A web-based inventory and business management for produce companies.

About WebPICS

Our Web-based Produce Inventory Control System (WebPICS) software allows the core modules of the Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) to be accessed either over the Internet or on an internal Intranet. Users work with our Web-based Produce Inventory Control System (WebPICS) software in web browsers on desktops, laptops or wireless handheld computers and devices. Screens are designed for optimum viewing making the best use of the size of the browser.

Fast, accessible and portable, if you have a need for speed and instant information, then WebPICS is the answer for all your produce industry business management software needs, including accounting, produce traceability, inventory tracking, sales orders, purchase orders, receiving, warehousing, shopping basket and more!

WebPICS Inventory Counting

Allows inventory to be counted and variances checked in real time, providing a faster and more accurate counting process. Allows inventory quantities to be adjusted while physically counting. Eliminates the need for variance checks. System updated in real time.

WebPICS Purchase Order System

Allow buyers to accumulate items onto purchase orders; then place purchase orders with vendors from handheld computers. Allows the buyer to build purchase orders as they visually inspect inventory at their supplier. Purchase orders can be set up in advance and received when the product arrives. Allows the buyer the freedom to enter purchase orders as they buy as opposed to waiting until they get back to the office. Mouse or stylus assisted data entry.

WebPICS Receiving

Provides receivers with the capability of fast and easy entry of data into a handheld computer for arriving product - at the point of unloading. Receiving can be done without having Purchase Orders in advance (direct). Allows product to be received in the system as it is unloaded. Items can be backordered or cancelled. New items can be added.

WebPICS Sales Order System

Improve customer service, reduce data entry errors, and minimize duplication of effort. Fast entry of orders (this is a computerized replacement for handwritten sales books). Mouse or stylus assisted data entry. Inventory information displayed as each product is selected. Seamless printing of orders, invoices, or cash sale slips. Pricing is filled by the system with an option to override.

WebPICS Shopping Basket

Allows customers to place orders at their convenience 24 hours a day - 7 days a week enhancing customer service and order efficiency. Eliminate staff time required to enter sales orders into PICS. Allow customers to enter their own orders whenever they want, 24 hours a day. Improve the efficiency, streamline order processing, and reduce errors due to language barriers, transcription or keypunch, misunderstandings in verbal communication.

WebPICS Warehousing

Allows staff in a 3rd party warehouse environment to receive, adjust, ship and/or apply charges to product stored for their customers. Also allows customers to access inventory information via the Internet. Allows product to be received in the system as it is unloaded. Quality on arrival (receiving form) can be printed. New items can be added on the fly. Allows product to be shipped in the system as it is being loaded onto delivery trucks. Unlimited types of charges can be added to the load at any time. Storage charges can be manually added or system generated. Allows the owner of the products to monitor their goods via the web.

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