Threat Prevention Endpoint

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Prevent tomorrow’s threats today in real-time

About Threat Prevention Endpoint

Heimdal Threat Prevention Endpoint security software secures your hybrid workforce, either on-site or remote, with a trailblazing DNS security solution that combines cybercrime intelligence, Machine Learning and AI-based prevention in preventing future threats with stunning accuracy.

Threat hunt beyond the limited boundaries of DNS by leveraging DNS-over-HTTPS traffic filtering to stop cyberattacks, hidden malware and threats abusing legitimate tools, applications or cloud services.

DOH is a game-changer, but also changes the rules of the hacking game. Threat Prevention gives no quarters to hackers, regardless of the connection protocol, company cyber-awareness status, profile or industry.

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The main features of Endpoint are:

Darklayer Guard

The DarkLayer Guard is a unique 2-way traffic filtering engine that supports fully customizable white/black listing. With it, your organization can block network communication to mitigate Zero Hour exploits, Ransomware C&C’s, next-gen attacks and data leakages. Using ground-breaking Threat To Process Correlation technology, identify attacking processes and provide HIPS capabilities for endpoints.

Vector Detection

By tracking device-to-infrastructure communication, VectorN Detection will detect 2nd generation malware strains that no other product can see, effectively delivering a HIDS at the machine traffic layer. Using machine learning to establish compromise patters and offering indicators of compromise/ attack (IOA/IOC), this is a unique add-on that will boost any other type of endpoint security.

Gain additional protection by itnegrating with other Heimdal products:

  • DNS Filtering
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Next-Gen Antivirus
  • Ransomware Encryption Protection
  • Privilege Access Management
  • Application Control
  • Email Security
  • Email Fraud Prevention
  • Remote Desktop Control

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User Reviews of Threat Prevention Endpoint

Submitted on April 25th, 2022 by a Threat Prevention Endpoint user from Schultz Information

Even though our network is very well protected we knew that we had to add an extra layer of security on our clients. Simply because the most part are laptops. When these clients left the building it was clear that the antivirus was not enough according to the modern scape of cyber threats.

Submitted on April 25th, 2022 by a Threat Prevention Endpoint user from Kifaf General Trading

In terms of preventing attacks, we have already seen a clear value in the first couple of months that we have used Heimdal Security, with even having a couple of ransomware attacks blocked. The way it spots malware that the antivirus doesn’t see is just so special. Heimdal is a simply and fast way to improve our core security and it helps us prevent attacks before they even happen.