dProduce Man Software

An accounting software system designed by dProduce Man Software.

About dProduce Man Software

Video Overview

Highlights of dProduce Man Software Include:

  • Quick Order Entry
  • Unlimited Pricing Flexibility
  • Lot Tracking / Lot Liquidation
  • Grower Accounting / Load Accounting
  • Brokerage / Drop Shipment
  • Detailed Sales Analysis / Reporting
  • General Ledger Data Drill
  • Internet Order Placement Software
  • Detailed Inventory Control(handheld option)

Accounts Payable

Features Include:

  • Tracks and reports vendor invoices paid by credit card
  • Allow non-check payment of invoices
  • Pick lists allow you to scroll GL accounts when entering or editing payables
  • Allows pre-payments (deposits)
  • Allows vender payments to a separate remit-to-address
  • Permits user-defined check formats
  • Flexible bank reconciliation options
  • Allows unlimited partial payments on open invoices
  • Lets you define periods for aging payables
  • Alerts you if vendor credit limits are exceeded
  • Locates vendors by full or partial vendor ID, telephone numbers, or from pick list

Accounts Receivable

Features Include:

  • Automatic Invoicing
  • Lot Liquidation Report
  • Customer Percent Profit Report
  • Customer Margin Report
  • Cash Received/Deposit Report
  • Customer Statement/Credit Memo
  • Business Status Report
  • Open Receivables Aging Reports
  • Sales Analysis by Lot, by Item

General Ledger

Features Include:

  • Record complete audit trails
  • Support three types of automatic budget generation
  • Calculates 16 key business ratios
  • Provides general ledger and financial reporting for up to 13 fiscal periods
  • Batch entry system allows you to choose one-step journal entry and posting, or save unposted batch for later completion
  • Maintains unlimited years of posting detail, and includes an option to purge posting detail from the date you specify so you can easily keep the amount of detail you want on-line


Features Include:

  • Generate payroll checks in user-defined formats
  • Prints W-2’s in the IRS required format
  • Automatically post payroll for salaried employees
  • Tracks 2 local taxes
  • Accommodates up to 8 user defined deductions per employee
  • Calculates federal, state, and local taxes for all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Washington D.C.
  • Supports pretax deductions for pension, plans and 401K plans
  • Using timesheets entry, automatically post payroll for hourly employees according to start and end times

Purchase Order

Features Include:

  • Prints purchase orders and handles receiving
  • Relates invoices to particular lot numbers
  • Allows editing of items and/or amounts during receiving
  • Prints receiving tally sheets for inspections
  • Prints lot inventory receipts report
  • Allows customer drop shipment and prints schedules for material receipts
  • Displays 24 month vendor and 36-month item purchase histories

Sales Order/Inventory Control

Features Include:

  • Instantaneous and automatic display of inventory on hand, allocated, and available for sales (with or without lot numbers)
  • Extensive daily inventory control
  • Repacking capabilities
  • Ability to print bill of lading at time of order entry
  • Prints airway bills for exporting
  • Allows inventory and order taking by various handheld devices
  • Customer Order Guide
  • Inactive Customer Report
  • Customer Inventory and Suggested Price List
  • Customer Report by route

Product Overview

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