Custom Homebuilder’s Solutions

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A full ERP system designed by Custom Homebuilders’ Solutions for construction companies.

About Custom Homebuilder's Solutions

Custom Homebuilders’ Solutions (CHS) is a powerful tool that combines a full range of accounting features with comprehensive job costing, management, and tracking features needed by builders. CHS will make life simpler for custom home builders, their clients and their staff.

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CHS Benefits

  • Is easily customized for your business
  • Allows job managers to approve bills to pay with scanned bills and variance info readily available.
  • Creates reports immediately by job, job cost, client, company or department
  • Alerts the user to duplicate payments or over payments
  • Provides job budget/estimate tools with historical data at your fingertips
  • Reports variances from budget and purchase orders instantly
  • Shows anticipated buget overages on one window by instantly gathering all related info.
  • Produces comprehensive financial reports
  • Provides a Payables window for entering trade and supplier bills with instant overage alerts!
  • Alerts user to trade license and insurance expiration
  • Includes contracts management features to track activities and communications
  • Provides selected Online Information to Home Buyers

The builder will like the estimating, budgeting, change order, job status reports, and trade contractor control features. The client will be impressed with the accurate, professional reports detailing costs and status of their home. The accountant will like the flexible accounting package that provides tools for quick research and production of financial records and reports.

In CHS, lots of things like vendors, departments, general ledger numbers, cost codes, cost types and more are set up and stored so that builders or staff can easily add critical, detailed data to each posted record. By entering all this information into separate, searchable fields, financial reports the accountant needs and the more detailed job cost reports the builder needs are all available at the click of a button.

No more wasting time looking for old bills or creating separate spreadsheets! All the reports are at your fingertips-whenever you need them!


Top functionalities of Custom Homebuilder’s Solutions includes:

Accounts Payable

  • Printed checks or Post Manual Checks
  • Credit Card Charges entry screen and Reconciliation to Credit Card Statements
  • Set up recurring accounts payable entries
  • Cost Approval Reports that show overages
  • Overages and insurance expiration alerts as bills are being entered
  • Void Checks/ Change Check #'s
  • Aging Reports/ Vendor Ledgers by Job/Dept

Accounts Receivable

  • Statements/ Ledgers
  • Quick Billing for Costs that have been posted, including markups
  • Ability to enter Accts Receivable entry on Bill Paying screen

Cash Control

  • Track Cash By Job or Dept; no matter how many Job or Dept costs are included on one check
  • Cash Flow reports For Whole Company, or by Job and Dept.
  • Cash Registers by Job or Dept
  • Cash Available by Job
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Deposit Reports by Job or Customer

Chart of Accounts

  • Use Preloaded, Edit them as needed, or Setup your own
  • Set up one time; jobs, depts, and cost codes are not attached to Chart of Account G/L number

Financial Statements/Ledgers

  • Trial Balances, Balance Sheets, Income Statements by Job, Dept, Company
  • Financial Budget Comparisons
  • General Ledgers by Job, Dept, Vendor, Cost Codes, and more

Job Costing Control and Estimating

  • Professional Job Budgets/Use Bid, Historical, or Items/Formulas Estimating
  • Post Bids Received to Review directly on Job Budget screen
  • View related actual costs from other jobs directly on Job Budget screen
  • Cost Variance and Detail Reporting
  • Estimated Costs at Completion that instantly reacts to all changes
  • Percentage of Completion reports
  • Cost Comparisons Between Jobs


  • Ability to enter payroll after it has been processed.
  • Ability to post checks with gross and tax info.
  • Ability to post to job costs.

Purchase Orders

  • Reports that compare Budget to PO’s
  • Purchase Orders that will list Supplier Items (if used)
  • Purchase Orders that will automatically include items budgeted, if desired
  • Alerts if Costs over authorized PO’s for Cost Code or Vendor


  • Scheduling application included with purchase of CHS
  • Scheduling will link to data in CHS to use Supplier/Sub data, Budget/ C.O. data
  • Gantt style charts for whole project, one phase, or for selected Supplier/Sub


  • $750 initial setup fee
  • Starts at $50/month
  • $40/month fee per user (drops to $35/month if over 5 users)
  • Users added after initial setup will incur a setup fee of $35/user.
  • Additional company files are an additional $30/month

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User Reviews of Custom Homebuilder's Solutions

Submitted on April 13th, 2021 by Paul Oliver from Oliver Custom Homes

We spent time looking at national builder shows to find an accounting program that would fit our new custom homes/ custom remodel needs. This is the only one we found that was designed specifically for the smaller custom builder. It didn’t matter that we know how to build but aren’t great at accounting. This gave us a clear picture of where we were on costs and how well we did on each job.

The Good…

Our CHS budgets impressed our customers. The banks liked the detail on our draw requests. It made entering and understanding our costs for each job.

The Bad…

Like any internet based program, sometimes it has issues with speed.

Submitted on October 17th, 2019 by Brad from Trauth Homes Inc.

I’ve searched all estimating & job cost accounting options for a small builder and this is not only the best, it’s the only one that actually functions the way builders operate. Quickbooks is NOT the solution for builders & remodelers. QB has Estimated Cost at Completion reports, but it does not take into account variables like a budget line item actually being completed. CHS allows you to see your budget in real time, all the time, every time.

The Good…

The ECC (Estimated Costs at Completion) worksheet is the most valuable tool. You can see your budget column, with Change Order & Purchase Order columns, next to your Actual Costs, and Variance column which tells you where you stand line item by line item. When an activity is complete you can just check a box to realize the surplus left in that budget line item which adjusts your bottom line accordingly. You can also add purchase order amounts right from the ECC worksheet which is great for when you accept a bid, formally or verbally as many contractors do, which adjusts your ECC immediately.

The Bad…

I would prefer the windows to open up a bit larger. Log in process takes a minute or two and it will time you out after an hour or so, but I understand why.

Submitted on November 2nd, 2017 by an anonymous Custom Homebuilder's Solutions user.

I’m using it currently. I’m a CPA, licensed and retired. It’s not an accounting orientated software, as in it’s meant to be geared towards someone who doesn’t use accounting in their daily life. It was a bit counter-intuitive for me due to this reason, but I learned to use it though.

The Good…

I like that it’s online. It’s anywhere accessible and it also has automatic backup so I don’t have to worry about losing data.

The Bad…

It freezes from time to time, but more of an internet issue on my end I would imagine.