Cybersecurity and governance, risk, and compliance software


SAP GRC provides real-time visibility and enterprise risk transformation. This software lets you automate and manage risks, controls, identities, cyber threats, and international trade across the enterprise with embedded analytics and artificial intelligence. Use SAp GRC to unify enterprise risk and control processes on a common technology platform, leveraging continuous monitoring for agile decision-making.


SAP GRC has several features:

Respond to risks

  • Enterprise risk management
  • Centralized controls and compliance
  • Audit planning and performance
  • Exception detection and remediation

Manage trade worldwide

  • Export and import management
  • Restricted and denied-party screening
  • Tariffs and duties management
  • Special customs procedures

Secure your data

  • Powerful and flexible security management capabilities
  • Security monitoring and threat detection
  • Identification of lapses in your application landscape
  • Data protection and privacy management

Govern access

  • Continuous access analysis and insights
  • Configurable, predefined access policies
  • Comprehensive identity management
  • Streamlined single sign-on

Product Overview

User Reviews of SAP GRC

Submitted on March 31st, 2021 by Werner Basson from The Kraft Heinz Company

The SAP Process Control application gives us the ability to manage testing for multiple regulations — across zones, business units, and locations — from a central location, which creates great efficiencies for a global company such as Kraft Heinz.

Submitted on March 31st, 2021 by Malte Globig from Flint Group

SAP Process Control makes it easy for us to continuously monitor our operational and transactional processes. It improves collaboration between the business and internal auditors while helping ensure that inconsistencies and errors are quickly remedied.