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A web-based multi-module management system designed by eF3 Systems, Inc. for transportation companies.

About eF3 Systems

To assist with the aim of formulating designs with the greatest ROI, we sit with your users (in their trucks or on the docks, etc.) until we understand their needs and limitations. This helps us to provide your users and customers with a better experience, and to reduce or utilize your labor more efficiently.

We know that wedging a packaged solution into an existing overall Legacy system rarely produces optimum results for your operations or the desired financial results. So we analyze how to insert and integrate custom sub-systems into your legacy systems that will produce more profitable and efficient operations.

We prototype our systems with your users, so the application evolves into something they own. We know that if the users contribute to the system design, the systems will be embraced by them, ensuring successful implementation and adoption.

Then we work with and integrate with your existing core systems. This is to minimize the time and effort of your valuable IT resources. Very often, we require no changes to your existing systems.

Using our modified Agile methodology, we rapidly produce autonomic, modular, parameter driven, scalable systems that can be easily adjusted to your future needs while meeting and sometimes exceeding your expectations.

3D Load Optimization

  • Ship cases, build pallets then build loads.
  • Customizable stacking and loading rules.
  • Multiple Stop and priority loading.
  • Mixed-case pallets loads - Perfect for creating multi product load plans
  • Extensive stacking, loading rules help minimize transient damage.
  • Program calculates axle weight and shows location of center of gravity.
  • Smart pallet placement algorithm to secure more stable loads.
  • Users can improve load cubic efficiencies and cut shipping costs 10-25%.
  • When preparing outbound shipments 3D Load Optimization, may be appropriate.
  • It is recommended for containerization, line haul and especially recommended for loads of odd shaped shipments.

Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems

GIS Route Planning can be statically performed prior to the driver’s departure or dynamically when on-going pickup orders are arriving during the day.

Next generation hand-helds with GPS capability automatically record entry and exit from customer sites without any driver action for detention times.

Accept new pickup orders and dynamically re-optimize routes as pickup orders are received. Hours of Service reports are automatically available at trip end.

Government Studies show that an average of 23% Fuel Savings on Local Deliveries and Collections can be achieved when GIS Based Delivery Routing (static or dynamic systems) are used.

IVR System

Track & Trace With Last Mile Information Using Our Low Cost IVR System.

  • You will be able to Locate your shipments &. Anytime, Anywhere, Any Way by BOLs, MBOLs, Probills, POs, Parts {and sometimes even by part descriptions. We will even place them on a map for better visuals. Some queries, e.g. part numbers could produce a trail of results across a map, then click on a map Icon to see a particular shipment’s details!}
  • If your trucker has previously called in, we can even phone him for you and determine exactly where he is for a small extra fee.
  • Shipment positions and statuses can be sent to you automatically.
  • We will alert you to late shipments and if you or your carrier has entered a delivery appointment date and time we will notify you if the delivery is going to be late within a one hour window. One hour is standard, but other resolutions are negotiable

Transportation Management System

Given a set of Shipment attributes, TMS determines:

  • Mode of Transport.
  • Freight Rates (SMC interface for LTL and internal contract database for FTL).
  • Tender and generate documents.
  • Track and trace, with last mile and linked Freight Payment.

Proven transportation expense reduction of 10-15% and considerable reduction in number of late delivery days.

Shipment Attributes can be derived from multiple sources ( existing manufacturing systems, EDI, Excel and various manual inputs)

Transportation Planning & Routing

  • Automatically generate GIS based Route Planning, for Inbound, or Outbound or Point to Point routing for Static addresses, for all classes of Delivery, with Time Windows and Equipment and Driver attributes.
  • Dynamic Routing using next generation handheld devices with continuous GPS access.
  • Routing can be on a City to City basis (Intelliroute/PC Miler) or on a street to street basis (ESRI+).
  • Dynamic Geo-Address coding is available for B2C or C2B shipments with automated audio direction capability.
  • Using next generation handheld devices with bar-code readers, read barcodes at time of receipt or delivery and receive event notifications, all in real time.
  • For Truckers - Automated HOS collection. (With the Real Time system feeds to payroll and AP for Line Haul), driver performance, productivity measurement and root cause analysis.
  • Activity Based Costing and Revenue Modeling.
  • Load potential customer data and see its cost impact on real Historical data.
  • Use your existing revenue calculations with activity based costing to look at the profit impact of adding and removing customers and market share.

Yard Management System

  • Track Assets (Mules, Trailers, Containers) and Products utilizing dynamic GPS, AVI and RFID systems.
  • Planning for X-docking for consolidation and deconsolidation.
  • Continuous move optimization, modify loads and door assignments as loads arrive and shipments are ready for loading.

A single screen display of a yard with selection panels, which may appear on a separate monitor. When selected, the equipment or products flash in Green. Display can be enlarged to 3 screens high by 4 screens wide for complex or multiple yard displays.

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