A full ERP system designed by Food Decision Software for distribution/wholesale trade and manufacturing companies.

About WinFDS

WinFDS from Food Decision Software Inc. has been developed to help solve the specific operational challenges facing Food Distributors and Manufacturers. This software solution allows you to spend time on growing your business instead of wasting time on the day to day activities that should be automated. The basic package includes order entry, inventory control and purchasing, general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable and lot control, pricing control, find and export, security and sales analysis.


There are two purchasing options for WinFDS: Purchse or Subscription. WinFDS pricing for the purchase options starts at a $15,000 one-time payment. There may be additional costs for implementation and maintenance.

The SaaS (Software as a Service) Subscription option for WinFDS is a low monthly cost which includes hosting on a secured 3rd party server. Since there is no up-front capital outlay, WinFDS SaaS contributes immediately to your company’s bottom line, with FDS assuming all support, hosting and data security concerns. Request a quote today.

Accounts Payable

The WinFDS Accounts Payable module is fully integrated with the General Ledger system and is designed to handle your needs. It offers excellent reporting features, multiple currencies, and flexible accounting periods and can help you take advantage of vendor discounts and promotions most effectively. A list of the Accounts Payable main features is listed below.

Accounts Payable Features

  • Multiple currency
  • Flexible periods
  • Outstanding A/P reporting
  • Checks reversal
  • In-depth analyses
  • Adjustments and transfer processing
  • Automatic posting to general ledger
  • Period reversed checks report
  • Automatic calculation of due dates and discounts
  • Automatic G/L distribution of Purchase Orders
  • Computer, manual and pre-paid checks processing
  • Outstanding A/P screen inquiry
  • Automatic detection of already-processed suppliers’ invoices
  • Bank reconciliation including automation of cashed checks from the bank

Accounts Receivable

The WinFDS Accounts Receivable module offers the Food Distributor a wide range of powerful tools that are designed to give you effective control over your outstanding receivables. It has dynamic reporting features that let you analyze receivables within any given periods, can handle multiple currencies, does automatic posting of interest charges on overdue accounts and a host of other features that help you expedite collections more effectively. A list of the Accounts Receivable main features is listed below.

Accounts Receivable Features

  • Aged trial balance printing
  • A/R Customer Messages
  • Customer statements printing
  • Automatic on-hold processing
  • Multiple currency
  • Screen inquiry into customers accounts
  • Completely open-items based
  • Automatic service charge calculation
  • Multiple terms
  • Customer mailing labels
  • Adjustment and transfer processing
  • Dunning letters printing
  • Payments processing, credit cards and Bank deposits
  • Post dated checks processing

BillBacks/Supplier Revenue

The WinFDS Bill Backs module allows the distributor to create Bill Back rules for products and customers and then track them so that the distributor can ‘bill back’ the various vendors appropriately.

  • Creation of Sales Bill Backs Rates
  • Creation of Supplier Bill Backs Rates
  • Sales Bill Backs Rates Reporting
  • Supplier Bill Backs Rates Reporting
  • Bill Backs Invoices Inquiries and Reporting
  • VIP (Value Incentive Program) Reporting
  • Create Unipro Reporting File
  • Create Pocahontas PERC File
  • Create ITWAL Purchase Orders File
  • Create ITWAL Fulcrum Sales File

General Ledger & Financial Statements

The WinFDS General Ledger Module is a powerful, fully integrated financial reporting system that gives the user maximum flexibility in their account structure and reporting requirements. It can consolidate various companies or departments, provide flexible sub-ledger reporting, and have special reporting tools for your ‘ad-hoc’ reporting needs. User defined Financial Statements can also be set up as required. Best of all, it eliminates the bottlenecks often created with other systems that require month end close-offs before processing the next period. A list of the General Ledger main features is listed below.

General Ledger and Financial Statements Features

  • Flexible accounting period’s structure
  • Automatically fed from other modules
  • Manual journal processing and cost allocations
  • Budget processing and analysis
  • Trial balance printing and account inquiry
  • Automatic reversal of accrual journals
  • Automatic year-end processing
  • Repetitive journals processing
  • Import G/L journals from external sources
  • User-defined financial statements on both the vertical and horizontal

Inventory Control & Purchasing

Inventory levels (both cases and weights where applicable) are updated automatically by the system as a result of invoicing. Committed stock levels are updated on a perpetual basis as customers’ orders are being processed. Suggested POs are created easily and quickly by WinFDS based on your quantity available, minimum inventory required and recent sales. WinFDS is also designed to handle the complete range of purchasing requirements. A list of the Inventory Control and Purchasing main features is listed below.

Inventory Control and Purchasing Features

  • Stock status and valuation reporting
  • Buyer’s report
  • Inventory adjustments processing
  • Tracking of suppliers’ specials
  • Both finished goods and raw materials tracking
  • Physical inventory taking
  • Graphical Display of prices paid
  • Product tracking
  • Lot Control
  • Multiple warehouse control (optional)
  • Cycle counts (optional)
  • Purchase Order Processing, including preparation of a ‘suggested’ purchase order and customer’s ‘special’ orders
  • Inventory status, product messages and purchase order(s) inquiries
  • Perpetual Inventory Control, including tracking at the unit, partial unit and weight levels
  • Minimum/Maximum quantity calculation

Lot Control

The WinFDS Lot Control module lets distributors keep track of their lotted products. If a recall ever needs to be done, the customers to whom the questionable lot was sold can be quickly identified and recalled. As a result of the lot control capabilities, WinFDS is compliant with the FDA Bioterrorism ACT of 2002.

  • Lot Control Inquiry
  • Expiry Date Warning Report
  • Product/Lot Recall Report
  • Reports for unassigned lots on orders


The WinFDS Manufacturing Module is designed to help food processors and manufacturers keep track of their raw material and finished goods inventory. You can create finished goods here and the associated raw materials are automatically relieved from your inventory.

  • Bills of material (recipe)
  • ýWhere usedý analysis
  • Raw materials cost changes immediately reflected in finished goods valuation
  • Customer orders requirements planning analysis
  • Production reports
  • Batch production and analysis
  • Finished goods and raw material Forecasting
  • Customer orders scheduling report
  • Production scheduling
  • Raw materials usage inquiry
  • Finished goods production inquiry
  • Batch production processing
  • Processing yield production

Master Files

Master Files are used by WinFDS to store information such as the Product Details, Prices, Customer Details, General Ledger Details, Warehouse locations, and Truck Routes. This data is then accessed as required by WinFDS for the many different modules and reports that WinFDS can generate. A list of the Master File Modules is listed below.

Master File Modules

  • Product
  • Terms
  • Sales Rep
  • Minor Category
  • Major Category
  • Customer Type
  • Buyer
  • Cross-Reference Group
  • Quote Name
  • Trip (Route) Name
  • Supplier
  • Warehouse Locations
  • Private Label
  • Price Book
  • Branch
  • State/Province
  • Discount Name
  • Other Language Descriptions
  • Internal Sales Reps
  • Product Messages
  • Currency
  • Selling Broker
  • Key Account (Group)
  • G/L Accounts
  • Territory
  • Buying Groups
  • Truck
  • Alternate Pack/Size
  • Messages
  • Customer OP Messages
  • Product Cross-Reference
  • Customer G/L Account
  • Tax Exceptions
  • Credit Reason Codes
  • Product/Customer G/L
  • Credit Cards
  • Country Codes
  • Deposit Codes
  • Customer

Additional Features in the Master Files

  • Master File code lengths are user defined (Numeric or alphanumeric)
  • Fast maintenance of files update next/previous record
  • Quick ‘Copy’ of existing Products and Customers Master file to new Products and Customers
  • Soundex’ (Alpha search) feature, you can access such things as customers and products via their names and descriptions, or any part of their names or descriptions
  • Products and Customers messages display can be automatic or when requested
  • On-Line help windows throughout the system
  • Lookup windows (pick lists) for all files/codes selections
  • Extensive input fields edit checks with easy-to-read instructions/information
  • Master files updates throughout the entire system
  • File changes audit trail (optional), whenever you make a change (addition, modification or deletion) to a master file such as changing a customer’s telephone number the system logs this change


The WinFDS Multi-warehousing module is a must-have for any Distributor with multiple distribution centers. Goods can be easily transferred between warehouses to ensure maximum turnover of all products bought.

  • Product costs per warehouse
  • Warehouse transfers
  • Warehouse specific product list
  • Warehouse transfer orders picking slip
  • Warehouse transfers Bills of Lading
  • Process warehouse transfer costs and freight list
  • Product by warehouse sales inquiry
  • Product by warehouse 52 week sales inquiry
  • Annual transfer report

Order Processing

WinFDS was designed to function in a multi-user, multi-tasking processing environment. You can have as many operators entering orders as you wish, while simultaneously processing other functions within the system. This includes printing customers’ invoices and picking slips. This functionality is handled automatically and is completely transparent to the user. A list of the Order Processing main features is listed below.

Order Processing Features

  • Multi-user processing of customers’ orders-- Open orders list display
  • Orders’ multiple inquiries
  • Product messages display
  • Inventory status display during order processing
  • Automatic order routing
  • Catch weight (random weight) processing
  • Full and partial units processing
  • Automatic order add-on capability
  • Customer on-hold display
  • Purchase Order(s) status display
  • Private label handling
  • Processing of future orders
  • Order and batch picking capabilities
  • Freight charge
  • Customer messages display
  • Missing orders reporting
  • Credit and debit note processing
  • Customer order form printing
  • Picking slip printing
  • Dual language product descriptions
  • Price override reporting
  • Dispatch reporting
  • Drivers’ manifests
  • Invoice summary analysis
  • Short shipments reporting
  • Minimum order value analysis
  • Other reports
  • Printing bills of lading (optional)
  • Standing orders (optional)
  • Back orders (optional)
  • Freight accrual analysis (optional)
  • Automatic pricing, including discounting
  • Automatic freight calculation (optional)
  • Display of customer purchase history and ‘key’ products
  • Using Par Values to create orders
  • Automatic A/R checking, including display of customer’s account on the screen
  • Product out-of-stock display, including suggested alternative display
  • Invoice printing at will, including the ability to re-print invoices
  • Quick, efficient processing of customers’ orders
  • Deposit and Recycling/Environmental fees for products
  • Invoices for Suppliers for Bill Backs, return of goods, etc., posted directly to A/P

Pricing Control

When it comes to pricing, many Food Distributors have as many expectations as they have rules. Furthermore, in many instances, prices change frequently, often on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis. WinFDS has been designed to automatically supply an order taker with selling prices and extensions, thus eliminating guesswork and errors, and maximizing efficiency. A list of the Pricing Control main features is listed below.

Pricing Control Features

  • Multiple Levels of ‘street’ pricing
  • Quote pricing
  • Automatic selling price calculations, including rounding
  • Contract pricing
  • Two, three or four decimal places
  • Product deals
  • Automatic up-charge calculation for partial units (splits)
  • Both products and off-invoice discounting
  • Price lists, including customized lists for your customers
  • Future prices processing

Sales Analysis

Effective sales reporting is one of the keys to success in the Food Distribution business. A good system should help you to know when customers are no longer ordering certain products from you or when there are sudden changes in their buying habits. The Food Distributor must always be on top of current sales patterns that can indicate changes in buying trends. Knowing the status of how well items are moving or not moving is critical to effective inventory management. WinFDS is designed to provide you with a wealth of information to make this job easier. A list of the Sales Analysis main features is listed below.

Sales Analysis Features

  • Sales by units, part units and weight
  • Current year versus last year analysis
  • Customer and product overall analysis- Budget processing and analysis
  • Buying group analysis (rebates)
  • Deals analysis
  • Detailed customer/product and product/customer analysis
  • Sales Rep analysis
  • Sales Rep and broker commission calculation and reporting


The WinFDS security system gives a System Administrator the ability to lock users out of different parts of WinFDS. It also makes it possible to set up password protected fields so only those personnel with the authority to change/view a field can do so.

  • Four levels of Security
  • Password protection ability
  • Block out or prevent input to the field level in any module
  • Operators by group, department, or individual settings
  • Report on current operator status
  • Operator historical logins report
  • System usage tracking

Warehouse Management

The WinFDS Warehouse Management Module is designed to assist in the location of product, put away products and determine replenishment requirements. This module can be interfaced to hardware such as RF scanning systems to make the warehouse run even more smoothly.

  • Warehouse bin categorization, size and quantities
  • Product and bin locator inquiry
  • Suggested replenishment
  • Process putaways
  • Reports to indicate POýs or product not yet putaway
  • Inventory report by bin
  • Bin tracking reporting
  • Load Initial Bins Inventory
  • Calculate Bins Min/max Quantities
  • Empty bin reporting

Web Order Entry

The WinFDS Web Orders Module makes it easy for customers to order over the Web. Customers see order guides that are specific to them and get immediate acknowledgements to the orders that they create.

  • Eliminate some order desk entry time and errors, as the customerýs will enter their own orders
  • Customer receives an immediate order confirmation from WinFDS that allows them to track their order easily on line
  • Web Order Entry users could check outstanding orders, A/R, order guides, historical orders, product deals/promos, inventory etc.
  • Customer on line account and/or web orders registration
  • Product General Price books, category and par values are creatable to customers
  • Customers are allowed to change their own passwords
  • On line advertising is available, which could generate additional revenue from suppliers
  • Open or old carts (Orders) can be saved and used again
  • Pictures and nutrition information can be provided for each product

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