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About AptaFund

AptaFund is the online fund accounting and business management solution that harnesses the power of the Internet to unlock the complexity of your financial information online and in real time.

Accounts Payable

Easily manage, enter, and track all of your vendor invoices with AptaFund’s Accounts Payable module. Apply credits and premiums, make direct payments, reimburse employees, and automatically calculate shipping costs and sales tax.

With AptaFund’s Payment Management module, you can select invoice to include on payment vouchers. Express Warrant Printing allows you to securely print a warrant on demand. Once an invoice that contains asset items is paid, assets can be accepted in the Capital Assets module.

Accounts Receivable

The Customer Management and Cash Receipts modules manage your incoming cash and revenue sources with real time integration with the General and Banking modules. Easily enter your revenue sources and their associated contact information.


The Banking module is integrated with the General Ledger, Cash Receipts, Payroll and Accounts Payable modules. Use AptaTrace to trace the source of any transaction in the Bank Account Register–you can trace from a check number to the General Ledger to the purchase order to the invoice payment!

  • Bank Account Management - define the banks, bank accounts, and associated account codes designated for funds that will issue checks.
  • Bank Account Register - view withdrawals and deposits for each bank account and reconcile the account with monthly statements. The Quick Journal Entry screen is used to record bank fees, interest payments or other adjustments.

Budget Management

Take control of your budget with AptaFund’s Budget Management module. It provides the tools to enter or import approved budget values and to make adjustments or revisions to those values.

The module is linked to all AptaFund modules that create encumbrance, transactions and can be configured to perform budget checking.

Capital Assets

Centrally manage and track capital assets with the GASB 34 compliant AptaFund Capital Assets module. Easily view the items that make up an asset, the accumulated depreciated and the inventory history. Assets can be depreciated and asset items can be split, transferred, moved, and disposed. Journal entries for depreciation are recorded in a tracking fund for easy preparation of GASB 34 financial statements. Users may also enter inventory items that can be tracked in the system but not depreciated.

The entry of historical assets is fully supported and a complete history is maintained throughout the life of an asset even when attributes change across fiscal years. For example, if the account code structure changes from one year to the next, AptaFund stores account codes with the asset in order to identify the originating funds.

Integration with the Purchasing, Receiving, and Accounts Payable modules allows you to create assets when purchased and generate customized asset tags when received. Received assets appear automatically in the Asset Management screen and can be accepted in the system once the vendor invoice has been paid. Detailed reports for valuation depreciation forecasting, insurance values, and property tax information are also provided.

Chart of Accounts Administration

The AptaFund Chart of Accounts Administration module is used to define and maintain account structures, create fiscal years and periods, and specify valid account codes. Each structure supports multidimensional account code hierarchies and account code element granularity. Multiple account structures can be defined, making it easy to update structures from year to year.

  • Structure Maintenance - define and maintain account code structures and elements, and determine whether the valid values will be numeric, alphabetic, or both.
  • Element Value Maintenance - create, delete, and modify the element values and hierarchies for defined account structures.
  • Accounting Cycle - create fiscal years and monthly accounting periods; define payroll and accounts payable accounting methods.
  • Chart of Accounts - maintain the account codes available within a given accounting cycle.
  • Account Mapping - establish rules for rolling over accounts to the new fiscal year. Easily increment codes, remove codes, transfer account history to new codes, and customize the accounts to make fiscal year end updates easy.

General Ledger

The General Ledger is the heart and soul of AptaFund. Tightly integrated with other AptaFund modules, the General Ledger displays all of the transactions that have occurred in AptaFund and provides a complete list of account codes and their balances. Transaction details can be traced to the source using AptaTrace. Online sort, find and filter tools allow for immediate analysis and reporting.

AptaFund puts you in control of your financial information with powerful tools that enable you to quickly view the big-picture trends and the details in your financial records, online and in real time. Eliminate those requests to your IT department for general ledger reports that can take days or even weeks to receive. Turn your data into valuable reports on the fly using AptaFund’s report tools and integration with Microsoft Excel.


AptaFund Payroll brings ease and flexibility to the business of managing and processing your payroll. The system supports all teacher pay plans, state-specific retirement deductions, direct deposit and electronic payroll reporting. With features like online pay distribution and adjustment, Preview Net Pay, and real time interface with the General Ledger, AptaFund provides the versatility required by payroll professionals and school business office managers.

Payroll Configuration: Payroll Configuration allows you to define the values used in the Payroll module, restrict element values that can be used for deduction expenditures and liabilities, define payroll cycles and their payroll periods, and define employee leave types.

Deduction Management & Assignment: Use the Deduction Management & Assignment modules to create deduction and benefit definitions and assign individual deduction sets to each employee. AptaFund stores current and historical deduction sets for each employee.

For employee inquiries and changes, use Preview Net Pay to automatically calculate the effects of different deduction sets on employee pay.

Payroll Information & Management: The Payroll Information & Management modules are where pay cycles, employee leave, deduction, and benefit information is specified for employee records. For processing, run payroll calculations, print reports, and update payroll until it is ready to be processed.

Direct deposit is available, along with district-customized paychecks and pay stub details. Print W-2’s directly out of AptaFund and file the data electronically.

Payroll Liabilities: The payroll liabilities created during payroll processing in the Payroll Management screen are tracked and paid using the Payroll Voucher Management screen. Payroll liabilities can be paid by printing liabilities checks for a vendor or by paying the liabilities electronically.


The Purchasing Module allows you to create and submit purchase requisitions and issue purchase orders.

You can immediately view budget balances for each requisition and define users with the authority to approve purchases that exceed available budgets.


Use AptaFund’s Receiving module to receive and verify items against purchase orders. Blind Receiving (the order amount is not displayed to the receiving user) provides security, helps reduce receiving errors, and allows the Accounts Payable department to compare received quantities against invoiced amounts. AptaFund Receiving works with AptaFund Capital Assets to assign asset numbers and generate asset tags.

Vendor Management

The Vendor Management module displays the list of vendors and current vendor balances. Users can add, change, and maintain vendors and vendor information and the system supports customizable, automatic assignment of vendor numbers. AptaFund generates 1099 forms and mandatory 1099 file exports for the IRS, allowing for easy adjustment.

Vendor information is used in the Purchasing Requisition, Purchase Order, Order Receipt, Vendor Invoice, Payment Management, Payroll Voucher Management, and Deduction Management modules.


Apta Software is pleased to introduce WebPR" with Intelligent Workflow, the latest version of Apta’s comprehensive web-based purchasing system. WebPR" significantly improves the efficiency and management of the purchasing process. WebPR" is fully integrated with the comprehensive AptaFund® business management system and minimizes the purchasing paper trail by allowing users to leverage the power of the Internet to remotely request and approve purchases.

WebPR" with Intelligent Workflow adds the flexibility to easily manage multiple levels of approval. It puts you in direct control of your budget with integrated real-time budget checking and ensures that purchasing requisitions are routed to the appropriate personnel for approval.

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