A full ERP system designed by Service Automation.

About SAWIN Pro

SAWIN Pro includes functions for service dispatch, accounts receivable, accounts payable, sales and marketing, counter sales, purchasing and inventory, job costing, payroll, and wireless capabilities.

Software Modules

  • The industry standard in a Service Dispatch System which manages Call Booking, Dispatching, Client Equipment and Service Contracts and interfaces to Payroll, Inventory, Accounting, Contracting and Job Cost
  • An Accounting System which includes General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and US and Canadian Payroll with a user interface that allows the laymen to track sales and profits logically
  • A Contracting System that is designed to be a true contracting tool with easy access to Pending/In Process, Historical Bid and Job Information
  • A Multi-Warehouse Inventory Control System which includes Purchasing and Receiving and features bar-coding and better management of inventory and costs
  • Seamless integration of off-the-shelf products such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Word Perfect, Amipro, and others
  • Communication from your mobile work force using Pen Systems, Handhelds, Laptops and Pagers
  • Custom charting and reporting to display important information as needed
  • A Security System which restricts employee access to sensitive files and software

Account Receivable

Features Include:

  • Customer Information - View a wide variety of customer information at the click of a button such as current account aging, credit status, payment history, account history, collection activity, classifications for marketing analysis and customer specific notes.
  • Data Flow into Accounts Receivable - All revenue and cash receipts items from other SAWIN Professional applications such as Service/Dispatch invoices, Inventory , Counter Sales and Contracting invoices flow directly into A/R so that collections and A/R management are consolidated into one application. Transactions for multiple service locations in Service Dispatch can be tied to the same A/R customer. Financial transactions for these service locations will all be posted to this same customer for collections.
  • Invoicing & Statements - Create and print invoices, credit and debit memos and statements from AR. Use either pre-printed forms or plain white paper.
  • Finance Charges - Calculate and bill customers for finance charges on late accounts.
  • Sales Tax Reporting - Several sales tax reports are included providing both detail and summary information for proper sales tax reporting. These reports track sales and tax information from all applications within the SAWIN Professional system.
  • Credit Hold Management - Pricing The system can automatically place accounts on credit hold based upon credit limits or days past due if desired. Accounts can be placed manually on hold at any time. The reason the account is on-hold is shared with other SAWIN Professional applications to facilitate customer collections.
  • History Files - Retain complete check and invoice history for as long as desired and storage space allows.
  • Department Tracking - System includes two special management reports. The ýDepartment Statusý is a ýsnapshotý of what is happening in A/R at any given moment. The ýDepartment Activityý report provides both sales and cash receipts volume, averages and amounts for any given date range.
  • Special Accounting Notes - Free-form notes can be added to both customers and invoices. Special notes can be entered for specific A/R customers to be included on all invoices to this particular customer.
  • Interface with Contracting - Track retainage billed on contracting jobs easily for collection purpose. Aging Reports can include a column displaying ýunbilled retainageý for reporting to banks. Also, special statements can be printed with only retainage type invoices included.
  • Interface with Service Dispatch - The system automatically alerts personnel booking service calls to customers who are exceeding their credit limits or are on credit hold. The automatic booking of maintenance calls can be stopped for customers as well as those who do not have good credit status.
  • System Reporting - The SAWIN Professional AR system includes various reports for sales and customer analysis, customer labels, collections and sales journals.

Accounts Payable

Features Include:

  • Vendor Information - View a wide variety of vendor information at the click of a button such as current account aging, payment history, purchase history, notes, special payment agreements, pending reviews, etc. Default G/L account(s) can be setup for vendors to speed invoice entry.
  • Multiple Accounts - The SAWIN Professional system handles multiple Accounts Payable accounts, multiple checking accounts and departmental accounting.
  • Invoice Features - Invoices can be checked against purchase orders for verification of correct pricing and quantities. Disputed invoices can be ýflaggedý and placed on hold.
  • Manual Checks - Invoice entry window allows for direct input of check information to create one step processing of manual checks.
  • Check Printing - Use several reports for selecting invoices to pay. Selections include invoices within discount periods, invoices for vendors who charge service charges, invoices due within date ranges and specific invoices. The SAWIN Professional AP system prints computer checks and handles manually written checks also against pre-entered invoices.
  • Void Checks - Voiding checks automatically reinstates invoices as open for payment.
  • 1099 Printing - At the end of each year the system will automatically print your 1099s for subcontractors. An overview report is provided to show all vendors receiving 1099s as well as individual statements for each vendor documenting the totals on the 1099 forms. Reports can be generated to track subcontractors with incomplete tax id information.
  • Special Payment Arrangements - The SAWIN Professional system can track special payment agreements made with vendors for past due accounts or items such as loan payments. These prearranged payments will automatically appear in all Cash Requirement reports and reports for scheduling invoices to be paid.
  • Insurance Certificates - The system facilitates tracking of insurance certificates on vendors to assist in tracking and management of sub-contractors. Users are alerted to vendors with blank insurance certificate information or expired certificates.
  • Interface with Purchasing - Users in invoice entry can pull-up purchase order information for verification of vendor invoices.
  • System Reporting - The SAWIN Professional A/P system includes various reports for purchases, payments and vendor analysis, vendor labels, etc.

Counter Sales

Features Include:

  • Sales - Enter invoices, Credit Memos, post entries.
  • Reports - Work with a variety of reports to control and review deposits, sales, credit card usage, invoice inquiry and voided invoices.
  • Default Setup - Let the system perform routine booking tasks by setting up defaults for accounts, invoices, re-stock charges, sales taxes. Enter default invoice messages.

General Ledger

Features Include:

  • Setup Features - Define your own account structure up to 15 digits. System allows entry and retention of up to 3 years prior financial information. Setup your fiscal year periods for either monthly or 4 week periods.
  • Multiple Companies & Departments - Track information for up to 99 different companies with up to 99 divisions within each company. Division tracking can be setup for both income statement and balance sheet type accounts.
  • Retain GL History - Keep up to 3 years worth of detail on the system for historical reporting needs and comparison analysis on statements.
  • Financial Statements - Easily created customized Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statements. Create multiple styles of statements for use in reporting to banks, division managers, etc. Financial Statements can be presented in the form of consolidation, all divisions or any specific division.
  • Journal Entries - Create one time, reoccurring and reversing type journal entries. Year-end audit and prior adjustment type entries can be entered without showing in the normal fiscal year periods.
  • Open Periods - Ability to re-open prior periods for posting provided the fiscal year has not been closed. Multiple periods can be open at the same time for processing. Users in all SAWIN Professional applications are warned if they enter a transaction which re-opens a closed period and the system will automatically re-open the period.
  • Profitability Analysis - All SAWIN Professional applications are interfaced with the General Ledger to provide for accurate profitability analysis on selected fields including specific customers, trucks, technicians, service and contract jobs, types of services and specific invoices.
  • Bank Reconciliation - All bank accounts can be reconciled in the General Ledger application. Transactions from all SAWIN Professional applications will post into the G/L to provide one location to perform bank reconciliations.
  • Customized Reporting - System includes Info-Maker report writer to create any custom reports desired using the application’s database.


An invoice (change order, work order, or other important document) arrives in the mail. Your office staff copies it Files it. Routes it. Faxes it. The invoice gets approved. Retrieved. Processed. Re-filed. Your staff repeats this process dozens of times during the normal course of a normal day. And finally the ultimate question; Do we have a signed copy?

Job Costing

Features Include:

  • Estimating - Create estimates for jobs using materials from inventory, fixed labor amounts, labor based upon number of hours and free from expense for items using various price sheets or with direct input of margins desired for various categories. Proposals can then be printed and turned into contract jobs if accepted.
  • Phase Capabilities - Large jobs can be tracked and billed in ýphasesý corresponding to specific tasks or work components.
  • Job Templates - View the status of all your jobs at any point of completion with all the details of the job (budget, actual, remaining, etc.) or from an overview perspective for related jobs. User defined fields provide the capability to customize the job master to suit individual company tracking requirements.
  • Permit Tracking - Track the status of permits required for job sites and be alerted to permits that must be obtained before work on jobs is delayed.
  • Technician Scheduling - Schedule and dispatch your technicians in a graphical GUI environment similar to the SAWIN Professional Service/Dispatch Call Scheduling window. Technician Scheduling will allow technicians to remain at the same job over a period of days in one easy step without booking multiple ýcallsý and creating multiple ýticketsý as in the Service/Dispatch application.
  • Contract Invoices - Invoice customer using several invoice styles (including AIA) on a percentage completion basis or manually entered dollar amounts. The system automatically tracks retainage for you.
  • Retainage Billing - The system will automatically bill retainage on a job from previously billed contract invoices. Print invoices upon demand or use the system’s tickler reminder dates to alert you and trigger the billing of retainage.
  • Warranty Tracking - Track multiple types of warranties provided on equipment in the contract including Manufacturer, Builder and Extended Warranties. All warranty information entered in contracts will be available in the equipment logs in Service/Dispatch.
  • Management Reporting - View job status and profitability in summary or detail levels by individual jobs, by job ýtypesý or by user defined grouping fields.
  • Interface to Service/Dispatch - Once the job is complete, the contract job can be automatically turned into a service client in the Service/Dispatch application. All equipment sold and warranty information from the job will be available in the service master for service departments to continue working with the customer.
  • Interface to Accts Receivable - Contract and retainage invoices are posted into the Accounts Receivable application for collection and sales reporting. A/R Aging reports can reflect unbilled retainage, if desired for Bank reporting. Special statements can be printed for only retainage invoices to facilitate collection of retainage.
  • Interface with Payroll - Review technician time cards from scheduling and post to the Payroll application for regular payroll processing. Labor costs on jobs can either reflect hourly rates with an overhead factor added or reflect the actual payroll expense including FICA, Medicare and other payroll costs.
  • Interface with General Ledger - Simplified WIP accounting. All general ledger transactions generated from the Contracting application post to GL with fields such as job# and phase for detailed reporting and profitability analysis.
  • Customized Reporting - System includes Info-Maker report writer to create any custom reports desired using the application’s database.


Features Include:

  • Union Deductions - Accounts for union deductions for multiple unions and trades with the union reports. Detail union reports tie directly to the payroll earnings.
  • Multiple Earning Categories - Earning categories can be tailored for the employee Categories who has multiple earnings, for example, Salary, Hourly, Commissions, Non-Taxable Earnings.
  • Unlimited Deductions - Deductions are unlimited, and can be added, disabled. Deductions are prioritized.
  • Unlimited State Taxes - Allows a company to account for multiple state and local taxing authorities.
  • 401K - Allows for 401K deductions, as well as modifications in the future due to tax changes or employee requirements.
  • Commissions - Tracks commissions for Salespeople, techs and office staff. Allows for different taxation of commissions from base salary. Draws and commissions earnings accounting.
  • 941 & W-2 - Prints federal and state 941 quarterly reports, as well as year end W-2, 1099 forms.


Features Include:

  • Bar Coding - Print bar-codes easily for inventory items from purchase orders, at time of receiving or on demand.
  • Multiple Warehouses - Track your inventory in multiple warehouses, on service trucks and at job sites easily.
  • Serial Number Logs - System automatically tracks serial numbers from receiving, to contract job sites and service master locations.
  • Inquiry on Stock - Locate stock quickly by part # , description, location, SKU #, manufacture, etc. to display stock status in all locations with ability to locate substitutes for out-of-stock items or automatically create purchase orders.
  • Inventory Transfers - Easily move inventory from warehouses to trucks or job sites through one easy to use window or from hand-held scanners.
  • Audit Trails - Ability to report on movement of individual stock item from receiving, all transfers to sale or return to vendor.
  • G/L Interface - Allow for multiple inventory accounts. Track inventory using either FIFO, LIFO or Average cost basis. Inventory posts COGS expenses to General Ledger and accommodates Work-In-Process (WIP) accounting transactions.
  • Inventory Items - Purchase history tracking, vendors with best prices for items and hot keys to show status for inventory items in all/selected warehouses.
  • Unit of Measure Conversion - Inventory items can have different purchasing, stocking, and selling unit of measure.
  • Inventory Pricing - Ability for management to set pricing and then run reports to show/alert inventory items that need price adjustments due to actual purchasing cost changes.
  • Kit/Component - Create kit inventory items from component inventory items, relieving inventory on then component stock.
  • Truck Standards - Standard truck inventory listing will compare standard stock levels to current truck inventory and provide reporting on stocking needs with interface into Purchasing for automatic generation of Purchase Orders and stock load lists.
  • Purchase Orders - Purchasing Agents can maintain information in contract pricing negotiated with select vendors, special discounts and sales and other information to facilitate purchasing. Entry of Purchase Orders will reflect normal sequence of events taken in phone conversations to enter orders with pop-up windows for contract prices, last price paid to a particular vendor, etc. Ability to enter back order dates and other vendor commitments along with reporting for back orders and items not yet received by promised dates. Allows for entry of either material/stock or non-stock purchase orders.
  • Receiving - Receiving capabilities to show quantity ordered, back ordered, received and open. State of the art Windows design for ýclickingý of items received to increase ease and speed of use. Receiving information can be modified until posted.
  • Trade Services Interface - Take advantage of automatic inventory cost and pricing updates available through trade services.
  • A/P Invoice Validation - Validate purchase orders against invoices to ensure there is no duplicate payment for items received. Variance reporting based on quantity and cost.
  • Purchasing History - Purchasing History for vendor(s), class(es), part(s), etc. available for inquiry or printing. Reports for Purchasing Agents to review items purchased from a vendor showing price changes for contract/pricing negotiations.
  • Vendor Returns - Enter and track all returns of materials to vendors to ensure receiving credit on defective equipment.
  • Interface to Service/Dispatch - Ticket Verification can view and pull information from purchase orders. Inventory automatically relieved during posting of service tickets for items used on service jobs.

Sales /Marketing

Enables you to immediately boost the profitability of your organization by increasing revenues and reducing operational costs.

Forecast revenues accurately. Track every lead. Follow each deal through the pipeline. Understand where bottlenecks occur and why. Stay on top of key sales metrics that determine your organization’s success-- such as sales pipeline, forecasting, and performance over competitors with instant access to standard and customized reports.

Easily track the effectiveness of individual initiatives and long-term, integrated marketing campaigns. Know precisely where to find your most highly qualified leads. Keep your finger on the pulse of demographic and market trends affecting your business with instant access to standard and customized reports.

Service Dispatch

Features Include:

  • Service Dispatch - The SAWIN Professional system tracks a wealth of information on your service customers. Complete service histories are kept of all service calls made, parts used, equipment installed and billing information.
  • Service Locations - The SAWIN Professional system tracks a wealth of information on your service customers. Complete service histories are kept of all service calls made, parts used, equipment installed and billing information.
  • Equipment History - Review instantly full details of all the equipment at a customer site including service calls performed on the equipment, parts used, warranty dates and financial information such as revenue and costs.
  • Call Booking - User friendly interface for booking service calls. The system automatically alerts personnel to schedule conflicts, budget overbooking, technician qualification problems, etc.
  • Dispatching - Personnel responsible for dispatching technicians and trucks have a wide variety of tools for proper management of pending service calls, truck and technician movement to various locations, etc.
  • Service Dispatch - Pricing The SAWIN Professional Service/Dispatch application has two methods of pricing: Flat Rate and Price Sheets. Price sheets allow multiple pricing structures for parts, labor and other items. Flat rate pricing integrates with services such as Callahan Roach.
  • Service Accounting - The dispatching system in SAWIN2000 automatically creates the manual time cards for technicians based upon their activity. These time-cards can then be calculated to produce payroll reports that can be used to generate payroll through services such as ADP. The timecards can also be posted to the SAWIN Professional Payroll application for processing there.
  • Service Contracts - Setup your service contracts for both maintenance and non-maintenance related contracts. System handles reserve accounting. Contract invoices can be automatically generated by the system. A variety of reports are included for contract reporting and following up on expired contracts. Contract information can be sent to word processing packages such as Word or Word Perfect to automatically generate renewal letters.
  • Automatic Call Booking - Maintenance calls for service contracts can be automatically booked by the system to keep up with maintenance appointments. Maintenance calls can also be booked to handle vehicle maintenance items such as oil changes and tune-ups for company trucks.
  • Quotes - Salesmen can create quotes for the sale of contracts, equipment and services. Quotations can be printed and turned into service calls if sold. They system includes reports both for salesmen and managers to track appointments with customers, pending quotes and sales made.
  • Service Payroll - The dispatching system in SAWIN Professional automatically creates the manual time cards for technicians based upon their activity. These time cards can then be calculated to produce payroll reports that can be used to generate payroll through services such as ADP. The time cards can also be posted to the SAS Payroll application for processing there.
  • Profitability Analysis Reports - The system includes profitability and performance analysis on technicians, types of services and customers for management review.
  • Management Reports - Sales revenue and analysis reports provide a solid basis for tracking sales by a variety of items, including customer source, salesman, customer type, individual customers, etc.


Mobile Dispatch

Mobile Dispatch allows field technicians to communicate with the home office computer and dispatchers wirelessly. Mobile Dispatch takes the pressure off your dispatchers and eliminates costly logistic nightmares. It enables your dispatchers and technicians to become more effective and productive, which allows you to provide your customers with the excellent service they deserve at a competitive price.

Mobile Inventory

To stay ahead of the competition your warehouse operation must become more efficient and more flexible. Your processes must become more effective and accurate. Your customers are seeking solutions to their own problems and pushing responsibility further back up the supply chain - to compete effectively you have to meet their demands.

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