Halogen eLearning Manager

A web-based multi-module management system designed by Halogen Software Inc.

About Halogen eLearning Manager

Our award-winning training management system, Halogen eLearning Manager, lets you create targeted training programs that close skill gaps and build the talent your organization needs now and in the future.

Schedule, manage and track all learning and development activities. Then easily measure the effectiveness – and ultimately the bottom line results – of your training investments in terms of improved employee performance.

Give your training administrators access to the training needs of individuals, work groups and talent pools.

Best-in-Class Learning Management System Features:

Training administrators:

Deliver best-practice employee training management and easily measure the effectiveness of employee training.

Managers and employees:

Create a learning culture and support employee development and success.

Best-Practice Learning Management Software Benefits

HR and learning professionals: get insight into organizational learning needs, and can help employees and managers identify relevant training paths that are aligned with corporate goals, with point-and-click ease. Then they can tangibly measure and demonstrate the impact of their initiatives and programs.

C-level executives: can ensure learning investments address the performance and skill gaps your organization needs to tackle in order to achieve its strategic plan.

Managers and employees: get fingertip access to the organization’s learning offering and guidance to choose the right learning activity every time.

The decision to choose Halogen is easy!

  • Recognized market leader
  • Rated #1 in customer satisfaction
  • Simple to implement
  • Secure and reliable
  • Helpful customer community
  • Delivers Big Picture Talent Management"
  • Best of all – absolutely risk free

Halogen eLearning Manager is an optional, seamlessly integrated employee training management module in our organically-built, performance-driven Talent Management Suite – a suite that is designed to uniquely connect performance to all functional areas: recruiting, learning and development, compensation and succession planning.

Now, instead of looking at silos and operational views of talent management, HR managers and C-level executives get one big picture that enables them to make decisions with greater confidence. They can think more strategically and build a brilliant, high-performance workforce that is 100% aligned with the organization’s strategic goals and values.

Development Planning

Halogen eLearning Manager" makes it easy for managers and employees to make the most of the training resources offered by their organization. Halogen eLearning Manager" is seamlessly integrated with Halogen eAppraisal", so you can discuss and identify development activities as part of your employee performance appraisal review, or at any other time during the year. And with the click of a mouse, you can update development plans, track progress on activities and see the impact training is having on performance.

Simplify Managers’ Tasks

  • View employees’ performance appraisals, goals, and development plans from a single user interface.
  • Access the Learning Catalog from within an employee appraisal or talent assessment form so you can assign appropriate development activities to address identified skill gaps or career aspirations as part of your performance appraisal or career development discussions.
  • Choose from a list of training activities specifically mapped to each individual competency, to help develop that competency.
  • See learning paths at-a-glance that list all the sequential, multi-step development activities or curricula required to complete programs (e.g. onboarding, sales training, etc.) or certifications, or to master competencies.
  • Track progress on development activities the same way you track progress on goals.

Empower Employees With Individual Training and Development Plans

  • Access performance appraisals, goals, development plans and the learning catalog from a single user interface. Employees can even launch e-learning activities from within their training and development plan.
  • Easily find learning activities related to job and/or competency gaps identified in performance appraisals and request external training.
  • Enroll in applicable courses and keep them top of mind with easy access from the Halogen home page and from automated email reminders.
  • Keep track of completed or in-progress learning activities.
  • View registered training, activity due dates and certification expiry dates from a personal learning calendar.

Develop your employees for sustained high-performance and continued growth!

Learning Management System

Halogen eLearning Manager" makes it easy for you to deliver best-practice learning management, and to quantifiably measure and demonstrate the effectiveness of your efforts. Our fully featured learning management system works seamlessly with award-winning Halogen eAppraisal" to give you the information you need to truly impact employee performance, and deliver the training programs your organization needs to address skill gaps and position itself for the future.

Learning Administration Made Easy

  • Catalog, schedule, manage and track all types of learning activities including: classroom, e-learning, seminars, webinars, on-the-job, certifications, etc.
  • Easily manage registrations, withdrawals, waiting lists, cancellations, bulk enrollments, instructor assignments, and resource bookings from a central interface.
  • Report on training hours, course progress, course completion and scores.

Get Easy, Fully-Integrated Access to Skillsoft Courseware

  • License Skillsoft on-demand e-learning that is easy to implement and use – even with a limited learning and development staff.
  • Benefit from full integration with Halogen eLearning Manager".
  • Purchase directly from Halogen Software for simplicity and convenience.

Consolidate Information on All Training Activities in a Single Catalog

  • Provide access to all your learning and development resources from a single catalog: leader-led, e-learning, blended learning, webinars, job aids, course materials, pre-work, etc.
  • Integrate SCORM compliant e-learning courses. (AICC level II, SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004)
  • Search the employee training and development catalog using keywords, job requirements or competencies.

Create Learning Paths and Programs in Your Catalog

  • Capture the sequential, multi-step development activities or curricula required to complete programs (e.g. onboarding, sales training, etc.) or certifications, or to master competencies.
  • Incorporate requirements for prerequisite courses, activities, assessments and assignments, and track their completion.

Manage Employee Training and Development for Certifications and Licenses

  • Capture all certification and licensing training requirements.
  • Track required employee training completion and certification/license expiry dates.
  • Automatically notify managers and employees of upcoming certification/license expiries.

Shared Libraries

  • Access organizational competencies, job profiles and training activities from one location, shared by all products in the Halogen suite.
  • Benefit from built-in, customizable competency libraries, as well as purchasable third-party libraries.

Keep Track of Progress and Performance Using Dashboard Reports

  • View consolidated, detailed information on employee development plans and related training activities.
  • Analyze competency gaps and create targeted training programs to address them.
  • Determine training effectiveness and ROI by tracking improved performance on competencies.

Skillsoft Courseware

Halogen Software now offers its customers access to the full Skillsoft® elearning courseware catalog of over 3000 courses. When integrated with Halogen eLearning Manager", the Skillsoft courseware provides powerful, targeted development programs that increase employee performance and business results.

Courses Designed to Fit Your Learning Needs

Skillsoft courseware provides employees with high-quality, engaging online content and on-demand convenience. They provide courses in many solution areas, including:

  • Business skills
  • IT skills
  • Desktop skills
  • Environmental health and safety
  • Legal compliance

Flexible Course Selection

Customers who use Halogen eLearning Manager may license entire catalogs or choose any number of individual courses from Skillsoft’s library. For small to medium business customers with fewer than 2500 employees, we offer the SkillSoft Select package, which includes more than 330 courses and the option to exchange up to 10% of the courses in the baseline bundle annually. And our experts can help you select the courses or bundles that best meet your organization’s unique needs.

Why Buy Your Skillsoft Courseware From Halogen Software?

When you license Skillsoft courses from Halogen Software, you benefit from working with Halogen’s world-class customer support team, who’ll upload the licensed course content into your suite as part of your Halogen eLearning Manager implementation. You can also have Halogen map each of the courses to the competencies in your library, helping you align your learning and development programs with your values and performance goals. By licensing your Skillsoft courseware from Halogen Software, you benefit from:

  • Industry-leading elearning courseware that’s tightly integrated with your performance management processes.
  • The convenience of licensing Halogen eLearning Manager with a full curriculum of courseware.
  • Unified support for both your LMS software and elearning content from Halogen’s world class customer support team.

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