A web-based multi-module management system designed by Buildertrend Solutions, Inc for construction companies.

About Buildertrend

Buildertrend is cutting-edge, cloud-based project management software. With more than 1 million users across the globe, they empower the construction industry with a better way to build.

The software helps construction professionals build more projects while reducing delays, eliminating communication errors, and increasing customer satisfaction. From Estimating, Scheduling, and Change Order features to Client Communication and Document Management tools, the feature set is here to streamline every aspect of the construction process.

As a partner in their customers’ successes, their team provides unmatched support, every step of the way. At Buildertrend, they believe in providing an all-in-one solution to solve real problems, deliver real results, and change the way the world builds.

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Buildertrend Features

Some features offered by Buildertrend include:

Bid Management

Buildertrend will take the headache out of managing bids and build an accurate estimate. Buildertrend will allow you to easily request, manage, and award bids in a simple way so you can increase margins.

  • Send bid requests quickly:– All it takes is a click of a button to your network of suppliers and trade partners, and you will start receiving bids in your timeframe!
  • Reduce costs and go paperless:– Easily share all specs and blueprints in an online plan for a specific job.
  • Collaboration is Key to a Successful Job:– Document and collaborate RFIs with one or multiple subs.

Change Orders

Buildertrend tracks all of your changes and keeps team members, trades, and customers on the same page about any changes that take place.

  • Easily Create CO’s on the Fly:– Write-up, send, and get a change order approved in minutes!
  • Keep the Hassle out of the Process:– Automatic notifications can be sent to accounting, trades, and even the bank when changes have been approved.
  • Project Cost Summary:– Allow for Homeowners to see how the change orders affect the bottom line with real-time Project Cost Updates.

Customer Selections

With Buildertrend you will be able to collaborate with the clients on choices, eliminate selections errors, and keep the project cost summary current.

  • Staying on Budget: Share allowance information to keep the client on budget.
  • Share Selections Choices: Collaboration is key when working on any project, allow for collaboration between vendors and homeowners to verify and make the right selections.
  • Keep the Job on Schedule: Easily share key selections deadline dates with automatic deadline notifications to keep the job on schedule.

Daily Logs

Buildertrend provides you with an easy to use daily log management tool that allows you to stay on top of the job on the Jobsite From Your Phone or Tablet.

  • Voice to Text: Simply speak into your phone and have a daily log show up on the job log.
  • Share Your Daily Logs: Use the Buildertrend App to take notes from the field and update key staff members on important issues.
  • Simple Documentation: Daily Logs allow for a simple way to track and manage all daily activites.

Doc & Photo Management

Online Documents and Photos to Get the Team on the Same Page. Buildertrend gives you the ability to easily manage, share, and distribute important documents and photos to employees, trades, associates, and customers.

  • Project Specific: Easily manage and store documents on a per project basis with unlimited data storage!
  • Field Access is a Must: View blueprints or upload pictures directly from the jobsite.
  • Customer Focus: Share pictures with customers and allow for exposure with “Post-to-Facebook” feature.

Lead Management

Lead Management to Ensure That the Leads Become Your Next Clients. Buildertrend allows you to capture, create, track and convert a lead to a new project.

  • Custom Lead Integration: Don’t worry about getting your old leads into Buildertrend, with Buildertrend you will find the integration painless and simple.
  • Mass Marketing Campaigns: Develop one time or drip marketing campaigns to specific target markets.
  • Close Faster: Analyze key data to focus on specific “hot” leads to close more deals.

Project Collaboration

On Demand Collaboration That Is Fast, Easy, and organized…the Way You Need It to Be. Whether you comment in the mobile app, or online, Buildertrend organizes everything for you by user/project/or activity…the way you need it.

  • Comment Threads: Comment threads that act more like text messaging than email.
  • Search by Topics: Filter your comments to only view specific topics
  • Shared with only who you need to see it: Easily share comments only with applicable parties.

Project Scheduling

Easy to Use and Powerful Scheduling Tool That Makes Your Life Easier. You won’t have to worry about missing another deadline. Buildertrend scheduling tools make it easy to manage one job or multiple jobs with preloaded templates and automatic notifications.

  • Custom Schedule Templates: Build the perfect schedule.
  • Automatic Notifications: Generate notifications to keep trades and customers in the loop.
  • Multiple Views: Generate views and reports that make the most sense for your business.
  • Automatic Schedule Shifts: Adjust the one item that is over-schedule, and watch the entire schedule re-calculate.

Purchase Orders

Purchase & Work Order Management Increases Efficiency and Reduces Costly Budget Errors. Buildertrend’s PO’s system will make it faster to develop work orders and you will receive quicker responses with electronic signatures to eliminate costly errors from Trades and Vendors.

  • Custom Cost Codes: Standard cost codes setup and integrate unique cost codes to your business.
  • Accountability Means Profitability: Electronic Signatures from trades and vendors keep the budget on track.
  • Collaboration with Team Members: Easy-to-use notification process keeps the team involved on the next steps of the project.

Warranty & Service

Warranty Management That Increases Customer Satisfaction. Buildertrend will allow you to easily manage and improve the service and warranty process.

  • Punch list on the Jobsite: Easily keep team members and trades informed on any issues found on the jobsite.
  • Streamlined warranty requests: Clients can easily manage and submit warranty requests through their secure online portal.
  • Key Reporting Tools: Easily manage and generate warranty reports that are critical for your business.

Buildertrend Pricing

Buildertrend starts at $399 but provides the first two months at a discounted rate of $99.

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User Reviews of Buildertrend

Submitted on April 17th, 2023 by Anonymous

It had everything we were looking for from start to finish. We were able to do estimates, project management throughout, tracking… it had kind of everything. It was kind of a whole package. Other software we looked into was just project management or just estimating. You almost had to get two systems and then every additional user cost more money. One payment with unlimited users is better. Support has been good so far. No complaints.

The Good…

All-in-one (estimates, project management)

The Bad…


Submitted on April 7th, 2023 by Anonymous

We’ve had some issues with ACH payment processing in recent months. Outside of that, it’s been helpful with managing different projects. We’ve been liking it’s ability to sync with QuickBooks. You can make check payments, enter invoices into Buildertrend and it will send it directly to QuickBooks. The cost codes in Buildertrend will match in QuickBooks.

The Good…

Integration with QuickBooks

The Bad…

Troubles with ACH payment processing

Submitted on March 14th, 2023 by Anonymous

It’s working pretty good. It’s price point in comparison to the big guys is unbeatable. A little wonky sometimes but overall I guess from a scale from 1 to 10 I think we’re at like a 7.5 for satisfaction. Support has been great. They’re really good about answering their calls and emails.

Submitted on December 20th, 2022 by Anonymous

With Buildertrend we were unhappy with the recent price increase, especially as we find ourselves having to creste our own tools outside of the software to have our needs met. We do primarily remodeling work, with multiple projects running at once but the program did not allow us to set multiple tasks across the various sites. We have struggled overall with the scheduling features.

The Good…


The Bad…

Scheduling and task managenent is poor.

Submitted on December 25th, 2021 by Anonymous

Good program in many regards. But it’s a dated program, example, there is no “Global search bar” which is a basic standard for most programs. It does sync well with QBO but it’s very non-user friendly as far as making change orders as you can NOT email a change order, but must give a portal for the homeowner to view. It’s basic functions are strong, but it’s just behind the times for what they charge. The newest update they released was rather sudden, and has completely changed the interface. Not for the better I will add. The simple things they could’ve improved Such as global search bar was not in the “upgrade”, and also you cannot see the full view estimate worksheet, you must scroll around to sift information. Frankly, for $500.00/mo I will be leaving their platform. It does not seem they are headed in the right direction, and the part that is most frustrating is they take your feedback, but don’t expect much to happen anytime soon. I would spend money elsewhere.

The Good…

Support is good

The Bad…

The entire platform basically. I thought it would be the silver bullet, I’ve had it for years, finally just as I’m getting good with it, they changed the entire interface on my. Not cool

Submitted on May 2nd, 2019 by Dale Ervin Jr.

We needed something that could manage projects remotely which is what Buildertrend allows us to do. Buildertrend has helped us on a day to day basis. It has helped us manage a project from a customer standpoint. We have everything in one spot so the customer can see schedules photos, updates, everything is accessible in one spot. They can also make payments for the project online.

On the back end, my project managers can see what is going on, sales has their own section to input everything. It’s really made it easy to bring everything into one system that anyone can access,

The proposal feature in Buildertrend is really nice. We used to lose proposals all the time when it was a pen and paper process. The customer can approve things right on the spot and it pings our workers so we know we have another job to handle. From a sales side, it transfers it right into production and into our daily logs and we can message customers and interact with builders as well. Payment is accepted right online so from beginning to end it has a nice workflow.

Submitted on February 26th, 2018 by Anonymous

For custom homebuilders, I would say the program is great and give it a 4 to 5 stars. For us, as a telecommunications contractor, it has deficiencies and is not robust enough. We only have a small number of customers and but perform multiple jobs for them which BuilderTrend isn’t able to manage. I would give it 2 stars from our direct perspective.