Cloud-based insurance management software for accounting, sales, and policy administration.

Product Overview

Applied Epic is a cloud-based insurance solution designed for agents, brokers, insurance providers, and consumers. It features policies and benefits administration, license tracking, and document management. Users can compare and verify policies, documents, and contracts, and create plan summaries using pre-built forms and templates.

Additionally, it includes an agent dashboard for managing sales processes and tracking performance, along with sales automation feature. Applied Epic performs well in remote work environments due to its cloud capabilities.


  • Cloud-based, effective for remote work
  • Reporting for new leads and existing clients
  • Continuous improvement based on user feedback


  • Steep learning curve
  • Cumbersome marketing module and data mapping
  • Tedious setup

Target Market

Established insurance agencies and brokerages seeking advanced features for account management, sales automation, and policy administration.

Not Recommended For

Agencies with limited resources for training and system migration. The software’s complexity and initial setup requirements may be overwhelming for businesses without a dedicated IT team.

About Applied Epic

Applied Epic is an insurance management software designed for agents to handle property and casualty (P&C), policy and benefits administration, and financial accounting. The system encompasses customer relationship management (CRM), allowing users to maintain and grow their client relationships effectively. With its reporting tools, users can keep track of new prospects and monitor renewals for existing clients, facilitating both client retention and acquisition.

Video Overview


  • Automated workflows to improve efficiency.
  • CRM and sales automation for enhanced client interaction and sales tracking.
  • Document management for organizing and accessing necessary documents easily.
  • Omnichannel customer service options, enabling communication through multiple channels.
  • Text messaging feature for direct and instant communication with clients.
  • Management tools for P&C and benefits, ensuring comprehensive coverage of insurance needs.
  • Insurer connectivity to facilitate communication and data exchange with insurance providers.
  • Advanced reporting capabilities for insightful business analysis and decision-making.

These features collectively make Applied Epic a tool for insurance agencies aiming to manage their operations seamlessly and grow their client base.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Applied Epic

Submitted on May 31st, 2016 by Timothy Heim

Having a sales tool that lets us manage and monitor everything that is going on at the agency at once is essential. We can track sales and hold people accountable, which is extremely valuable to us and impacts our bottom line.

Being mobile and having access to data when you want it is extremely efficient. Our cloud-based technology from Applied lets us work remote and respond to clients in an instant.

When we were deciding between in-house servers or the cloud, it was critical to consider disaster recovery, security and protection. When you look at the sophistication of Applied and the safety we get from Applied Cloud, it just made sense.

When I saw Applied Epic working with Applied Mobile and Applied CSR24, I knew it was built for me. The entire digital platform has allowed us to become a digital agency.