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New World Public Safety

A software system designed by Tyler Technologies for government & public administration companies.

About New World Public Safety

New World Public Safety, formerly known as Aegis Public Safety, is an integrated solution, that will help any public agency organize dispatch, mobile computing, field reporting, records management and corrections. This software through integration will provide your officers with increased safety by giving them instant access to important information to help make informed decisions before arriving on the scene.

Additionally, this product will decrease your response times by using E-911, AVL and GIS Mapping to dispatch units based on proximity, nature of call, and types of units available. The following integrated sections of New World Public Safety will give you a complete solution to managing your public safety processes:

  • Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) - Law Enforcement: CAD - Law Enforcement uses enhanced mapping capabilities to decrease response times and provide a reliable solution to dispatching units. This mapping uses geographic information system (GIS) mapping to provide you with informative detailed photographic maps. Additionally you will receive the benefits of a robust mobile messaging system, and unit dispatch recommendations to decrease response times.
  • Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) - Fire/EMS: CAD - Fire/EMS uses the same enhanced mapping to aid in unit dispatch. Additionally this product features automatic address verification, pre-determined procedures, real-time GPS unit location, cross manning, and the ability to generate rip & run reports to provide you with a complete solution to dispatching, managing, and recording data on Fire/EMS units.
  • Records Management (RMS) - Law Enforcement Utilizing a centralized Microsoft database, RMS provides a simple and effective solution to optimizing data entry, inquiries, compliance, investigative and administrative processes. This software package will allow you to create reports customized to your specific needs; aiding in the process of gather and analyzing statistical data. Furthermore, mapping tools used in Aegis will allow you to identify crime trends, allowing you to develop patrol strategies. The comprehensive search tools allow you to easily find related subjects, cases, vehicles, property, etc., with the smallest or largest amount of information. Another helpful feature of RMS is its ability to gather data, generate, and electronically submit UCR and IBR reports. A summarized list of features is shown below:
    • Robust Property and Evidence Management
    • Extensive Search and Drill-Down Capability
    • Automated Case Management with Email Notifications
    • Statistics-Based Incident Reporting
    • Shift Scheduling and Activity Reporting
  • Records Management (RMS) - Law Enforcement RMS - Fire/EMS is a comprehensive, user-friendly solution designed to aid departments in streamlining their reporting processes and maintaining a detailed record of all fire incident documents. Enhanced Data Analysis & Mapping allows you to identify trends, see areas of concern and better allocate resources. This product is fully compliant with the National Fire Information Council (NFIC) and meets all National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS) requirements. Pre-formatted reports, agency-defined reporting fields, and automatic editing will save you time and ensure the accuracy of your reports. RMS - Fire/EMS allows you to provide detailed pre-plans for buildings/businesses to follow; these show the location of safety equipment (fire extinguishers, standpipes, hose cabinets, alarm panels, etc.), safety procedures, inspection histories, and hazardous materials.
  • Mobile Computing: This product utilizes Microsoft technology to give your units real-time access to information and communication. The search process will reduce information overload in the field by giving your units access to consolidated query results from NCIC/NLETS, State, Local and other Global Justice based information sources. Additionally, this product will present your officers with maps giving them vital location information, routing instructions, and road closures, all in real time. Summarized features of this part of the software can be seen below:
    • 128-bit Encryption Ensures Secure Communication
    • Silent Dispatching Capabilities
    • Paperless Submission and Review of Field Reports
    • Seamless CAD Integration for Voiceless Dispatch and Status Changes
    • Global User Profiles Preserve Officers Settings
    • Designed for Ease of Use by Officers in the Field
    • Enhanced Monitoring of Network Connectivity with Real-Time Indicators to Network, Dispatch, Field-Based Reporting, Messaging and Inquiries.
  • Corrections Management: This software automates the day-to-day operations of facilities responsible for booking and holding a person in custody. With automated features and complete integration to RMS, your corrections officers have instant access to the detailed history of an offender, helping them make better decisions for a safe and more efficient environment. Booking processes are customized to your jurisdiction's requirements, and the ability to perform records transfers from RMS further streamline data entry. The ability to access the NCIC database allows you to check for outstanding warrants and charges during intake. This system will maintain all relevant inmate information, such as: housing, medications, special alerts and weekenders; additional tracking can manage events, inmate programs, cases, and even inmate activity logs.

Product Overview

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