one event or multiple events to any job.

Notes and Attachments

Communicate and share internally, or make notes public for your customers to see. Each job tracks activites and communication between you and your customer.

Job Charges

Quickly add items into your account and track customer charges. You can integrate your account with QuickBooks to keep your items and charges synchronized.


Your Business on the Move

Whether it is you or your technicians on the go, Kickserv’s mobile will help you get the job done. Easily manage all your work in the field and keep in sync with your office.

Keep Your Team Synchronized

From managing schedules and delivering service to collecting payments in the field, Kickserv’s mobile app will keep your team constantly up to date and focused on their work to make your business more efficient and more successful.

  • Efficiently manage all your mobile workforce
  • Automate team status updates to your office
  • Quickly enter schedules, time tracking, charges and notes
  • Easily see your jobs and opportunities from the field
  • Attach notes, documents, and images to a job
  • GPS tracking to help track your team’s location


Simple 2-Way Sync With QuickBooks

Keep your accounts up-to-date with two-way QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop sync.

Keep Your Accountant Up to Date

With simple two-way sync with QuickBooks, you can ensure that all your QuickBooks data, from items and contacts to invoices and payments are always up to date.

  • Keep your back office up to date instantly
  • Sync with either QB Desktop or QB Online
  • Two-way sync keeps your data always up to date
  • Invoice and payment history at your fingertips

Scheduling and Calendar

Tracking your team has never been easier thanks to Kickserv’s calendar.

Classic Calendar With Filtering

Drag-and-drop your appointments, and filter the calendar dynamically. Kickserv also supports color-coding, so you can quickly get an accurate picture of your day, week, or month.

  • Handy color coding to gather quick information
  • Manage day, week, and month at a glace
  • Designed for small or large teams
  • Dynamic filtering to quickly gather specific data

Resource Calendar for Easy Dispatch

The resource calendar enables you to easily manage your entire workforce. View employee availability by day or week and quickly drag & drop events into place to assign work.

  • View resources by day or by week
  • Drag & drop events into place
  • Quickly assign work to your team members
Starting Price
$39 /month

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Kickserv

Submitted on June 13th, 2019 by Ambyr E

The software is very organized, easy to navigate through, I like that there’s more than one way to search for something. I think the Dispatch View is an amazing concept! I am in the service industry and have technicians that I send all over S. OC, having a map right there and not having to switch back and forth with google maps would be wonderful! I really hope they will be able to fully incorporate it into the software. The texting concept is another wonderful idea I recently saw added. A lot of my customers ask for texts because their at work and in meetings etc, so to have this feature fully functional would be another efficient bonus!

Submitted on June 13th, 2019 by Gerald Davis

This software is powerful and keeps me organized. I love that you can do many things with this software, but my favorite is that it keeps in contact with my customer sending out emails the day before I arrive and again on the day of my appointment. Amazing, it has cut down the to almost 0 of customers missing our appointment. My last business I used just an accounting program and had to hire 2 office personnel to run the back end of my business. With this program, I can do my back end with the help of my bookkeeper. I authorized my bookkeeper as admin personnel and from his office he keeps me organized with my quarterly’s and end year.