A bespoke solution for nonprofit organizations trying to stay on top of their fund accounting.

About Denali Fund

A modulated nonprofit accounting software solution for small to large organizations, and CPAs who support these organizations. The nonprofit accounting solutions are used by The American Red Cross, Boys & Girls Club, Girl Scouts, United Way, YMCA and many other government, education, faith-based and private nonprofits, big and small.

Integrated Point of Sale is also available in the DENALI FUND product line, with the added benefit of working with not-for-profit and for-profit organizations at the same time. DENALI Accounting software is compatible with 32 and 64-bit systems (including Windows 7), and with the SinglePoint services, is compatible with Apple and legacy Microsoft clients.

Rated highest in its class by CPA Practice Advisor, DENALI Accounting provides the scalability, functionality and security of an enterprise-level accounting solution at a much lower price and remarkable ease-of-use. DENALI FUND is nonprofit accounting software that grows with your organization.

Accounts Payable

DENALI’s Accounts Payable software is easy to use and provides everything you need to manage vendors and payments. Save time and minimize human error with the Accounts Payable module.

  • Track due dates
  • Generate payments
  • Print checks (use Cougar Mountain Forms+Supplies for all your check printing needs)
  • Allocate expenses
  • Create, organize, and track vendors
  • Enter and pay bills from vendors
  • Set up recurring bills

Track Vendors

  • Search a vendor’s history by reference number, transaction date or due date.
  • Set up default general ledger expense accounts for each vendor.
  • Print a Vendor Master List for a complete detail of vendor accounts.
  • Merge two vendors while maintaining their full histories.
  • Easily renumber vendors while maintaining and transferring all history from previous records.
  • Vendor search and sort can be performed by the vendor’stelephone number.

Generate Checks and Reports

  • Use the drill-down feature to save time and paper when you print an Accounts Payable History Report, Payment to Invoice Report, or Invoice to Payment Report specified in the time period you wish to print.
  • Print a Dated Invoice/Payment Report showing the amount of open items as of a specified date.
  • Write checks at the same time bills are entered; enter bills, and then later select them for payment and write the check; or enter bills and record handwritten checks.
  • Print Forms 1099 Misc. and 1099 Magnetic Media for contract labor.
  • Prepare a check register of all payment transactions for quick payment auditing.
  • Maintain month-end balances of total payments, credits, and debits.

Accounts Receivable

  • Track customer purchases over time and retain a history of customer charges and payments
  • Setup credit limits and apply discounts.
  • Send customer invoices directly to their email, where they can click on a link and immediately make the payment using Automated Payment Collection.

Bank Reconciliation

DENALI’s Bank Reconciliation module matches your financial records with the bank’s list of transactions and reconciles bank statements to actual checks and deposits.

  • Quickly process hundreds of transactions at a time
  • Flag missing checks
  • Manage multiple bank accounts
  • Retrace questionable transactions
  • Track expenses by department
  • Set up recurring transactions

Budget Management

Estimate budgets and handle rollover budget items. Test budget proposals with the What-If Analysis Tool to analyze the results of your yearly budget.

Donor Tracking

The donor tracking feature, added to the latest DENALI FUND+Accounting release, fills a highly requested need for nonprofit customers. DonorExpress shares the same mission and philosophy as Cougar Mountain Software: Well crafted software backed by superb customer service.

DonorExpress is a third-party donor tracking product that integrates with DENALI Accounting Software though the Universal Bridge. Users can easily import the DonorExpress batch into the Accounts Receivable module. The interface between the two applications eliminates the need for redundant data entry and minimizes the possibilities of user error.

Fixed Assets

Cougar Mountain Software has partnered with Comprehensive Microsystems, Inc. to provide The System, a fixed asset depreciation solution that integrates with Cougar Mountain FUND® and FUND Suite®.

The System® allows businesses and nonprofit organizations to track, depreciate, and report their fixed assets in accordance with applicable accounting rules and IRS regulations.

Turn your PC into a team of accountants–accountants with more than 20 years of depreciation and tax law experience

Fund Accounting

  • Unlimited funds
  • Multiple fiscal calendars
  • Budget management tools
  • User-defined classifications
  • Report filtering by fund

General Ledger

General ledger is where you create accounts, budgets and make journal entries. General Ledger is recommended as the core accounting module for your nonprofit accounting software package.

With GL, you can track the financial status of your nonprofit organization when you generate and view the available reports, such as the Financial Reports, Budget Reports, and Reference Reports.

Other nonprofit features include:

  • Unlimited funds
  • Multiple fiscal calendars
  • Budget management tools
  • User-defined classifications
  • Report filtering by fund

GL Report Generator

Cougar Mountain GL Report Generator® allows you to create custom formats and titles for your reports, as well as specify what information appears on your reports for the time periods you want to see. You can quickly copy, modify, and share report templates and even print automated reports using the built-in scheduler.

Create reports that give you the information you want, when you want it.

Integrated eCommerce

Track and manage your inventory with your online sales in real-time. It also allows customers to track their orders, search inventory and monitor their open invoices and account balances.

Inventory Control

Inventory manages and tracks products and services and maintains detailed records of items you purchase and sell.

Track inventory in your back room, mobile units, across the street, or across the country with the Multi-Location Inventory addition.

Job Cost

Cougar Mountain Job Cost tackles all your tracking needs in one comprehensive solution. Cougar Mountain Job Cost will help you understand the true cost of each job whether you need a report to show only the bottom-line or item by item. Handling the cost accounting needs for contractors and manufacturers, Job Cost is perfect for any business that needs to build inventory items in house, or complete specific projects for customers. Close integration with other Cougar Mountain modules makes tracking cost information a simple, straightforward process.


Whether you have one employee or 1000, CMS Professional’s Payroll module provides everything your company needs to pay employees, manage taxes, and support any number of standard or unique deductions.

  • Any compensation types (i.e., hourly, salary, hourly/salary, per-diem, multi-state, contract or piece work)
  • Automatic direct deposit (from company account to employee)
  • Paychecks (use Cougar Mountain Forms+Supplies for official checks)
  • W-2s, with option for electronic W-2 submissions using Aatrix
  • Any standard and user-defined deductions and garnishments
  • Built-in and user-defined security for controlled access to payroll and employee records
  • Several Payroll reports (see screenshots below)
  • Because all modules are integrated, there’s no need to enter the same data twice.

Payroll Reports

  • Quick Employee List Report: Prints a list of active and/or non-active or both employees.
  • W-2 Report : The report is pre-formatted to print out on pre-printed W-2 forms.
  • Master Employee Report: Prints information stored in the employee’s master record.
  • Employee Earnings Report: Provides a breakdown of all earnings for each employee.
  • Account Impact Summary Report: Provides real-time information to see what your balances will be once you post.
  • Employee Benefit / Deduction Report: Shows the benefits, deductions, additions, tips, and EIC codes for selected employees.
  • Employee Project Report: Shows project hours and cost in respect to employee time and wages.
  • Employee History Report: Shows the number of units and dollar amount for each pay type for each employee.
  • Employee Leave Report: Reflects the balance of earned leave.
  • EFTPS History Report: Provides the payroll tax amounts necessary for preparing EFTPS coupons. Pre-posting EFTPS Report: Lists all FICA and FUTA taxes for the current payroll period.
  • Employer’s Quarterly Report [941]: Prints your quarterly 941 report information on a pre-printed government form or on plain paper.
  • 941A Report: Provides year-to-date tax history by quarter for selected employees.
  • Electronic Media W-2 Report: Allows you to electronically report the quarterly tax information submitted on Form 941.
  • Employee Department Report: Provides a breakdown of units and wages earned by each employee, or the total units and wages charged against each department project.
  • Taxable Wage Report: Shows the amount of taxable wages for each employee.

Payroll Add-Ons

At-a-Glance Dashboards - One of the most popular features of the DENALI Accounting Software is the sales and financial dashboards, which bring you real-time, graphical reports about the trends, financial health, and sales of your organization. Management will be thrilled to have instant access to key financial information.

Tax Updates - Tax Updates provide you with the latest changes and updates based on current tax requirements. The PR Tax Update Utility contains the latest federal, state, and local withholding codes to keep your Cougar Mountain Payroll tax tables current. The Utility also has Payroll and Accounts Payable tax reporting forms for the current tax year.

Tax Forms - Cougar Mountain has partnered with Aatrix to offer a solution that allows you to integrate with the Payroll application to prepare, print, and eFile payroll forms in all 50 states.

Forms and Supplies - Forms and other print supplies for your Cougar Mountain Software. Blank documents from Cougar Mountain Forms+Supplies are IRS compatible and guaranteed to work with the accounting software. Most forms also work with other accounting software systems.

ACH Direct Deposit - Great add-on for Payroll users. Save money every payday and streamline your payment processes with NatPay’s ACH Direct Deposit Distribution services.

  • NACHA estimates that employers spend approximately $1.90 per employee in payroll distribution – checks and/or pay stubs
  • Companies who do not offer Direct Deposit usually incur additional expenses averaged at $1.20 per employee paycheck, per pay period
  • Increase productivity by eliminating the need for employees to leave work to deposit checks
  • Eliminate the cost of reissuing lost or stolen checks, and associated stop payment fees
  • Reduce HR headaches with a streamlined payroll process that is completely paperless

Point of Sale

DENALI’s Point of Sale (POS) solution is configurable for just about any size business or organization, from a small gift shop to a large, multi-location setup. A few of the many POS features include:

  • Single screen transactions (from start to finish) for quick and error-free sales
  • Easy and secure electronic transactions of credit/debit cards, gift cards, checks, and EBTs
  • Integrated inventory management with the Inventory module
  • Customizable sales entry screens, sales receipts, and invoices
  • Perform refunds, special orders, voids, register changes, and authorized override transactions
  • Enter account numbers up to 45 digits and 6 segments for nonprofits
  • Post multiple registers at once
  • Restrict employees to only authorized information
  • Control cash and balance books daily
  • Retrieve real-time reports on sales by item, salesperson, register, and store

Purchase Order

DENALI’s Purchase Order module provides several features to easily manage purchase orders, invoicing, and view vendor history.

  • Manage orders from initial ordering through receiving and invoicing
  • View vendor history, previous item costs, and order/receive dates for all orders
  • Automatically generate purchase orders based on demand, quantity on hand, minimum quantity and order quantity
  • Control buyer access to saved purchase orders, vendors, and stock item information
  • Permit buyers to edit, view or generate orders or other buyer’s orders

Purchase Order Reports

There are a variety of reports available that provide information about items you ordered, when they are expected, and the vendors from which you ordered them.

  • Open Purchase Order Report: Shows all orders not marked complete or purged from the system.
  • Expected/Late Items Report: Displays items expected to arrive by a certain date or are past due.
  • Vendor Performance Report: Shows the variance between the values entered on the purchase order and the actual values after the order arrives.
  • History Report: Displays all posted purchase orders or the history of items ordered.
  • Recurring Purchase Order Report: Shows recurring orders set up in the software.
  • Code Reports: Prints a list of all codes for a specific Code type.
  • Pre-Issue Purchase Order Report: Displays a list of pre-issued purchase order numbers.

Tax Updates

Tax Updates provide you with the latest changes and updates based on current tax requirements. The 2006 PR Tax Update Utility contains all 2006 federal, state, and local withholding codes as well as all of the Payroll and Accounts Payable reporting forms for Tax Year 2005 - W2, W3, 1099, 1096 and the new 941 Form for 2006.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Denali Fund

Submitted on January 30th, 2014 by Lisa

Its basically fund accounting software and there are several ways that you can do each task so it is pretty intuitive and you can pretty much guess how to do it if you know how to do accounting.

The Good…

I like that there are several ways to do each task.

The Bad…

Nothing yet so far.

Submitted on January 30th, 2014 by Patrick

It was easily the best value that we found. We needed to evolve into a system that would have fund accounting which is why we selected it. It is newer, it is only a few years old but they work fairly quickly to get bugs out if I come across them.

The Good…

It is more robust than most systems

The Bad…

I think in general fund accounting has more nuts and bolts so there can be more pieces to the software.